5. Friends with a diverse group of people prior to rush

Joining a sorority means having the opportunity to live under the same roof as people from all walks of life. What brings women from all different backgrounds together is the desire to be a part of something bigger than oneself. Making it through recruitment requires both superior people skills and a high level of emotional intelligence. Possessing both of these skills make for a treasured member and a better organization.

4. Thick, thick skin

From the astronomical amounts of generalizations to slanderous comments thrown their way by Internet trolls and those who just feel the need to be miserable, having thick skin is certainly a trait all sorority women share. What’s funny about almost all of the negative generalizations and stereotypes (self-oriented, snobbish, entitled, fake, etc), is that they are the textbook definition of ignorance.

3. Commitment to service and academics

One well documented commitment within the Greek community is passion for philanthropy. Each year, sororities across the nation raise awareness and much needed funding for organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Reading Is Fundamental, Building Strong Girls, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and so many more. Fundraisers typically consist of bringing the local community together through bake sales, wing eating competitions, Dodgeball tournaments, etc.

On top of the Greek commitment to philanthropy, almost every sorority has a GPA requirement for initial recruitment and one that must be maintained throughout the academic year. Sororities often boast some of the highest GPA’s on campus thanks to sisters who want to see sisters succeed.

2. Personal responsibility

A high percentage of women who join sororities have held a leadership position at some point in their lifetime. Whether it be in high school student government, captain of a sport team, or founding member of a club, personal responsibility for ones actions when representing an organization is no foreign concept to sorority women.

1. Deep desire to pay it forward

One of the biggest benefits of joining a sorority is the incredible networking opportunity it provides for all members. Finding the right career path is vital to the college experience (it’s the reason we go to college, right?) What seems like light years away during ones freshmen year quickly becomes a reality during junior and senior year. What gives sorority members a leg up in the job hunt is their committed alumni who want to see their members thrive.

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