The University of British Columbia is regarded as a top university internationally for its premiere academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities and unmatched campus beauty. Here are 13 signs you undoubtedly go to UBC.


You know that an umbrella is an essential item to have on you at all times, every day


You are aware that you actually go to Hogwarts and you have no shame in pretending to be a wizard in the ‘Harry Potter’ library


Speaking of libraries, you are also very aware that Koerner’s library is shaped like an open book


And speaking of Harry Potter, it doesn’t surprise you when you see people running around on broomsticks playing Quidditch


Finding your way through the Buchanan buildings is like being trapped in an eternal maze


Actually, finding your way through campus is like being stuck in a maze because of never ending construction


You still refer to ‘Uppercase’ as Bluechip and you know their cookies are the elixir of life


You know that there is a giant whale skeleton just chilling on campus and it kind of makes you feel like you’re in Jurassic Park because it looks like an ancient underwater dinosaur



Seeing someone manage to get their car stuck on stairs is a normal thing


You know that you have not experienced UBC until you have ‘Stormed’ the Wall


You have a silent respect for Engineering students because they pull the most epic stunts ever… like this one:


You understand that squirrels at campus run the show ( they even have their own Facebook page)


You are fully aware that you go to the most beautiful school in the world for the simple fact its footsteps away from the beach and you have a glorious view of the mountains and ocean every single day