You know that the transfers are by far the most sociable people here


You’ve imagined zombies chasing you in the Mandeville staircase


You know that you have some of the most passionate professors in the nation who will stop at nothing to finish a lesson


You can draw a comic book about cats and get an A on your paper in this class.

You can write with size 20 wingdings font and get an A on your paper in this class

You can turn in your final for biochemistry and get an A on your paper in this class

Heck, you can turn in that high school paper you wrote on Macbeth and still get an A on your paper in this class


When all of your classes are waitlisted and you’re an upperclassman…


You know you’re on campus when a conversation about sex turns into a conversation about math… and vice versa


You tell people you go to school in San Diego so they reply, “I wanna come party!” But then you have to let them down, clarifying that you don’t go to state


An “I Pledged Calpirg” sticker is both a fashion statement and better protection than a bulletproof vest


Vallarta Mexican for late night California burritos is a tradition of many


  You know that running across a freeway blindfolded is easier than walking across library walk at noon


You realize everything is uphill no matter where you want to go


When the ratio of Asian students to eucalyptus trees is about 1


When you describe your professors, you speak in CAPE terms


You know that when/if  you’re ever driving on campus, it’s essential to stop at all stop signs because you WILL face the wrath of the lingering UCSD PD


You’ve become accustomed to walking past Geisel and dealing with someone holding a sign and yelling, “You’re all going to hell!!”

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