Hillary Clinton “might” have been a better pick for Vice President


There’s no “might”, Joe


“30% chance” the Obama Administration is going to “get it wrong” on the stimulus 

Looking back at these last few years, he probably undershot the odds


“You cannot go to a 7-11, or a Dunkin Donuts, unless you have a slight Indian accent.” 

Racial insensitivity from Democrats is a riot. When a Republican does it, it’s a career ender


Joe Biden calls money-lenders “Shylocks.”

For those who don’t know, Shylock is an anti-Jewish slur, based off a character in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice


Joe says FDR ‘went on television when the stock market crashed.’

Two problems Joe, FDR wasn’t President when the stock market crashed, and he certainly would not have gone on “television” in 1929


Biden gets defensive about his academic record, and IQ (which wasn’t mentioned)


Seems a little self-conscious about his IQ, no?


The “essence of Joe biden” harmed by a plagiarism scandal


Joe Biden had to drop out of a Presidential campaign due to a plagiarism scandal. Yet, he was still chosen to be our Vice President in 2008


Joe Biden vs Thomas Sowell


It turns out how you would expect… Like a preschool kid going up against Einstein