If you are already taking out tens of thousands of dollars in unsubsidized loans, buy a normal pair of headphones instead of those Beats. Trust me, regular headphones can  play music too.

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Before making a credit card purchase, ask yourself if you will be alive tomorrow without what you are buying. If the answer is yes, most of the time you should put the card down.

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When deciding where to go for Spring Break, keep in mind most of you won’t even remember the trip anyway due to intoxication. Feel free to find ways to cut back on those expensive trips.

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If you have to buy a textbook for a class, always check Amazon and eBay before entering the campus bookstore.

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You know those classes you don’t want to study for? Well maybe you should buckle-down and pass them before you end up having to take an additional semester to graduate. #$20,000 mistake.

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