Liking your crush’s Instagram photo from 72 weeks ago


Using sketchy apps that later highjack your social media accounts and post scams on your friends’ timelines

“I just got this free trial at SoLegitNotAScamiPhoneGiveaway.com. All you need is a credit card and a little time.”


Accepting those friend requests from your parents, aunts, and distant relatives

Timing is everything


Getting caught by the guy or girl next to you while you’re in the middle of posting one of those paragraph long Yik Yaks

You’re OFFICIALLY that guy


Sending a personal message to the wrong Matt

May The Rumors Begin

May the rumors begin


Copy/pasting the wrong link without noticing

Should Have Cleared “How To Get Rid of Hemorrhoids” Out of Your Copy/Paste Clipboard…… But You Didn’t….. And Now That Girl Who Refreshes Her News Feed Every 3 Minutes Has A Screenshot of It

Should have cleared “How to get rid of hemorrhoids” out of your copy/paste clipboard…… but you didn’t….. and now that girl who refreshes her newsfeed every 3 minutes has a screenshot of it


Having access to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat while wasted

You may think that storyboard was hilarious… but it wasn’t


Sending an embarrassing Yik Yak from your home and forgetting there’s a location for every Yak


Mistakes in updating the world of Facebook on your current relationship status

Uh oh…..


Clicking that ‘share’ button while on a porn site 

This Will Have You Wondering For Weeks Who The Hell May Have Saw It For The 30 Seconds It Was Public.

This will have you wondering for weeks who the hell may have saw it for the 30 seconds it was public


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