12. You’re sisters with some of the most iconic women in history

Farrah Fawcett, Katie Couric, Elizabeth Banks, and Joanna García were all sisters of Tri Delta prior to becoming household names.

11. You subconsciously do everything in three’s

Whether it’s buying shirts, phone cases, or shoes, you’ve come to terms that life is better in three’s.

10. Sarah Ida Shaw and Eleanor Dorcas Pond are friendship goals

It was Sarah Ida who said, “Let us found a society that shall be kind alike to all and think more of a girl’s inner self and character than of her personal appearance”. Together, the two Boston University students founded the first ever sorority to establish its purpose, rituals, and symbols all without the help of men.

9. Nothing can possibly get a sister more irked than someone calling our philanthropy “St. Jude’s”

If there’s one thing that grinds any ΔΔΔ’s gears, it’s mispronouncing our philanthropy. It’s St. Jude, NOT St. Jude’s.

8. Your three most frequently used emoji’s are too predictable

Gold heart, cerulean heart, and the dolphin. All of the emblems and symbols of Tri Delta have a deep history and their meanings have impact on the lives of all Tri Delta’s. Recognized as a good omen by ancient Greeks, the dolphin uniquely represents rebirth, friendship, and leadership. Word around town is that a future Poseidon emoji is in the works 😉

7. “Let us steadfastly love one another”

Tri Delta’s motto, “Let us steadfastly love one another” has been upheld by every member since our founding in 1888. Our motto serves as a constant reminder that every women can not only be great, but extraordinary through unity.

6. Our purpose does not tell us to be something, it  encourage us to continuously develop

Fostering individuality is key to establishing a perpetual bond of friendship. Tri Delta doesn’t want you to come here and be someone you are not, Tri Delta wants you to come here and be you.

5. DHOP is a holiday and exceeds all expectations every year

Despite the ever-rising cost of health care, St. Jude is making sure that no child is ever kept from receiving vital treatment due to a lack of funds. Over the years, St. Jude has helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% in 1962 to over 80% today, and we can’t wait to raise even more to help them push that number to 100%.

4. Our sisters are various walks of life

If one of your missions in college is meet down to earth women hailing from around the world, look no further than Tri Delta. Our sisterhood consists of 18,857 members across 137 active chapters who come from all different cultures, religions, and backgrounds united under one vision of self-sacrifice and friendship.

3. We stand for unselfish leadership, from coast to coast

Tri Delta wants every member to be actively involved to the degree in which they feel comfortable, because standing for unselfish leadership is one of the most noblest things an organization can do. Many of our sisters walk through the door as self-conscious underclassmen and exit into the real world having held down a leadership role in which will forever benefit their professional lives.

2. ΔΔΔ Tuesday

What other sorority can say that they have a day of the week dedicated to celebrating their sisterhood? Once a ΔΔΔ, nothing can possibly makes you more beaming with joy than scrolling through your Instagram feed and seeing so much love from the one’s that matters most. Just Tri it.

1. You chose Tri Delta, but, equally, she chose you

Having a sisterhood that pushes you to achieve academic excellence and wants to see you seek your highest potential is a pivotal moment in a women’s life that you will cherish for a lifetime. Seeing a group of women welcome you with open arms will reinforce why you chose Tri Delta as your home away from home.

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