Recently, allegations of sexual assault have been surfacing in the media against famed comedian/Navy veteran Bill Cosby.

The stories of the 9 victims who have come forward so far mostly contain a similar scenario, where Cosby attempts to intoxicate them, as well as give them pills. In addition, some of the women were young at the time.

What makes this situation even more disgusting is that these women may have looked up to Cosby as an influential leader, mentor, and father figure while trying to make it into the entertainment industry.

The list of victims and their alleged stories include, but are not limited to:

Andrea Constand, in Cosby’s Montgomery County, Pennsylvania home back in 2004. She claimed in court documents that after telling him she was stressed, Cosby gave her three blue pills. She then began to feel weak and dizzy which is when Cosby led her to a sofa, laid her down, and proceeded to sexually-assault her from behind.

Tamara Green claims Cosby gave her pills to help deal with her flu virus at a restaurant back in the 1970s. Cosby allegedly brought her back to her apartment and then proceeded to undress her and assault her in bed.

Barbara Bowman, in 1985, when she was an aspiring actress who looked at Cosby as a father figure and mentor. She claims Cosby began drugging and raping her, after befriending her and her mother to gain their trust, since she was only 17 at the time.  She recently wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post describing how the man she thought was everything turned out to be a devil in disguise.

Beth Ferrier came forward with her story in 2005, claiming to have been drugged and raped by Cosby in 1984 when she was at a performance in Denver.

Joan Tarshis came out with accusations against Cosby earlier this month, after hearing renewed media attention concerning other allegations. She claims that in 1969 when she flew out to Los Angeles to work on a monologue with friends, Cosby gave her a drink and sexually assaulted her. Tarshis, 19 at the time, did not report it out of fear that people would think she was crazy.

Janice Dickinson claims Cosby gave her wine with a pill while staying with the comedian during a 1982 performance in Lake Tahoe. Janice is so far the most prominent woman to publicly come forward with accusations.

Therese Serignese claims to have met Cosby in 1976, while in Las Vegas visiting her mother. At the time, Cosby was performing at the Hilton hotel. The two met at a gift shop in the hotel when Cosby put his arm around her and told her to come to his show later. After the show, Therese claims Cosby gave her two pills and raped her in a bathroom.

Angela Leslie claims to have been sexually assaulted in 1992 after she sent him a letter and photo hoping to land a role in his upcoming movie “Ghost Dad.” Cosby invited her to his hotel suite where he proceeded to take her hand and force her to fondle him while laying in bed.

Carla Ferrigno claims that in 1967, at a party in Los Angeles, Cosby forcefully grabbed her, kissed her, and continued to be physically violent while they were playing pool alone. Carla was only a teenager at the time of the alleged assault.