The SoCawlege team set out to do some research into just how much University/College President’s were being compensated each year. The numbers were, well, staggering. After researching through several reports from the The Chronicles of Higher Education, The HuffingtonPost, Forbes, Business Insider, and numerous other sources, we were able to compile the list of some of the highest paid President’s in education of 2013.


Amy Gutmann, University of Pennsylvania ($2,820,000) 



Gutmann is the highest paid employee at the University of Pennsylvania. Her salary is up +$728,236 from 2012, according to a BizJournals report.


Lawrence S. Bacow, Tufts University 




Bacow served as the President of Tuft’s from 2001-2011. The Boston Globe reported that before he retired, the University paid him a $1,700,000 lump sump payment (one years pay + benefits) plus $373,687 in salary. 


Dennis J. Murray, Marist College 



Murray has been the President of Marist since 1979. His compensation, as reported by HuffPost, has landed him a top three slot on the list of highest earners. Murray has helped Marist become one of the nation’s leading technologically advanced colleges, through a partner study with IBM corporation.



Joseph E. Aoun, Northeastern University


According to a Chronicle report, Aoun’s salary tripled in 2011, landing him a top three slot on the list, as well as the title of highest earning Massachusetts college President.


Robert J. Zimmer, University of Chicago 


Landing the number one spot on the list by reports from Huffpost, Chicagobusiness, and Forbes is University of Chicago’s President, Robert J. Zimmer. Zimmer is known for his strive to lower the financial burden off of his undergraduate students shoulders, by increasing financial aid award packages. Under his administration, applications received by the University increased by 200% from 2006 to 2013.