10. ΓΦΒ is the best network of girls

There are an endless number clubs one is pressured to join as an incoming freshmen; Student Government Association, multicultural clubs, dance clubs, philanthropy clubs, etc. While each these clubs certainly offers something distinct that the others don’t, the Gamma Phi Beta sorority not only offered me a unique mix of all them into one, but the opportunity to grow close to sisters who held leadership positions in various clubs outside the sorority.

9. We were only as strong as our weakest link

Building a strong chapter takes a tremendous amount of time and effort from the top down. From putting together unforgettable social events to preparing for an amazing recruitment, ΓΦΒ always ensured year after year that every sister was involved to the extent that they wanted to be.

8. ΓΦΒ’s core values matched my own

A passion of mine is seeing young women close to me grow up with grace, intelligence and confidence. It was a breath of fresh air learning through recruitment that the ΓΦΒ sisters were committed to personal development and wanted to see us pursue our goals and achieve academic excellence. It’s truly unfortunate in today’s society how very easy it is for young women to get caught up in the daily sensationalism on social media and the negativity of social norms. Joining an organization whose mission is to bring out the best version of you will be the greatest decision of your life. 

7. I met women from all different walks of life

My hometown (and especially my high school) was largely made up of people from similar backgrounds, cultures, and religions. Coming to college was an interesting adapting phase, but joining ΓΦΒ and actually living with girls from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures was an experience of a lifetime. Most shocking experience of it all? Learning that my personal problems were no different than theirs.

 6. You will find the ideal ‘big’ here

Fact: All PNM’s fantasize about the big/little experience from the moment they begin recruitment. I can say with confidence that from Bid Day on, I loved every ΓΦΒ sister enough to call each and every one of them my big.

5. Gamma Phi Beta’s philanthropy is different

The Gamma Phi Beta Foundation has not only made an impact in local communities throughout the U.S., but on a national and international level as well through their full-fledged support for Girls on the Run. This positive youth development program has made a lasting impact empowering the next generation of women to be healthy, creative, and to strive for leadership.

4. Gamma Phi Beta has made me into a better version of myself

This sounds cliché, but it’s honestly sincere. Our symbol is a crescent moon☽, which represents our continuous growth as a sorority and our ability to discover who we truly are through this crazy journey called life. The two ends of the crescent moon point towards each other ☽ to show the continuous circle of growth that all sisters experience in ΓΦΒ.

3. Love was contagious from day one

It was never uncommon to walk into the ΓΦΒ house during any day of the week and feel love that radiated from room to room. Having the freedom to just be myself at all times without having to worry about being judged was definitely that first step to loving a group of girls to the moon and back 😉

 2. We made the word “sorority” a thing 😉

We weren’t the first women’s fraternity, we were the first official sorority. In 1874, our four humble founders gathered in Syracuse, New York to establish a support system during a time when women were alienated because of their gender. Little did they know that a little over 140 later, more than 195,000 sisters would follow in their footsteps.

1. Love, Labor, Learning, and Loyalty

These words are more than just our organization’s core values – they’re an integral part of our lives. The pink carnation, widely known as one of the longest lasting flowers in the world, symbolizes the unbreakable bonds we make, and which last far beyond our four years of undergraduate studies.

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