13. Freshmen trying to navigate the biking shortcuts during week 1:

12. You’ve actually seen it all

11. You keep giving MU burritos another chance despite every ingredient having its own pocket making each bite oddly unique

10. You plan on enrolling in ABT 49 & FST 3 ASAP

9. When Picnic Day turns into a day drinking event

8. You trying to use all your extra DC swipes before the quarter ends:

7. What people think UC Davis is like vs. what it actually is:

6. You’ve kissed the Egghead in front of Shields for good luck… on multiple occasions

5. When you’re about to take a final and realize you forgot a scantron:

4. You won’t do the course evaluations for 99% of your classes, but you’ll go all out on that one professor you hate

3. Your relationship with Smartsite:

2. The official ‘UC Davis starter pack’

1. How you feel mid-May when you see all of your friends on summer break and you still have a month to go:

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