Donald Trump is the most vocal candidate in race for president.

The business mogul reality TV star turned Republican presidential candidate has been dominating in the national polls for over 5 consecutive months with little to no signs of slowing down.

From the get-go, the mainstream media has been trying endlessly to sabotage Trump by painting him as a racist, misogynist, traitor, and with some outlets going as far as to comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

Through firing back at the predominantly left-wing mainstream media on various talk and radio shows, debates, and on Twitter, Trump is saying what many of the Republican presidential hopefuls feel to be true, but are too afraid to say themselves. This is turn, has kept the Trump momentum meter so high for so long.

Here are 15 times the media has tried to sabotage Donald Trump. The following list is in no particular order (except for #1). Keep in mind that with eleven months still left to go before the 2016 election, there will certainly be many more instances of the media trying to take down Trump (and likely failing).

You know, there was a time many years ago, when news reporters at least pretended to be impartial. Hard to believe isn’t it?


Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos aggressively interrupts Trump during a news conference in Dubuque, Iowa


Shaun King of New York Daily News claims Donald Trump has gone “full blown Nazi on us”


The Daily Beast claims Trump’s ex-wife from the 70’s felt “violated” during sex


Fox News host Megyn Kelly attempts to paint Trump as a misogynist and part of the “war of women” during the first presidential debate


Fox News host Megyn Kelly questions Trump’s legitimacy as a Republican while bringing up past stances on issues during the first presidential debate


NBC’s Katy Tur begs to know how anyone can take Trump seriously if he’s not “out there showing his face”, continues seemingly endless interview with obscure questions


The View’s closet racist Kelly Osbourne fails miserably trying to slam Trump on his Latino immigration stance


Has-been influential conservative Glenn Beck calls Trump a “progressive”


Right-wing pundit Erick Erickson disinvites Trump from the all-important “RedState Gathering”


Despite his city deteriorating before his eyes, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter finds time to call Trump an “a**hole”, wanting him banned from the city


In an ABC News special, Barbara Walter’s asks Trump “Are You A Bigot” anticipating a vulgar response


CNN’s Chris Cuomo asks Trump if he has given consideration to dropping out of the race due to a single poll drop


The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon mocks Trump’s appearance, voice, and intelligence


“Comedian” Bill Maher goes on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews to say Trump is the “reason why other countries are laughing at us”, “this is a guy who has breathed in too much construction debris”


White House responds to Trump’s Muslim plan claiming it “disqualifies” him from presidency

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