Parents scaring their kids with Snapchat filters is the epitome of millennial parenting. Is it considered child abuse if your kid is actually terrified? Some commenters sure think so…

We’ve searched through hundreds of “parents scaring their kids with Snapchat filters” videos and found 10 that truly stuck out among the rest. These children weren’t just questioning what was going on, they were petrified with fear.

This list is in no particular order, however #1 is certainly our favorite.

10. Maybe it was unsafe to try this in a car

9. This father screaming certainly didn’t help

8. This looked traumatic

7. It sounded like someone else screamed first

6. This filter was right on target both times

5. Mind = blown

4. At least this parent acknowledges their wrongdoing

3. It seems like the parent continued recording. SMH

2. He was asking for it though

1. Undoubtedly the funniest one