“You really shouldn’t drink that whole milk, it’s full of hormones and is unethical. Here, try this rice milk, I got it from Whole Foods!”


“I know you’re studying for your midterm exam but you can please turn off some of these lights? It’s wasting electricity”

“The Constitution is SO archaic”

 “Did you just call him Mexican? That’s SO derogatory” 


“You don’t like Obama because he’s black”  


“America is so RACIST, we should move to Paris”


“If we would just talk to the terrorists maybe they would listen to us”


“It’s the Republicans’ fault the economy didn’t pick up, the stimulus package should have been bigger”


“Bush lied, people died”


“I believe in socialized medicine because it’s the best”


“Why are you shaming Obama for everything? Would you just give him a chance?”


“Oh come on, the Second Amendment is so outdated. We need way more gun control laws to take guns off the streets”


“Of course I drive a car…but I wouldn’t have to if they had trains like they do in Europe”


“So I was at Starbucks today on my macbook pro and I totally just started thinking about how the rich refuse to give up more of their oil money”


“Jesus was ALL about social justice”


“Sarah Palin is SO stupid”


“Your parents DON’T have a college education…?”


“Conservatives are xenophobic warmongers”  


“Who cares if necessities cost more? We need to save the environment”


“Glenn Beck is a freaking wackjob”


“Faux News is NOTHING but corporate propaganda”


“Faux News HATES Muslims”


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