Recently find out your friend is pledging a fraternity on his campus? Here is the OFFICIAL list of 17 items for every frat stars stocking this christmas. Surprise him over the holiday season with one (or all) of the items below – he is guaranteed to love it.

1. Axe body spray (Phoenix)

 2. Trojan Magnum XL

3. An American bandana

 4. A back-to-back world war champions tank top #TFM

 5. An America bow tie

6. $3 Urban Outfitters sunglasses (with croakies)

 7. A GDI alert button (think easy button)

 8. Marly lights (strictly for parties)

 9. $700 Vineyard Vines gift card (from mom)

 10. Gatsby moving rubber spiky edge hair wax

 11. A TotalFratMove beer sleeve

 12. A Sammy Adams mixtape

 13. Pre-workout powder (Cellucor C4 Extreme)

 14. A pastel colored cardigan (or George W. Blue)

 15. Post-workout powder (GNC Wheybolic Extreme)

 16. Plan B (condoms are so 2013)

 17. Muscle milk (to chase shots)


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