19. This cat isn’t feeling a shower this mornin’

18. “Don’t touch me!”

17. “I forgot to turn the TV off. Ugh”

16. “mmm dinner”

15. “For the 10th time, I’m not ticklish!”¬†

14. Hairball

13. I wish I could still play at the park with the young cats

12. *When a new cat moves into the house*

11. “Today is not my day”

10. “Who woke me up?!”

9. “Please let me sleep”

8. “Alright fine, I’m up”

7. This cat is done with everyone’s shit

6. This cat is having an awful birthday

5. This cat is on his ninth life

4. This cat knows all the tricks in the book

3. This might be the grumpiest cat in the world

2. This cat isn’t feeling the holiday’s

1. This cat is clearly vegetarian