The thermostat

It’s mid-December and below freezing outside, yet your roommate doesn’t want the heat above 69°, when you would prefer it at 79°. You tell him everyday that you are cold, and that the building doesn’t require residents to pay for gas, yet he continues to moan and groan.


Refrigerator space

It would be awesome if your roommate would keep their meat and strange open containers of liquids away from your vegetarian prepared meals, but that’s too much to ask for. As a result, the fridge remains one big maze.



It’s 3:00AM on a Wednesday night, you have an exam at 8:00AM sharp, and your roommate is clicking the space bar on his laptop a million times a minute. Why? He’s running away from Goblins in his addictive MMOG game.



You would prefer to not have clothes scattered across the floor. Also, last night’s dinner plates shouldn’t still be on the table when you and your friends are trying to study for an exam at your place.


Political views

For some strange reason, your Republican hating roommate thinks that Elizabeth Warren’s proposal for $22 an hour minimum wage is a brilliant idea that will eliminate poverty. However, you remember from your high school economics class, as well as from common sense, that $22 an hour for low skill labor will force companies to lay off employees en mass. This will result in your roommate not being able to have to serve bagels at the local diner.

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