This summer will be my third consecutive summer as a day camp counselor. The other counselors and I are a team and you could say people sometimes mistake us as the campers. We are goofy and passionate but professional and caring. So, in the spirit of the day camp I work at starting soon, I rounded up feelings and experiences most day camp counselors experience on the reg:

Daily coffee runs are a must 

 You send a little prayer that certain children of Satan won’t be attending camp each day

You’re paid to act like a kid Monday through Friday and you can’t complain

Some of the field trips you get to go on are SO COOL

When a kid is in the middle of telling you a story

You will never understand why kids have such short attention spans

When a parent tells you their kid “never is bad at home”

 The tan you get is so nice and you’re all like:

You find yourself having to count to ten to yourself to control yourself from saying something not so nice to a child (or parent)

But, at the same time, if any creep gets anywhere near your campers…. 


You really do wish you could be a day camp counselor every summer

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