9. Your  first time volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house was an experience like none other

8. You love Phi Mu as another Macon Magnolia, but fight with them over who gets to use the lion mascot

7. You rightfully roll your eyes when you hear any other house claim they were the “first sorority” because they were founded after us #1851

6. Every sister has a ? next to her name in your phone

5. You procrastinate by watching YouTube videos of baby alphies, and have looked into adopting one for your chapter 

4. You just want to wear white & blue, and that diamond too

3. You’ve confronted your diamond sis for calling us “ADParty” to her friends

2. Your first daughter’s name is going to be Eugenia, and you won’t entertain any further discussion

1. It’s hard to be humble when you’re queen of the jungle ?

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