A recent study from the Educational Testing Service found that Americans millennials lack many key skills that employers look for. This might have something to do with the high levels of youth unemployment we have in America. Employers just aren’t interested in someone who has a college degree in management, but whose biggest accomplishment is soloing a 30 rack that one “awesome” weekend.

From the study:

“Here, too, the results are cause for concern. Fully one half (50%) of America’s millennials failed to reach level 3 in literacy and nearly two-thirds (64%) failed to reach this minimum level in numeracy. In literacy, only Italy (60%) and Spain (59%) had a greater percentage of millennials that scored below level 3 than the U.S., while other countries, such as Finland and Japan, had percentages as low as 23 percent and 19 percent, respectively.”

As Campus Reform previously summarized, “The comprehensive new study measured the literacy, numeracy, and problem solving skills in technology-rich environments of American millennials compared to individuals of the same age in 22 countries including, but not limited to Japan, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.”

The study points out that college educated U.S. millennials (meaning those with a four year bachelor’s degree) are not in the clear either. They scored lower than college educated kids in all other countries tested, with the two exceptions of Spain and Poland.  




American college kids need to wake up. Either our culture here is perpetually lazier, or our schools are worse than in other countries. Given how many international students come here to study, I doubt it’s the latter. American millennials are spoiled, and they need to get their shit together. We won’t be on top of the world much longer at this rate.



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