Settling for mediocrity

Your 20’s are the most important years of your life! Meet new people, explore new places and worry about being comfortable!



Thinking things that come easy are worth having

Nothing worth having in life comes easy. Don’t settle if you don’t have it. You’ll regret it later in life if you do


Endlessly trying to be in a serious relationship

Your High School relationship was cute, but people in their 20s, especially in this economy, are trying to set themselves up for a rewarding Professional life – so be prepared to hold off on the “serious” dating.


Blaming the professor for when you fail

Let’s face it, you probably should have opened your chemistry book instead of downing that 30 with your bros.



Posting photos of you and your friends drinking last weekend

Congratulations! Everyone can see you drinking, including your employer who also wants to learn a little bit about you through your Facebook page.



Calling people names when you disagree with them

Sure, that classmate had a different view of gender roles did you did, but that doesn’t make him an “ idiotic misogynistic asshole.”


Gossiping about others

This isn’t Mean Girls, Nor Is It High School Anymore. Try To Only Talk Positive About Others



Thinking because you go to college that you’re guaranteed a high paying job

No one is going to hand you your high paying dream job, so go out and prove that you deserve it


Trying to impress your friends

Avoid trying to seem “better” or more “well off” than your friends, you’re not doing yourself any better by doing so.



Putting friends over family

You need to acknowledge by now if you haven’t already that family comes first, since they are going to be the ones by your side when things don’t go as planned

Family is about as Loyal is you'll get

Family is about as Loyal as you will get



Getting shitfaced every weekend

Maybe you could drink all night in your teen years, but the older you get the more hangovers begin to affect you the morning after. Realize that feeling nauseous the whole next day isn’t worth the three or four hours partying the night before!


Being irresponsible with your finances

It was okay to waste all your money on Pokemon cards and candy back when you had an allowance, but while in college you should start gaining some financial discipline. After all, you are going to be “in the real world” soon and don’t want to be hit by surprise.


Involving your parents in your social life

We know it sucks that your best friend isn’t texting you or liking your Facebook status anymore, but you don’t need to gossip about it with mom


Avoiding your physical health

It is SUPER important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies can only function for so long, so make the most out of it


Smoking weed because you’re bored

Stop wasting your time and money smoking because it is not benefiting your life in any type of way. If you have to resort to the bong everyday you should dedicate more time to the books or a part-time job.

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