EliteDaily, the self-proclaimed “Voice of Generation-Y” is home to some of the most tragic instances of attempted journalism on the internet, written by a bunch of know-it-all 20 somethings. Even worse, the amount of lewd preview images used on nearly every article, mixed in with an uncomfortable amount of angry tattooed hipsters who are needed to sell the writing behind it, is just atrocious. If any further validation is needed to express how corny this site truthfully is, look no further than the comments section on an EliteDaily promoted Facebook post. Here lies 21 of the stupidest EliteDaily articles.

“Canadian Sex Positions Will Make You Want To Go Down South Up North (Video)”

“Things You’re Doing That You Don’t Even Know Are Hurting Your Vagina”

“All My Friends Are Getting Married And I Can’t Even Commit To Lunch”

“As If It Matters: This Is What Men Really Think About Women’s Pubic Hair”

“Your Chipped Nail Polish Is Actually The Perfect Metaphor For Your Life”

“Ladies, Your Weekend Is Making You Look Terrible On Wednesday At 3:30 PM”

“Brooklyn Bar Fights Wage Gap By Charging Women 77 Cents To The Dollar”

“Could It Be? Millennials Are The New Generation Of Hippies, But With Better Weed”

“I Wore A Strap-On For A Week To Know What It’s Like To Have A Dick”

“Read Between The Lines: If A Guy Doesn’t Have Books, Don’t F*ck Him”

“Why Your Ideal Woman Should Be High… Not High Maintenance”

“56 Things Barbie Should Definitely Ask For On Her 56th Birthday”

“9 Things A Woman Says About Herself When She Farts In Front Of You”

“The C-Word: ‘Crazy’ Is What Men Say When They Want You To Shut Up”

“How Hillary Clinton As President Could Put An End To Slut-Shaming”

“9 Reasons Your Boyfriend Can’t Get Hard That Have Nothing To Do With You”

“F*ck A Thigh Gap: 11 Reasons Why I Want My Thighs Thick”

“Digital Romance: How It Feels To Break Up With Netflix”

“31 Reasons Why I’m A Grandma, And I Don’t Even GAF About It”

“9 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With A Man Bun”

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