9. The girl from across the country who is so much more interesting than anyone you’ve ever met

This girl lives where you spring break, has 3X the number of Instagram and Twitter followers as you, and basically spent high school in the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. You always knew this girl existed, but you never knew that one day you would be sisters for life.

8. The mom of the house

This sister is not only the designated driver, but also the one you feel most comfortable with asking for a ride to the airport. Her ‘mom’ persona is contagious and resonates with the entire sisterhood. Little do you know, she is in the midst of getting the house its own Snapchat geofilter.

7. The architect

This sister is pretty much prevalent in every chapter, and the reason why ΔΓ has a reputation for putting together the most over-the-top and memorable Bid Day’s. She is a gifted artist despite her current major suggesting otherwise, and she is everyone’s go to for anything requiring a unique touch. 

6. The socialite

This sister lives and breathes socials. Not only are you convinced that she will be a bachelorette into her mid 30’s, but you are certain she will be the life of the party far beyond then. You’ve borrowed her clothes because she looks flawless 24/7 and is always willing to help out a fellow Dee Gee. 

5. The girl who keeps everyone anchored

It’s the little things that this sister does that truly makes ΔΓ the HΔPPIEST PLACE ON EAΓTH. She cares about everyone’s well-being from the top down and tries to make sure everyone is included to the extent they wish to be. She also knows your midterm and final schedule better than you do. 

4. The brainiac

Not only does she boast a 4.0 GPA semester after semester, but she also happens to be a fashionista, extremely athletic and social. On top of her never ending success both inside and outside the classroom, she still manages to keep up with The Bachelor enough to hold a conversation with everyone else.

3. The legacy

Being one of the oldest and largest women’s sororities in the nation, ΔΓ has been the home to a vast number of prominent members and legacies. This girl was basically expected to be a sister of ΔΓ and likely already knew every song and chant from the moment she walked into the house whether she would like to admit it or not 😉

2. The late bloomer

She is honest when she says she thought she would never see herself in a sorority, but eventually came out for recruitment and had second thoughts. This sister was initiated into ΔΓ as an upperclassmen and hasn’t looked back since.

1. The one who never fails to “Do Good”

This sister brings peace and comfort to the chapter during stressful times of the year with just her presence alone. She inspires the new members to never limit themselves in a society of labels and is essential to the organization’s growth. And for that you are forever THΔNKΓUL ⚓️

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