Your school’s name doesn’t exactly matter

Being a junior or senior in High School is all about trying to get into brand name schools, so you  feel good about yourself and can brag to friends about how rich and successful you will one day be. NEWSFLASH: Name doesn’t really mean that much. Only after your freshman year you will be more likely to acknowledge that all colleges are accredited for, people transfer in and out of universities all the time, and sometimes the best school decision you can make is one that won’t haunt you with the financial burden of student debt for the rest of your life !


You won’t meet nearly as many new friends as you did your first year

Having to share a community kitchen, bathroom, and lounge area with your entire floor forces you to meet new people one way or another. Unfortunately, as you progress into off campus apartments, you’ll rarely connect with your new neighbors, and might not even know them at all. Keep in contact with friends who make you a better person.


You can’t binge drink EVERY weekend

As you get deeper into your major/concentration as a sophomore, your American Pie style weekends are going to have to become a less frequent occurrence. Remember them, laugh about them, but don’t go back to them. Unless you’re a music therapy major of course.


Sometimes those “library nerds” can be life savers

Those people you avoided all freshmen year because they weren’t into the party scene and just preferred to study are the ones who will be first in line for the best internships out there. Treat everyone with respect, and new doors might open up for you in the future.


Working out is essential to feeling good

Freshmen 15 happens. Skipping out on the gym because you’re not in the mood is an excuse you should get it out of your head. The gym is a great place to burn off some steam.


Your classes have resources to help you achieve

Your professors aren’t “out to get you” with hard exams and stressful projects. Get to know your TA’s, they’re only a few years older than you, more likely to respond to an email question/concern than your older professor, and very knowledgeable concerning the classes you’re struggling in.


There are cheaper alternatives to new textbooks

Campus bookstores prey on dazed and confused freshmen, who pay as high as $400 for new textbooks. Unfortunately, they’ll probably get the best of you your freshmen year. Although, you’ll find textbook exchange groups, free PDF downloads, and veterans of your classes to pass on the books to you. Come junior year, NO ONE buys the sticker price.


Money matters, A LOT

Straying from your expensive and disgusting meal plans can mean big savings for the long term, but also means you need a better understanding of where you are spending money. Things are expensive now a days, and wasteful spending can put you in an awkward and depressing situation when the time comes for something worthwhile.


Relationships can wait

Instead of trying to find the love of your life before you turn 20, and you have a fully developed brain, consider focusing on your studies while you are in school. That is the point of you being here after all.


Your classes will only get harder

Those Freshmen gen eds were supposed to boost your GPA. If you’re unhappy with where you stand academically after freshmen year, you’ll have to step it up as classes only get harder and require more time and effort.

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