Here at SoCawlege we’ve compiled a list of 15 New Years resolutions you won’t go through with.

Here’s to a new year and a new you – Keep faith! 


That gym membership

 Let’s be honest, this meme wasn’t made for nothing 


Going #vegan

We know you truly gave up meat when you couldn’t shut up about it


Getting better grades

If you had the mental strength to stop procrastinating and spending time on Facebook and Buzzfeed, you would have done so already


Quitting smoking

You are too lazy to give up those crucial smoking breaks


Eating healthier

What is life without a 2AM McDonald’s run?


Managing your debt

Just pay it later. You know, after you get a job with that gender studies degree


Cutting back on alcohol

You’re in college. You also need something to fill that empty void. Excessive partying seems to do that for you, so you won’t give it up anytime soon


Quitting “blazing the sticky”

Lets face it, you need that reefer to escape this horrible reality  


Being more “green”

Because everyone loves a Prius


Putting down the phone and being more social

Nah. Your snap score / yakarma will reach new highs


Quitting the booty-calls

Because nothing says “I respect you” like a ‘what’s up’ text at 2AM


Giving up Netflix

How else will you spend your free time?


Volunteer work

You could try it for a day, but it won’t continue long afterward. Because, you know, you have to do real work to help others

Fuck that


Giving up the 2014 rap music

“Coco” is not music. Neither is “U Guessed It”, “Caillou”, “Hot Nigga”, “No Type”, or “Bobby Bitch” 


Being a “better person”

The past doesn’t have to haunt you if everyone can just come to one mutual agreement


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