9. The Monday – Sunday partygoer

You’ll rarely see this person sober, and they just can’t seem to pull it together. They’re seen at the party Friday night, Saturday night, and also every weeknight. Reason to avoid? It may seem like a good idea at first because you’re being social and getting to know new faces, but you’ll soon have to re-evaluate what you’re doing with your life.

 8. The “my classes are too hard” girl

This one spends all day on Facebook and BuzzFeed. You see her in the lecture hall goofing off while the professor is lecturing, and yet she will complain about how difficult it is to do well in college. While it is fun to help her out with easy to understand concepts, you definitely want to stay away from these girls in the long run.

 7. The girl who wants to bring her parents into everything

It’s important to be close with your mom and sisters. But this girl will tell her mom everything about you and your personal business including your relationships, flaws, and other sensitive topics. You’ll one day meet her mom at Parent Visitation Day and she’ll know more about you than you do.

 6. The social justice activist 

This girl means well and all, but spending time with her will drive you INSANE. You won’t be able to go out to get something to eat together without her explaining why the bagel shop you chose contributes to institutional racism, and how the cashier was a misogynist. Just remember, when you’re around her, “check your privilege.”  

 5. The hardcore Christian 

Have you heard the good news? Neither have we. This girl will try to save you for Jesus, and is completely opposed to any form of physical relations. That is perfectly fine as a preference, but if you are going around looking for hookups, instead of a wife or friend, you should avoid her.


 4. The emotionally unstable and overly clingy girl 

You met her in the laundry room and now she’s already telling you about how she hates her father. This girl clearly has issues and you more likely than not don’t need any more drama in your life.

 3. The chronic weed smoker

She has no work ethic, and probably cares more about getting high than she does about you. If you’re a pothead too, then by all means, she is the one for you. Although if you aren’t too big on the toke, pass up on the chance to get closer.

 2. The “Regina George”

She’s stuck in the High School mentality of constant gossiping, and she is always involved in other peoples business. Don’t get on her bad side or you’ll be mentioned on Yik Yak.

 1. Judgmental Janice

She’s insecure and always has something to say about the way you look and act. She’s VERY superficial and stuck up, and chances are, if you associate with this girl other girls WILL take note of it.

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