In America, we show gratitude to Almighty God for his blessings and mercies towards us throughout the year on the fourth Thursday of every November. Then come Friday, we beat the living hell out of each other and risk our lives to save 20% on plasma screen TV’s and veggie steamers at retail giants like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target.

Year after year, Black Friday fights get nastier and more aggressive than the year prior, yet we never learn from our mistakes nor do anything about it.

According to Estately, these are the top 10 states where you are most likely to encounter fights at Black Friday sales.

Here are the 13 best Black Friday fights on the internet from YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.



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Daamm chaos at walmart in the northeast El Paso, Texas by the Street Fredwilson

Posted by Adolfo E. Arzaga on Thursday, 26 November 2015