You have developed a fear of squirrels (That might sound silly, but you try fighting for sidewalk space against those savage critters)


You hear the word “Suwannee:” cafeteria first, river second


You went on the ghost tour during orientation (Admit it you were scared to go into HCB during your whole first week of classes)


You called Jameis Winston Jaboo, not Jameis


Clyde’s was your Monday night routine, Wine Down was Wednesdays, Purgatory Thursdays, Happy Hour at Pots on Friday, Standard on Saturdays, and MadSo for brunch on Sundays 

Honestly at this point, Pots is basically a museum, you’re enjoying history


Game days mean dressing your absolute best, while having the best time possible rain or shine, 9am or 12pm


It’s garnet NOT red


When every girl wears a pair of white Converse with every outfit

High tops or low tops, we don’t discriminate


You were ecstatic at the thought of Deviney and Dorman being ripped down, RIP, but also bitter that no other freshman will understand the honest dorm life struggle you had to experience


You know at least one person that has captioned an Instagram photo “bleed garnet have a heart of gold.”


You had to be back at school the day after the national championship game…yea, we’re all still bitter about that one


Parking is a made up word, because you can never find it, and the bus system changed five times in just the Spring 2015 semester alone


Every time you hear the war chant you break out the chop, no matter where you are!

This does not exclude class, weddings, baby showers, or birthdays


You read the Eggplant religiously


You show up to class damp everyday, whether it is from the torrential downpour or from sweat


You’ve made a few Gator jokes, but it’s all out of love. Kind of like a big brother/ little brother relationship, and we always show southern hospitality when they flew Gainesville to come party with us

Also, thanks UF for giving us shirts to wear for WTW (White Trash Wednesdays)


You’ve had one of the following: Pokey sticks, Chubby’s, or Guthrie’s. All also synonymous with the word love

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