5. Learning from top-tier professors

Many who have experienced a Semester At Sea boast of learning more in the four to five classes they took than in their past 15 years of schooling. Why? The professors chosen to teach aboard the SAS voyage are esteemed and have a genuine passion for their respective disciplines.

4. Waking up in a new country every week (for 15 weeks straight)

Semester at Sea is indisputably the most comprehensive semester-long study abroad program. By offering students a global outlook on geography and foreign cultures, SAS pushes everyone to break from their comfort zone and experience life from a different perspective.

3. Classmates from all walks of life who become your second family

Arguably one of the greatest perks of a Semester At Sea is the opportunity to connect with 600+ people from all walks of life. Meeting individuals from all across the U.S and numerous other countries like Albania, Egypt, and Mexico opens ones eyes to the vastly diverse backgrounds and upbringings of students from around the globe. Best of all, having a roommate from abroad can lead to a lifelong friendship which can mean a place to visit (and stay!) at a later date.

2. Relevant coursework

Not too many students who study abroad necessarily study abroad. Fortunately, the academic community at SAS weaves in educational travel into every course offered. Through in-country experiences, students are immersed into a vast array of cultures that relate to the coursework at hand. From exploring a Moroccan desert by camel to learning foreign government policy at the Scottish Parliament, the in-depth exploration will enhance your learning experience.

1. 108 days at sea creates lifelong memories

Year after year, hundreds of SAS alumni apply for the Lifelong Learning Program for the opportunity to serve as mentors. Alumni note their time at sea as “one of the most eye-opening experiences” of their college years. Why? Because learning and exploring aboard the MV World Odyssey ship is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

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