15 things you are doing instead of studying for finals.

Lets be honest though, all of these pictures are of you trying to relax over Thanksgiving break knowing you have three papers, five finals, and the cure of cancer due when you get back.

1. Netflix n’ Chilling (solo)

It’s only my second time through Breaking Bad

 2. Swipin’ through the news feed

Sophia:  “Hey! check out THIS link”

Hailey: “SOPHIA STOP!”

 3. Posting ridiculous Snapchat stories

 You really don’t need to snap that

 4. Eating everything in sight

 It’s been a good 45 minutes since my last helping of empty calories. Don’t judge me.

 5. Gaming

 Last round of zombies, I promise.

 6. Taking Buzzfeed quizzes to finally see a grade above a 55%

Because it is just so intellectually stimulating

 7. Getting f*cked up

Channeling you’re inner Stifler 

 8. Looking at pictures of animals


Can never get enough cats or dogs

 9. Going to the library just to surf the web

 “I came here for a reason… but I forgot that reason”

 10. Watching old Taylor Swift’s music videos

11. Going to the gym to “replenish the mind”

You’re probably one of these people 

 12. Worrying about how many likes your favorite celebs are getting know-a-days on Instagram

13. Laying in bed like…

“I’m horrible without my 11 hours”

14. Bothering friends and floor mates

“Hey guys, you want to hangout? I just can’t get around to studying right now”

15. Going over your christmas break plans…if you have any

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