Saida Grundy is an “incoming Assistant Professor of Sociology and African-American Studies at Boston University”, according to her bio on BU’s African American Studies Department’s website. Among other things, she is an active Twitter user, having racked up over 57,000 tweets.

It would be beyond a chore to go through everything that she has ever put on Twitter, however, we at SoCawlege went through her timeline for just the past three to four months. And if that was any indication, BU has a problem on their hands.

First, the factual errors:


Um…no? So I guess a history lesson is in order:

First off, Arabs, not “whites” did much of the slave trading in Africa. They also did much of the transportation of those African slaves, an estimated 10-18 million people. Whites didn’t “invent” the idea of transportation, nor did they do this on their own.

And, it wasn’t just Africans who were enslaved by Arabs, but an estimated 1 million + Europeans were also taken as slaves by Arabs. Barbary pirates did a lot of that.

Continuing, slaves were transported from India to Central Asia by Muslims, centuries before the first African was transported by white or Arab slave traders.

There are many more examples of slave transport throughout history besides these. Perhaps if Ms. Grundy took a history class she would know this problem transcends all races, cultures, and geographic locations, and even still continues today with global transportation in the human trafficking industry.

In regards to slavery for generations (which she says is only something white people did as well):  Again, Muslims enslaved Indians who they considered “infidels” for centuries, whites and others were traded in the Ottoman Empire for centuries, and it wasn’t just whites who owned black slaves in the Americas either, but other blacks, Native Americans, and of course what we would today call Hispanics in Latin or Central America, which had large slave trades and agricultural industries as well. Generational black slavery in the Americas was not something only done by whites. The notion is absurd.  

Slavery is such a long and complex historical topic that this doesn’t end here, but we should move on to other statements –


Well it’s an official holiday in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland both. There are entire festivals in Ireland for it. Does this not make it a “thing” in “actual” Ireland?


I’m not up to date on my latest anti-Rand conspiracy theories, but I’ll just point out that he did in fact graduate from Duke Medical School, and yes, he is a resident of the state of Kentucky, having moved there after graduation. He doesn’t have a bachelors degree, so perhaps she meant that and got confused in her anti-Paul tweeting?

Second, and more seriously, the crazy rage:


Imagine the condemnation if a white person made the reverse statement, that college aged black males are a “problem population” that black America has to address. Well, for the record, young black males are statistically more likely to commit crimes than young white males. Why are young white males a singled out issue to you Ms. Grundy, as opposed to all young males? If you are going to work at Boston University you have to teach college aged white males eventually no? You probably already have/are working with them. To us, this seems like you are unqualified to grade their work as you clearly demonstrate some kind of special bias against them. They are a “problem population” after all.

mlk day

That’s fine. But it does show a long-standing inter-generational racial grudge.



Whites are ‘currently’ “looting” the Americas/Africa.

Yes, shame on condemning rioters! So she is pro-riot too?

The “entire rest of” America doesn’t earn their belongings? Alright then.


Wow, so she thinks the kid who got smacked by his mother was in the right for being out there in that mess, and she was in the wrong?


She no longer supports Bruce Jenner because of his political beliefs. I guess if you are a right wing transgender individual you are just scum huh?…..

bruce 2bruce3bruce4bruce5
And more:




Two important closing points:

1. This is only a few months. If others want to do the leg work, there is certainly much more to be found in her past tweets.

2. Parents who are sending their kids to college should be aware of what the standard for faculty is at Boston University. Apparently, VERY low.


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  • fred

    White privilege, especially all that privilege my Irish ansesters received. First in Ireland at the hands of the English. Murderded, starved and solded into slavery in Barbados, and even in America. Then treated like animals in the U.S. and forced to fight in Lincoln’ s war. I’d like to see someone slap that bitch until snot flew. I would stand there and laugh.

  • John Fitzgerald

    Does anyone know of a black who isn’t a racist parasite?

  • Ella

    yet this stupid humanzee working in the white college, wearing white person’s clothing, shoes, even speak the white peoples’ language, what a dumb niggroid

  • FedUpVet

    ….she is teaching our supposed future of this nation…..that is sad. This racist scum should be fired.

  • brainiacspeaks

    She should be on her hands and knees Worshipping the white male for all of the technology that she now takes advantage of! That stuff sure wasn’t invented by “Her” people!!

  • saraschmit

    Black supremacy and racist liberals are running this country. All Americans must demand and end to this anti-white hatred. This professor is just one of the anti-white bigots running America. She must be fired and we must demand action immediately

    • FedUpVet

      It will take a show of force for that to happen unfortunately.

  • Adamnewing

    Agree 100% with “Why white america is so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population” cause it’s COMPLETELY true.
    Who overwhelmingly makes up the crowds of stupid ENTITLED DRUNK COLLEGE KIDS and idiotic fraternities and sororities? It’s white students. Do I even need to reference SAE frat at University of Oklahoma?
    America stereotypes blacks as criminals or uneducated, a problem population. This rarely happens if you are a white student, if you’re being just as uneducated and as much of a drunk stoner.

    • FedUpVet

      So what would you call Ferguson, Detroit, New Orleans, Oakland, Baltimore? Racist stereotype cities? Look at all the blacks in the NFL now getting busted for sexual assault, battery, etc. Look at all the street thugs being hailed as heros by the black community when they get shot by cops. Dr. King said judge people by the content of their character. Sorry black America, but the nation has seen your character rioting on nationwide news stations.

  • Malafactor

    What a horrid person!

  • Jena Perry

    Inaccurate again.. European and Arab slave trades were historically and economically tied. The portuguese on the swahili coast was directly responsible for the boom of the arab slave trade… like it or not, it traces back to european governments and foreign governments that have colonized, rape and systematically enslaved millions of africans and other nations..the “white” slaves taken by the pirates were eventually liberated and then reinstated with status of first class citizen and in comparison of deaths and numbers, an estimated 80 million africans have died due to revolts and slavery conditions itself. then you add the global and american systemic racism that still is the residue of said legacies before it, exists still for blacks and not white… it was the success of the transportation of slaves the inherent racism that was supported by both arabs and europeans that cemented such a horrific and longstanding legacy… yes she said it with horrible use of semantics, but it does not discount the historical facts or context she was speaking from. Twitter is not the place… she is not racist. Racism is a power structure, mentality and systemic ( and it reinforces white supremacy, not black supremacy). it goes beyond what uncle john said at dinner… there are many an article about how the white supremacy, we all live in and are recipients of. contributes to the denial and deteriorating talks of racism worldwide and in this country.. like it or not, racism has not ended, we are not the land of the free, and there are too many assess in the air and heads in the sand…

  • Steve

    Well covered. Black privilege at its worse and black comedy at its finest. This is what is now in the “finest” universities? This thing is just another black spot on race relations in this country taking a hit care of the “progressive” agenda! I’m not often tempted to call it this way but she’s just a black p**** of s***! What outright nerve from an “educator”. That’s teaching them!

  • BrooklynJoJo

    why don’t she go back to where she is from, what a disgrace about boston hiring hateful teachers and yet the American people do not say anything, this thing should be fired without pay.

  • Fail Burton

    She should be fired for sheer incompetence. Apparently she doesn’t even know of the existence of any cultures from Cuzco to Tenochtitlan to the Niger River to the Maghreb to Istanbul to Hyderabad.

  • Steven King

    Really nice job. In fact, you now get a speed dial shortcut.

  • Gibney13

    This is the quality of professorial talent at BU? And the cost to indoctrinate your son or daughter with this racial agitprop? $62,000 a year room and board. BU won’t fire her- that would be racist. My junior in high school- top of his class had BU on his short list of safety schools. Not. Happening. But they won’t care. He’s a hard working white male who does not commit felonies like this heralded BU professor.

    This intolerant criminal does not belong in the education system.

  • Blinding_Flash

    This dirty née grow has a promising future ahead of her. Pure class. Shows once again you can take the née grow out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the née grow. Karma has a way of working itself out

  • Jess Geez

    It’s not “attacking” if it’s true, shitheads.

    • FedUpVet

      Tell that to black people and the outrageous rate at which they commit crime in this country knob gobbler.

  • Jason Daniel

    Hey Saida, 120 million Africans were slaughtered by Muslims in their slave trade, but it’s only a European thing?

  • Anduha

    African Americans bear no responsibility for any of their current positions, its all whitey whom I hate like a foaming wolverine. That seems to be this woman’s beliefs. I guess Michigan doesn’t teach history anymore because this lady is just making it up. Academia outside of the hard sciences has become a joke, it is whatever the professor thinks. How can you separate a good sociology professor from a bad one? Both are equally useless.

  • Sue Anne Ward

    How did someone this illiterate make it this far?


    Blacks have certainly taken over the racist mantle. POS all.

  • DatBus

    Why does “white America” continue to encourage and even HIRE racist people like this to teach our children? This isn’t moving us forward, it’s simply more racial contempt, dividing America. Liberals need to learn where the ACTUAL liberal values end and socialist indoctrination begins. This is not a smart lady and shouldn’t be anywhere near impressionable minds.

    • IH8APES!!!!!

      You are joking, right?!? If we refused to hire racist thugs like grungy then we would get sued for discrimination. You are absolutely correct about POS like grungy holding all negroes back but you (meaning the collective American negro people) are the ones who demanded to be dealt a PC race card and play it every chance you get. You know that Whites are not allowed to speak the truth because the majority of negroes refuse to face the truth. You want to sit on welfare while you whine about $hit that happened generations ago. If negroes were actually worried about moving forward then you would shun welfare, “disability” (meaning whenever it’s not for a legitimate injury), free housing, gangbanging, and using the race card. You would educate yourselves and work for what you want instead of stealing it. 12% of the US population is responsible for 80% of all crime and here you are blaming Liberals ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

    • FedUpVet

      Unfortunately this is the social climate we live in now. Personal accountability has been discarded in favor of easier my convenient blame/shaming routes.

  • VietVET

    Just another incompetent racist black female with a cpl quota degrees from liberal colleges that don’t teach our kids a thing!!!!

  • datroofhomez

    Well, it’s a week later & she couldn’t keep her ignorant mouth shut. Now she’s beating down on white rape victims. She’s got to have a brain the size of a walnut, seriously. How stupid are you to blow off your one get-out-of-jail-free card from your future employer? As soon as they cut her loose she will cry racism, & wont accept any responsibility.

  • Peter Combs

    and BU hasn’t fired her yet, not for only being incredibly ill-informed but for being an intolerant self centered blatant bigot as well? Her understanding of black history and slavery made me burst out laughing. Perhaps she learned at the knee of Al Sharpton or some other miscreant race bait clown. ..

  • Oh come on, don’t try blaming slavery on Arabs once again. You’re only proving her point; Arabs did not consider slavery a permanent feature of personhood, people were enslaved temporarily and released and still maintained their humanity and religious rights. It was only when they were sold to European and American slavers that the slavery was permanent, and they had no religious freedom.

    • IH8APES!!!!!

      arabs are mu-slime. The word “black” in their language literally translates as “slave”. And for you to say that mu-slime actually gave their slaves religious freedom and the chance to be freed shows just how F’ing stupid you are.

      • Incorect. The word black is Sood, what you’re thinking of, abeed, is a slur. That’s like the n-word in Arabic. And the religious freedom aspect is a matter of historical fact. Obviously you’ve never taken any Islamic studies or Middle East history classes. Try again.

        • Rid the world of muslims

          Islam and Middle Easterners only recognize “religious freedom” whenever it applies to them. Try again you mu-slime POS

    • FedUpVet

      Boko Harem isn’t arab but they do practice slavery

  • mischling3rd

    The idiotic “African American Studies” professor is indeed far out of line and creating a hostile environment for students. History professors ought to publicly call her out on her totally false statements that whites or Europeans alone ever had lifelong slavery or engaged in kidnapping or a slave trade.

  • Mike Brown the dumb nigga that

    lol, she is just mad because she was born unattractive. She hates white people because the majority of races prefer being with white people and not her ugly ass.

    • IH8APES!!!!!

      All “people of color” hate Whites because even the ugliest White person in the world will always be more attractive than someone with skin the color of $hit. It must be miserable to wake up looking like someone fished you out of a sewer and know that no matter what you do you will always look like excrement. Your hair will always look and feel like a brillo pad and you will have to pay a surgeon to fix your silverback gorilla nose. That’s enough to make even the sweetest person turn feral.

  • Jon Low

    She’s a racist and sexist. (Imagine the huge hoohah if a white man declared black women to be a “problem population” on campuses. He’d be gone by lunchtime.)

  • angry elf

    The non-apology from Saida Grundy does nothing to ensure an impartial teaching environment in her classes. Ratemyprofessor has removed all reporting on her and suspended ratings for Grundy, so students will have little warning of this professor’s highly toxic attitude towards men and white people. Yet whites who have spoken out in a similar way about black people have been fired (see white principal during graduation). And despite all the dissatisfaction and outrage, nothing will be done. The racist/elitist black apologists in academics see the outrage as systemic rumblings against change. So there’s no hope of having this professor (or those like her) check their racism. Black academics can do no wrong.

    Freedom of speech indeed.

  • Von

    Maybe she needs to read this quote for good measure: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”—Voltaire

    I hope most of you can see clearly how many of the so-called black leadership (misleadership) class and pseudo intellectual class don’t hold certain members of our collective accountable for their actions. They condone criminality and other destructive behaviors, which is why much of the inner-city is in shambles. They don’t live there, they only talk a good game for the clueless to hear, but they don’t live in the hood.

    They don’t want them to progress beyond the ghetto, that want them to stay exactly where they’re at because it means they will ultimately pass them in what they deem as success, if they’re determined to do so. If they can’t use their education to build viable and economically progressive communities across this country; then their education is of no use to the very people who need their “expertise” to rise out of their present circumstances.

    Right now we’re seeing glaring examples of their failure to build, but they would rather blame it all on systemic American racism. They had fifty years to improve their condition and still didn’t do it. I no longer want to hear, nor read any more excuses.

    She should have said all of this once she received tenure.

  • roscoekarns

    Colleges and Universities’ need to be free of racist Profs like Grundy. It is disturbing that they missed the warnings on one as virulent as Grundy. Shame on BU they should have known better. Grundy needs to resign or be tossed. Racism in any form should not be tolerated. The hypocrisy of college officials to tolerate it needs to be addressed.

  • compustrat

    Eh, I a, fine with her tweets for a few reasons. Afro studies is a made up program and every one of these she posts shows how shes a fake PhD. So, in that regard I hope she ramps it up.
    Also, this shows the mindset that many young blacks get. Everything becomes a racial issue and they bring up slavery constantly and blame their problems on others. Blaming slavery made sense like 60 years ago but nowadays most problems in black community are caused by so many children growing up fatherless. Black people tend to be defensive about that because many racists point that out with ill will, but unwed mothers have risen amongst whites as well (its still 70% vs 40%).

  • Charlie6

    Most of stuff the Left pedals wouldn’t even rate fertilizer. The term “problem population” is, however, a term of great concern. It seems that 70-80 years ago, an Austrian Corporal used the term or very similar terms to describe other “problem population” and the results, aftermath, etc. are well know. Ms Grundy’s use of the term “problem population” is a very telling lens into both her heart and mind. Ms Grundy has by her very own words, placed herself in the same category as that Austrian Corporal. She is a pariah of the first order and merits both scorn and observation to insure, she does not appeal to her ilk to act out violently.

  • Emma Garcia

    Actually, the monkey is DEAD WRONG. Arab muslims enslaved black Africans centuries before white Europeans… and Arab muslims continue to enslave black Africans TODAY. The Trans-Saharan Slave Trade was vastly larger (millions more black Africans) than the African-Euro-Americas slave trade. Miss “I got my degree thanks to Affirmative Action (white guilt)” needs to study a little history.

  • BarryG

    Black studies programs are pretty much a study of made up facts. If it was acknowledged that it’s just political theater history that they are teaching it might be a real but useless academic area. You get people like this who become Profs in it. Hell. One thing that is pretty unique to whites is that they were actually the one race/culture that ended slavery. First in their colonies and then forcing it on the Arabs … of course, it’s back today with ISIS.

  • exumas11

    Hey Grundy, take your racist crap elsewhere. I know where I will not send my kids to college… With racists like you, I wouldn’t spend a penny towards your poison. Grundy, how does it sound…. YOU ARE A RACIST!!!!! BROWN UNIVERSITY AND YOU, SUCK!!! YOU ARE A RACIST IDIOT!

  • Adventist Liberal Independent

    My neighbor, a 75 yr old white male, had no idea that his party the dems liked black people until they nominated one. He found out earlier this year that they support ‘the gays’. He is thinking of never voting again.

    • Adventist Liberal Independent

      That being said, this lady should realize that when you lump a group together by age, sex, color, race, creed, religion, self identity, etc, that it is being prejudiced. Not all white men are a problem. Most arent. Some are. Enough are for her to feel like she can lump them together. She has probably run into more than a few. But the vast majority of the young men she has met have been good non prejudiced young men who show respect and kindness to women and those of another race. SO all us white peoples’ point is to say ‘why would you think its ok for you to do it? its not ok for anyone to do it’

  • A Chill Guy

    I’m no longer applying to BU thanks to this racist professor. How is she still working?

  • A Chill Guy

    I just withdrew my application from BU. #forreal #goingtoUmass

  • masteryaku

    The ramblings of a deeply disturbed individual. Oh wait…she will be a deeply disturbed individual teaching young minds at BU.

  • J Greenig

    Per is site, (my apologies is this has already been discussed):

    “Um…no? So I guess a history lesson is in order:
    First off, Arabs, not “whites” did much of the slave trading in Africa. They also did much of the transportation of those African slaves, an estimated 10-18 million people. Whites didn’t “invent” the idea of transportation, nor did they do this on their own.”

    -Perhaps a U.S. Census lesson is in order:

    “White. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. It includes people who indicate their race as “White” or report entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, *Arab*, Moroccan, or Caucasian.”

  • jackson chapman

    This woman is a RACIST in capital letters. Would Boston College keep a white professor who said the problem in America is BLACK MEN.
    – Yet black men are approximately 6.5% of the population but commit 55% of the violent crimes.
    – Of the murders of black people in the past 20 years, 94% were committed by black males.
    These are FACTS. but if a white professor stated these FACTS that professor would be fired.

    BTW Professor Grundy:
    1) Black Africans started the western slave trade by selling blacks to the Portuguese.
    2) Black Africans hunted down, captured, yoked and sold to white slavers over 12 million Black Africans.
    3) Slavery was very common among Black tribes in Africa.
    4) At least 3,000 black Americans owned slaves during slavery.

  • MsFans

    Wow…and you only went back till April of this year?!? I can only IMAGINE the GEMS that could be out there, still to be discovered!?!?
    Good work, and thank you – on behalf of any parents who have children still in high school, who have been considering Boston College and now can firmly cross it OFF their list!!! (Thank The Good Lord mine are all grown up.)
    This woman has to be one of the stupidest, most educated, racist jerks on earth…

  • Wyrdless

    Congratulations to SoCawlege for making the BiG TIME !!!

    I have you favorited

    I hope you are the next BreitBart

  • Jacques Cousteau

    For the record. Black americans are as stupid as they come.

    Racism exists everywhere. If you or Saida doesn’t like it…leave! No one is forcing you to stay here. I am sure they will love you in Asia (not!) Asians don’t like back americans just as much as europe and south america. Truthfully, I can’t think of any country / continent / group of people that like black americans. That is why black americans don’t travel anywhere. You (black people) have it good in America. I suggest you (black people) put your energy towards something that doesn’t require you to hate so much. Sad idiots you are.

  • Flitz Odor

    Sounds just like the liberal fascist crap that I heard in political science, history, and criminology classes in college back in 95! No wonder the American bubble of higher education is irrelevant and doomed.

  • DisgustedwithBrown

    I think the college failed to fire her because they do not have the courage to face the consequences of firing a racist African-American. They would rather defend one racist and allow her personal biases to rule a program of study than to deal with the ACLU and the rest of the racist trash would support Grundy if she was fired. Boston University has no guts. I will be sure to mention this to those who asked me about Boston University. I cannot allow myself to expose friends or family to a school that basically tolerates racist behavior from its staff.

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    that WHITE MEN are the PROBLEM!


    UNIVERSITY until this PROFESSOR is relieved of her DUTIES!


    Black professorapologizes for claiming that white men are ‘THE problem for
    America’s colleges’and saying she tries not to buy from white-owned businesses

    Read more:

    A Boston University professor who called ‘white college males’ a ‘problem

    has said she regrets making the remarks.

    Incoming black sociology professor Saida Grundy, whose comments were criticized
    by university

    president Robert A. Brown, had declared on her now-private Twitter account that
    ‘white masculinity is THE problem for America’s colleges,’ among other anti-white

    Ms Grundy said events in the United States over the past year have made ‘the

    matter of race’ an unavoidable topic, but she expressed remorse over what she

    had said.

    Read more:


  • Rosalba Reutzel
    • IH8APES!!!!!


  • Canuck

    You can expect this garbage from a contemporary graduate of women’s studies and sociology. Why is anybody surprised?

    It’s just reactionary identity politics masquerading as… what… academic research?

    Academia has devolved

  • Dean Mack

    Phew… was reading comments “sort(ed) by best” and thought the majority of comments were in support of this article. Thankfully sorted by “newest” and found much more balance. Not that I’ll be coming to this website again, but it might be good to adjust your “best” algorithm, gives a pretty bad impression of your readership.

  • Pat Carter

    Ms. Grundy, I hope you make it thru this ’15 minutes of fame’ stuff and keep on keeping on…This little mess of tweeting whole idea in 144 characters is the rough stuff. Not to worry, if your tweets mean your job and this notoriety is not about that PhD behind your name, then don’t worry about the small stuff. It’s about your credentials not the tweets. And no apology is needed.

    • IH8APES!!!!!

      You are either yet another ignorant ape or a PC liberal apologist. Either way you are a vile POS

  • Excitableboy8

    A young white republican doing everything he can to get people to think of him as an old white republican.

  • Maureen

    The hostility being expressed toward this woc professor is what seems most off the charts to me. She notes that the European enslavement of Africans was a particularly brutal, dehumanizing and annihilating practice and somehow she’s the bad guy for mentioning it? Yes, slavery was practiced prior to the transatlantic slave trade and prior to the enslavement of Africans by Europeans during colonialism, but the slavery practiced by Africans of Africans was a decidedly more flexible institution and often allowed for the possibility of buying oneself and one’s family out of slavery ultimately. Ancient Greece, too, practiced slavery of other Greeks, but there some slaves were allowed to own property, marry, inherit , exercise religious rights and obligations, and ultimately benefit from social mobility in some cases. Slavery was still a horrible institution and a human rights violation. The point was simply that the way Europeans enslaved Africans was particularly brutal. Read the book “Red Rubber” sometime if you want to get an insight into the sadism and complete disregard for human life felt by Europeans towards Africans they had enslaved in the Congo in the early 20th century. According to the author of King Leopold;s Ghost, ” African slavery was more flexible and benign than the system Europeans would soon establish in the New World. Over a generation or two, slaves could often earn or be granted their freedom, and free people and slaves sometimes intermarried.” But when Europeans brought slavery to the New World, it was more like that they simply carried the brutal, dehumanizing treatment of Africans under colonialism to the insinuation of slavery. Anyone who can question with a straight face the statement: that white people literally looted entire continents should be locked in a library and forced to read until they sound like anything other than a complete ignoramus. If you’re confused about using the word “current” when describing this, take a look at the United Fruit Company, particularly at their role in events over the last few years in Colombia, and the United Africa Company since its inception until its more most recent incarnation as Palm Line. Yes, the West continues to extract resources from Africa and the Americas that don’t belong to us, and that we have no moral right to, yet we want them, so we take them. How does knowing this make someone unfit to teach?

    • Charlie6

      Well…I hope you weren’t writing your post while eating any bananas or other fruit fruit you purchased via the United Fruit Company. It would also be worth seeing what agreements (probably bribes) the corporations of your ire sought with the tin horn dictators of the countries you cite. Remember it takes two parties to make a deal. Munch on!

  • Efigee

    THIS is what BU has come to, eh? Ashamed to be a graduate unless they ditch this hate-speecher.

  • Merlot Grey

    All I know is that this is not the only school putting down white males. My son’s college did it as well, in his first year. They all mocked him for being a white male and he was very upset over it. When he came home for holiday break we discussed it. This woman does not know anything about white males as many of them have hearts of GOLD and would give their shirt off their back to another person who didn’t have one. Yet the stuff she spouts hurts… all of the African Study Classes, go against the white man and make sure your black skeleton closet is sealed so no one can see inside. Africans eat other Africans to this day, how about talking about that? African cannibalism….there are some who do not value their own race as we see with black on black killings everyday here and in their glorified dump Africa. Using African American just shows you how uneducated they truly are. Who wants to be associated with that infested continent?

  • mimi

    I really love how white people come out of the woodworks to decry the hideous “racism” in one black woman making innocuous comments about white men in college being a problem population and white peoples’ history re: slavery. Where are you guys when dead black teenagers get dragged for being murdered or when Muslim Arabs get called animals who should be bombed out of existence? You guys are real crusaders for the cause. Thanks for your tireless work in fighting racism on these interwebs.

    • Chaz

      The main topic being discussed here is whether or not Saida Grundy’s behavior is objectionable.

      People ARE concerned about other forms of injustice too.

    • Merlot Grey

      Tell us what race you are and where you come from as your plate is far from clean. Come on lets hear how clean you think it is????

    • KristinL

      Racism is racism. Either you support it, or not.

      Quit making excuses for this racist.

  • dadvocate

    Wow. This woman is one sick puppy.

  • mimi

    I fail to see the lie in any of her comments. White people really do love pretending they are oppressed.

    • Chaz

      If you would like to hold a respectable position in society, such as a professorship at B.U., you cannot engage in hate speech. People won’t tolerate it in any form.

      • mimi

        Where is the hate speech? Where? I don’t see it.

        • Merlot Grey

          Open your eyes mimi the oppressed one.

    • KristinL

      Black people are THE problem.

      Now do you see it? Now that the shoe is on the other foot?

  • Chaz

    Wow, Saida Grundy’s behavior is awful display of ignorance and hatred. Thank you for exposing this.

  • Natalee Coward

    Where’s the petition to have her terminated?

  • SoundsAboutRightToMe

    Whoever wrote this article not only completely dimunized the treacherous and inhumane enslavement of the over 12.5 million African lives captured from their homes and forced into 400+ years of indescribable cruelty, but also seemed to not grasp the fact that Dr. Grundy was speaking from the perspective of a member of a group of people who have been subjugated and dehumanized since slavery began. Even now, we see elements of this dehumanization splashed across the news and, using Dr. Grundy’s example, from the White male fraternity members at BU (my alma mater) and many other colleges across the country screaming racist comments about Black men, and, in the past, painting Black face. There is no way that a White male can ever possibly relate to these tweets, thus I should not be surprised at the defensiveness of this article and its comments. Dr. Grundy, limited only to so many characters on twitter, may not have been able to fully elaborate in many of her short messages, but the crust is accurate. She attempts to give a glimpse into the reality of many educated Blacks, just without any filter whatsoever. The writer of this article was probably not a black or brown person, that is for sure, given the lack of cultural insensitivity inbedded in its voice. The writer also does not have an appreciation for the satire in some of Grundy’s tweets. Lastly, the writer clearly does not wish to accept the sheer ugliness of European history, which was enriched by the violent theft (or looting) of education, cultural artifacts, riches and human lives from other lands owned by darker-skinned people. Any honest history professor would admit to that. Dr. Grundy is simply shining truth without a safety net; some White people may not find her tweets pleasing because of the ugliness of their own history. However burdened with emotional baggage, although vile, disgusting, and despicable, it doesn’t make it any less accurate. She is not trying to be racist against all White people; she is trying to educate people (White males in particular, who have benefited the most from privilege) about the systematic racist and sexist history of our great country. This education life is not fit to give because the recipients of privilege are blinded to the realities of others who do not have it. Life has never been truly racist towards a White male. Ever. Instead it has sheltered him, offered him opportunities that most Blacks would never see. This education must come from someone who looks like Dr. Grundy, and I hope she will be able to offer it at BU, which desperately needs it. If there is anyone of any race who wanted to learn some truth about the realities of racism, its current state and its history, listening to what Dr. Grundy has to say in its entirety may offer a better platform of discussion. Maybe then, we would hear fewer N-words from the mouths of White male college youths or see fewer innocent Black males fall victim to the quick gun-slinging of the police.

    • Merlot Grey

      Give it a break, black roots are full of atrocities as well as many nations. If you want to throw stones I’ll be happy to throw them right back at you.

      • SoundsAboutRightToMe

        Not exactly throwing stones. No one said that other nations are not rooted in atrocities. Black, Indian, Chinese, etc, all have some very interesting stories to tell. It’s just that European history is full of atrocities that are particularly angled towards the subjugation and enslavement of an entire race of people simply because of the color their skin.

        • KristinL

          And this explains why white males are THE problem, TODAY, on college campuses? Apologist alert!

    • Charlie6

      Thanks for the history lesson. If I might add…
      Joseph Stalin – Orders 20 million murdered under Stalin’s orders
      Adolf Hitler – 6 million Jews murdered (approximately 50 million more dead to stop this monster)
      Mao – 45 million worked, starved or beaten to death
      Pol Pot – 1.7 – 2.5 million murdered by Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot’s orders
      British Government – 3.5 million Irish dead from starvation; Potato Famine of the late 1840’s.
      Idi Amin – Approximately 500,000 murdered on Amin’s orders
      Last but by no means least – Native American populations decimated; numbers are subject to debate, results are not. Let’s just agree that it was an unacceptable number of too many.

      History records some ugly tragedies; not all by White Europeans but that is neither vindication or justification. Evil is evil by anyone of any stripe.

      So where do we go from here since neither you, I or anyone else is going to change history and the tragic statistics noted above? I’d like to think all of us could do better but at this moment in time, the level of polarization and perspectives seem to me like two skewed geometric planes of existence where no points of common interest intersect. Each side wishes the other to understand the viewpoint of the other to no avail. We differ on who and who cannot be a racist…yada yada yada and the beat goes on.

      What is I think common to the horrid statistics above is that most if not all of the dead were identified as a “problem population.” It starts with words. Sometimes it goes no further than words. It is the dangerous potential of those words “problem population” and the testament of history (examples noted above) that sets off the alarm bells. Ms Grundy may or may not be a racist. This is one of the points of debate and whether Boston University follows through on her appointment is well, Boston University’s decision. Quite frankly, it makes no difference to me. In a positive sense, by keeping Ms Grundy at BU, we will know the whereabouts of a pariah and if BU wishes to keep a pariah on their faculty; their call, not mine.

      As a White male AKA a member of Ms Grundy’s “problem population,” I have come to accept the fact that no matter what I do in the service of others, what I believe to aid others etc etc, my very presence and existence is a problem for others and those others would rather see me off the stage, out of the sketch, gone completely. One day, that will happen as the dirt gets shoveled over what remains of me after I’ve gone to my reward or eternal punishment. But for now, we are facts of each others lives and I promise to the others out there who see me as a problem I will do my best not to be a pest or an irritant in their lives. I ask only the same. However, should there be any provocative acting out to eradicate me prematurely before the Divine’s set date of my exit, please be warned that I will not “go quietly into the night.” I’m heavily armed with thousands of rounds of ammunition; retired military and sufficiently trained in combat strategy and tactics. It may end bad for me but I guarantee it will end very very bad for those who despise me and take that leap from words to violent actions. Please don’t take this as some wild threat but as a bona fide warning and a promise. Self defense is the first human right so I’ll sign of with one final word of advice; DON’T.

  • Dsloan Johnson

    To enact a format to have this professor immediately removed you do not do this via petitions and signatures. Any impact upon a university such as Boston U. should be directed at its alumni and donors. Simply speaking, hit em where it hurts.

  • Paul Pierson

    As an African American I take exception to someone like this so-called professor making points that instead of being logical spew hate and bigotry. My problem with people like her is that instead of tackling the real issues (i.e 90% of violent deaths for black men are caused by black men,or over 70% of black children born in this country are born to single mothers) she plays the blame game. What worries me is that this is the type of finger pointing and lack of ownership for a problem that affects all our society today, black, white, Hispanic, etc. When people like her start looking for a solution instead of coming up with biggoted “theories” on why we have problems, that might be the day that we take a step forward.

    • BBGUN59

      Paul that is the best response to this “Professor” that has been made on this thread..Good honest opinion..Thanks

    • Merlot Grey

      Speak of progress and step forward. No one should be blamed for that which they never had a hand in. If that was the case the African Americans should be angry at their own race who raided their villages in the night and sold them the next day.

    • kingkwon

      As an African-American I take exception to people that mention their race in debates like this for the sole purpose of being glad-handed by white people in forums such as this one. Nobody talks about the fact that 85% of white deaths come at the hands of other white people. Why? Because that’s the result of segregation and the reason that 70+% of black kids are born out of wedlock (not in fact to single mother’s as you’ve been led to believe) is straight up due to a lack of proper access to contraception and education which, unfortunately she can’t change because by the time they reach BU it’s assumed they are already fairly well educated. As it is one needs to remember this is her twitter rather than her class. These are her personal opinions rather than her intellectual property and thus should be taken as such. Here’s my biggest issue though. You’re playing the very same blame game as her. The only difference is that you, both here and in other comments are simply shifting the blame onto the black community as a whole, which is still blaming and still not solving much. tl;dr the pot calls the kettle black.

      • KristinL

        As a black woman, you’re full of it.

        ” is straight up due to a lack of proper access to contraception and education which, unfortunately she can’t change because by the time they reach BU it’s assumed they are already fairly well educated.”

        Lack of contraception? What a joke. Every single store that sells something sells condoms. You’re making excuses for poor choices.

        Every single college is able to get students Pell grants. Poor people can basically go to college for free.

        ” As it is one needs to remember this is her twitter rather than her class”

        Would you be singing the same tune if a white professor, in his free time, made comments unequivocally naming blacks as THE problem? Be honest.

        Keep making excuses for your failures, and you’ll never get anywhere. I’m glad my parents taught me that.

        • kingkwon

          Isn’t that what OP just did? How could you possibly be so out of touch as to think Pell grants can make people go to college for free? I’m poor myself. Unless somebody get’s a full-ride from an external it’s really hard to be poor and attend anywhere but a community college or in-state college and even that’s tough. I know someone who’s family of 4 makes 40k a year and you know how much she still needed to go to the school she wanted to attend (this is after financial aid)? 40k. This is after getting full value pell grants and 25 in financial aid? Why because college is fucking expensive in case you haven’t noticed. The 5 thousand dollars pell grants give doesn’t ever reach tuition or room and board for most kids because there’s simply so many fees and supplies required for college. This isn’t even getting to the fact that schools tuitions can run so high that a full pell grant (which not everyone qualifies for) wont cover 10% of tuition alone (assuming they don’t have an arrest record which DQ’s them). The best part is that this is about college, something a majority of the black population never get’s to experience because they grew up in families that never went to college (cough segregation) and are trapped in underfunded, underresourced schools. It’s a hell of a lot easier to even get to college if one doesn’t have to deal with getting jumped on the way to school, has a teacher that genuinely gives a shit, and has, you know, actual textbooks. Sex ed in nearly all inner-city schools is damn near non-existent because it’s always one of the first programs to get cut. Then who is supposed to teach it to them the various methods of contraception? You’re The mother that had them at 16? Better yet, MANY MEN DON’T KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY USE A CONDOM. For my stats class I found that 2/3rds of people never squeezed air out of it, 15% didn’t unroll all the way, 30% used it backwards, 80% didn’t check for damage and a quarter of them didn’t even store them properly. Hell, half them niggas thought a condom meant you didn’t have to pull out at all, and even more put it on late or took it off early. (the survey was of all kids sexually active over the past 6 months and upon showing them the right way, reporting if they had ever done otherwise. It was inspired by the fact that I was guilt of 4 of the things above and my girl, who teaches sex ed to freshmen in private high school, called me out on it. Compare this to people who actually were taught properly and you get a difference between “contraception” and contraception.This is of course assuming they can actually afford it, because at times people couldn’t. In addition, while I wouldn’t be happy with what she said had it been the other way around, I would never attempt to conflate it with what she actually teaches. I’ve had my share of professors who’s politics and personal beliefs I’ve found disgusting, but have still managed to learn a good amount from them in class.
          Most importantly remember this. I’m speaking on the community, not on myself (see how you’re conflating again?). Personally I’d consider myself rather successful, but I am willing to understand that my conditions for success weren’t the same as everyone else’s and some people had it much easier, whereas others had it much worse. I’m going to a top 3 engineering school in the country, yet I know kids who were just as smart as me, went to much worse high schools and lived in much worse environments than mine, that aren’t going to college, going to jr. college, or CC. It’s my duty as a human being to understand and be grateful for my circumstances and work to better my fellow man/woman, so that they too can at least have the opportunities I was given, if not better.
          For the record the black communities biggest problem is little brother syndrome.

        • kingkwon

          5 months later I’m still incredibly worried that you think that a pell grant which can at most provide 5,775 dollars is enough to pay for college when the majority of schools end up costing more than 10 times that to attend.

  • Julia

    Had it been a white professor Obama would’ve had to have a press conference.

  • Julia

    I find it interesting that any person that thinks making comments that generalize people is not judgemental. For a Professor to say she refuses to shop in a white owned store is an underlying problem. Can’t we just be people and support each other. Why do the people that are in a position to make a change be the ones saying stupid stuff. UGH

    • Merlot Grey

      True. It has to stop. We can speak to all races and countries who have done horrible things past and present and it would be a three ring circus.

  • DirtBird

    Holy Crow!! Why is this woman still employed?/!

  • BBGUN59

    This is a prime example of a African American that get’s in a position to make a change and enlighten other young African American’s how to better their lives and race, but chose to instead show her ignorance and hatred for another race. BU Shame on your lack of integrity, ethic’s, values and just plain common sense. Fire this moron

    • Merlot Grey

      She will not change it’s embedded in her perhaps a hot looking white man turned her down??

  • Asmodeus Belial

    This is the kind of toxic manure people learn in most sociology programs, and in ALL women’s studies programs. She’s unexceptional in that crowd. The whole population stinks. A sane society would simply shut down all the race studies and gender studies and gay/lesbian studies programs, because they are snake pits that produce distorted, evil people who contribute nothing useful to society and seek only to get into positions where they can preach their lies and stupidities to disarmed youthful populations of students who won’t speak back to them.

  • Ishmael

    Satire? Yes, my sources are telling me that the comments made around Prof. Grundy’s tweets are satirical. Good work everyone!

  • pa

    Simply: she is a hardcore racist to the core, exactly what white-america is condemned/accused of, all that is wrong with this country, and it’s scary to know that she is ‘teaching’ young teaching young people – anything. I would LOVE to see this despicable person debate Bill Whittle on national prime time TV.

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    Glad you captured this, I found it through one of her racist posts, commented on the fact that it was other blacks rounding up slaves to be sold, and the original buyers were Muslims. She immediately blocked me, so I wasn’t able to get screen shots of her page. A white person saying similar things would be fired, yet she remains employed. If I were an Alumni of this school not one more dime would be sent if this racism is tolerated.

    • Merlot Grey

      She will never hear the truth.

  • Assistant professor of thinkology = just another pompous, ignorant dumbass with a whale sized sense of entitlement

  • pappy51

    A tad shocking that a college professors who seems to believe she has a grasp on the history of slavery knows so little. Why would anyone want her as a teacher? Why would a college hire her?

    • Merlot Grey

      Certainly not for an open mind. She wears visors so tight they squeeze her nostrils shut and then wonders why she can’t breath.

  • Seems to me a compassionate, empathetic, well educated person might recognize our history of human ignorances for what they are/were…ignorance.

    Wouldn’t it be really cool if some/many Americans and other free people were willing to recognize and accept that mankind, aka the human species, is constantly evolving, learning from our ignorance and taking affirmative steps to correct the ignorances some or many humans embrace?

    Sadly, slavery and racism are human ignorances that many humans once embraced and encouraged.

    Sadly, today there are Americans who obviously prefer to focus on the ignorance/mistakes of our human past, causing continued resentment, pain and mistrust, and in my opinion placing obstacles for healing now and in our future.


  • Very good post!

    On the history of slavery, I found this old Vice article to be informative:

    I don’t agree with everything Jim Goad ever writes (the enemy of the enemy is not my friend), but it’s not hard to double check the claims in the piece for yourselves.

    Congrats SoCawlege, you’re my new favorite site right now and I’m sure I’m not alone!

  • Jeez, if this broad were Caucasian, she’d be the Grand Top Wizard of the Klan.

  • Judith Mirville

    I am really fed up. First, this lass is 88% white or so, the genes that express through her foul mouth are white, though of very bad white origin, of white thrash origin she would say herself, pure blacks, even warrior blacks love blacks rather than hate whites. It reminds me of communist professors who used to accuse all intelligent people they faced of being bourgeois and threaten to put them in gulags while they themselves never had a hammer in their hand except maybe to break heads. This phenomenon is the living proof that contemporary university life is pure parasitism, what that person is doing is squandering public and private foundation money, and more and more unaffordable tuition fees (thanks to those self-servers). A university allowing for such an arrant rabble-rouser to use its classrooms as pulpits should be demanded by both the people and the public institutions to fire her, otherwise the whole university should be closed. What she “teaches” is useless at best, what she babbles forth can be put together in more elegant and sellable words by illiterate ghetto dwellers, school money has been just squandered on her. She is worse than an Islamic terrorist teaching the doctrine of ISIS in a madrasa : at least you go out of such a school having learnt classical Arabic, that’s even greater than knowing latin and greek.

  • Mike Rowegreshian

    Come on now, we all know this isn’t an isolated case. There are many radical leftists, black militants, anarchists and white ethnomasochists and oikophobes of every description – and they have full access to your children’s brains. These ‘professors’ are dangerous to your kids, and dangerous for our country. Uncover them and drum them all out.

  • Linda Lee

    What exactly she do for her Doctorate thesis? The Many Ways I can say I hate whites ? She’s a very ignorant girl Education did nothing to help her at all.

  • Trollin4science

    Too bad she doesn’t know the real truth. That it was in fact Dutch Jews that owned the ships and shipped her race over here. Typical Jew media covering up the truth. That’s why whites get blamed because these Jews were living in Europe.

  • Ignatgius

    If these are examples of her writing skills, it doesn’t appear that this “professor” is very scholarly or articulate.

  • BunE22

    I take offense at her tweet about all white people being Ben Affleck. I’m white and NONE of my ancestors were in the US during slavery, and NONE owned slaves in Italy or Hungary. None had anything to do with the slave trade.

    Time she took a history lesson or three.

    • BBGUN59

      She is probably related to Ben Affleck. Don’t be offended by her ignorance rejoice in the fact that she is not related to you…

  • kay

    If this woman were applying for public school jobs and administrators found her twitter feed, she wouldn’t even make it into an interview room.

  • Michael Angel

    White People, White People, White People, Black People, stop your Bitching, You Live in the 21st Century, and your still whining like little dogs wanting Attention from White People, and for what? It’s as if you Black People, can’t keep your mind’s off the White People, your Black Males much rather be with White Women, and the Bulk of you Black People would much rather stay under the Democratic Party Banner, because Black People Want to stay under the thumps of their False Security. Why? Because of Black People’s Insecurity of Failure, and it’s just plain easier for Black People to want to Live Under the thumbs of the Democratic Party Slavery mentality, and You, Ms. Saida Grundy, and the Bulk of Black America has fallen for their False Rhetoric, and instead thinking for yourself, and doing something to better yourself, it is easier to Point your Black Finger, and Blame White People. Black People need to throw this Racist, Hateful, Mentality out of your Mind’s window, Renew your Mind, Put a Right Spirit within you, then become the Person God wants you to be, with God’s Help, without Black America dependence of the Real Slave Owners, The Democratic Party.

  • BillFromGoldenHill

    She is hot, and why her mouth hasn’t been duct taped, and then raped many times is making many wonder, if rape really is a problem on campus.

  • DERP

    lol, she does have a point with Jenner.

  • Massai

    which hunt

    • KristinL

      Maybe she ought to get a bit of that equal opportunity she doesn’t think she has? Fire her, so she knows what equality feels like. Anyone who is not black would have been canned already.

      Can you feel the equality?

  • Mcineral

    Right now all over the media, a woman in Georgia is being castigated and publicly shamed for her “racist meltdown” because she dared call attention to a group of blacks who got up to leave a graduation ceremony while it was still in progress by saying “look, all the black people are leaving”.

    That is racism?

    No,this is racism.

    But nowhere on the Internet or the National media is this being reported as such. Even the few places that do mention it, leave it up to the reader to decide if it’s racism instead of splashing “RACIST” in the headlines.

    • Merlot Grey

      I guess we have to remove the word black from our dictionaries.

  • Michael Becker

    Nice takedown. Don’t know if she blocked her Twitter account because of your takedown, but it is blocked.

  • Bill Miller

    I’m waiting for President Obama to weigh in on this. He always has something to say about racism……doesn’t he?

    What on Earth can this person teach young people… to HATE?

  • kingkwon

    Since nobody at Socawledge, admittedly not known for it’s journalistic integrity is willing to do any fucking research, here’s reasons why you’re wrong about a variety of her statements.
    First: None of the races or particular eras you’ve referred to have done any kidnapping. The closest you can find to that in history are the Roma, who for all intents and purposes fit inside of her statement as they are also European. The rest of these empires used these people as SPOILS OF WAR. When they went conquering people were given a choice when the choice to die or live in slavery, thus making it their choice and not kidnapping. She’s also very right about the crux of her argument, that it doesn’t generationally transfer, which was never addressed. (Admittedly since most people don’t stay conquered too long).
    2: Saint Patrick’s day is a much bigger thing here because it’s an excuse for people to drink and be “irish” where in fact in Ireland it’s essentially a bank holiday. The parades and shit didn’t start until our lifetimes because the government wanted to improve ireland’s image overseas.
    3: Moved after *residency. There fixed it for you.
    4: This is where I really get mad. Why? Because this is where it becomes so painfully fucking obvious that it was written by a white person with no awareness of racial relations past fucking Martin Luther King. In case you haven’t noticed.Young black males have been labeled a problem population by the media and the police since the late 1800’s. The reason you don’t hear about it anymore is because everyone is so fucking used to it that it isn’t exciting. There’s a reason why young black males are most often reported for suspicious activity (such as walking). There’s a reason why black people and black neighborhoods are disproportionately stopped and frisked. There’s a reason why it’s so easy to label a young black man, who has never committed a violent act in his life, a thug, What she’s advocating for is that young white men get to share the status that young black and hispanic men already have, because a decent portion of crime, especially on campus is committed by them yet they aren’t policed more heavily or considered a degenerate group,because….boys will be boys. You’re calling this racist because she wants young white men at college to experience the same burden young black men face everywhere. Which kinda shows you the nature of racism and racial profiling in America? Aint that a bitch.
    5. Don’t you dare start this. You do NOT want to go into the socioeconomics of being white or a white-owned business versus otherwise.
    6. Pick up a book or something. What the fuck do you think colonialism was for in the first place? It has always been to fund the economy of the colonizing country so that they are thus more powerful than their peers. That never really stopped. All of those countries maintained some form of sway over their former colonies to get absurdly under-the-table deals on things like natural resources, which inevitably are pulled out of the country and are produced elsewhere thus looting the country of essentially any proceeds or economic value that the natural resources can provide to that country despite the fact that it should be powering at least 4 phases of production rather than simply one. This get’s even better when western governments LIKE AMERICA have spent significant amounts of energy installing despots in a number of these countries just so we can receive cheaper contracts on various goods and then help kick them out when it no longer benefits us. That’s arguably the largest reason we dislike Castro. He overthrew the worst of one of the 5-7 dictators we installed in Cuba and removed the deals we had on various goods but especially sugar cane. That’s a major part of why the middle east is a mess.
    7. On riots as a whole. Nobody has gotten anything ever without using either violence or getting the shit kicked out of them for years. Excuse them for not trying to do that again. I can name you tons of politically significant riots. The purpose of the argument surrounding that is by shifting the focus to the destruction of property you’re valuing that over the life in question. The fact that people are more concerned with the fact that property is destroyed than the fact that it took weeks of national attention for the arrests those involved in the man’s death is the issue.
    You don’t have to agree with her but before you go out “trying to prove someone’s wrong” please do even the most minimal research. Please.

    • Goy Hath Eyes

      Roma come from India,not Europe.

      There’s a wealth of evidence — from genetics
      as well as linguistics — that the Roma are originally a Hindi people
      from northern India. Many of the words and grammatical rules of the
      Romani language are virtually identical to those of the Hindi language.

      • kingkwon


    • BBGUN59

      Drink the kool-aid. Just admit your a racist, you don’t like white people and be honest with yourself. Hate does beget hate and your living proof. What a moron.

      • kingkwon

        For someone who is attempting to call me stupid you don’t seem to know the difference between your and you’re. I don’t hate white people and have no reason to. Hating white people will never do anything for me and will only hold me back in life however I do have enough experience as a black person to see the inequity in this country and point it out. If you’re wrong you’re wrong. It’s that simple. That what the article was often. I don’t personally espouse her viewpoints but I’m objective enough and come from a similar enough background to understand why she made them and think the author went completely the wrong way about trying to rebutt them.

    • Merlot Grey

      You left out many factors that the black community would prefer locked in the closet.

      • kingkwon

        What is this in reply to? Talk to me I’m confused.

  • Vader Skywalker Jr


  • gacl

    Were these all public tweets? Obviously, she removed, hid her account now. If those were originally private, she has a right to her own thoughts without recourse. If she made those tweets on a public twitter account with her real name then no US university should hire her for any reason.

  • blackalaureate

    the writer of this piece didn’t refute dr. grundy’s tweets very well.

  • blackalaureate

    this woman is awesome.


    we need MOAR

  • roccolore

    A white professor would have had his job rescinded and he would be blacklisted.

  • Darrell Brown

    I think whites feel privilege to say whatever they want with or without white hoods on.. They use code words such as “thugs” and “their own kind” then turn around and say “cracker” is a racist word. As they like to say on FauxNews. They have awaken the beast. The world is now a open stage to see white Americans are just are racist today as they have been since the inception of the United States

    • Тарас Шевченко

      How racist of you to think that only Black people can be thugs. Utterly shameful.

    • BBGUN59

      Didn’t Obama and the Mayor of Baltimore call whom are black call the looters Thugs? I do not believe they were distinguishing Race just the actions of those who participated in the riots as Thugs..Nice try though.

    • Merlot Grey

      Just live your life and stop the white this black that crap. It’s getting old….. Blacks are free now, they are not slaves. Unreal, this generational pain has kept the black community down by their own demise.

  • Robert Delrosso

    I was raised in California never was racist until two years ago now I’m a racist big time tired of ignorant blacks blaming whites for everything it could rain and it would be our fault fusk their whole race this worthless bitch makes many whites racist guarantee it I’m glad to see this this will help whites in the long run dumb Obamas daughter

    • Darrell Brown

      Lol you seemed to have been a racist all your life

      • sy

        or maybe he met Saida Grundy.

  • Kummin

    I am a white, Christian male, and, yes, the world IS made for me.

  • Kummin

    Bet there won’t be many white people in her classes. Way to go, dorky.

  • Kummin

    Not a bad lookin’ spook.

  • Jilian

    Thank you for exposing this hack. We all know what would happen if a white professor said about blacks anything remotely resembling these remarks.

    • DatBus

      She is but one of thousands indoctrinating the minds of our children accross this country for the last 40 years.

  • MeReagan

    Isn’t interesting Conservatives can just easily ignore her, but don’t?

  • Facepalm

    Goddamn. It must take a shitload of energy to hate whitey that much, that often.

    • Merlot Grey

      She’d even starve to death if she didn’t find a black owned market.

  • LogicDude

    When are more adults going to start acting like adults, and not blather every half-baked emotional thought that shoots across their neurons? Some professors really give that occupation (mine, by the way) a bad name. I’d be interested to see what she writes in actual paragraphs. She should stick to forums where we can find out.

  • Floyd Pink

    This whacky bitch is a “Professor”?. OMG

  • Jefferson Paine

    Riddle time: What do you have when put all leftist racist professors and all right-wing racist professors in a giant cage hanging precariously by one cable over the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean? …

    A cage full of left-wing professors……… and a great opportunity to flush the toxic waste out of our colleges and universities.

  • Dr. Timothy J. Williams

    What a stupid bitch! She doesn’t know enough history to pass an undergraduate course, let alone teach one. And has she ever even met an African? I worked for USAID for six years, and every black African I ever met said that black Americans were their biggest concern when they traveled in the U.S.

  • steepens

    BU now amended their statement after alum threatened to withhold donations. While the school is now “saddened”, they are still supporting their staff’s right to free speech, although the same policy does not seem to apply to students. So, this is just lip service to get the money that was walking out the door- that’s all- not a change of position. There is no reason why she should be afforded any more or less rights and responsibilities than anyone else there.

  • Reggie Hollister

    she is right

    • Jilian

      Have you missed the “factual errors” section?

  • Ken

    She is not a professor, she is an idiot with a paper degree.
    Her clear lack of facts and academic truth disqualifies her from speaking as a guest lecturer at the YMCA.

    Go back to class sister, because you “ain’t foolin no one.” You might understand that last statement a little easier.

  • Ness B

    I hope she realizes that Black Africans sold Black Africans to White People….and the Irish (my family, Irish = majority white) were slaves before Africans and they were cheaper….and they farmed tobacco on Barbados before anyone ever said cotton…… “YALL” has nothing to do with it. How the hell is she even breathing, I’ve never seen so much ignorance in one post. This is why the “black vs white” BS is still going on. I would like to think that the more people like her were disciplined for things like this the less and less of BvW we’d see…we’re all people first.

    • Darrell Brown

      I hope you realize blacks did not sell blacks. That statement is almost as true as Washington and the cherry tree. You keep the. bC going on the silver lining to all of this is Hispanic are becoming the majority. And they see exactly what white Americans are really all about and will vote with blacks to get them out of govt

      • sy

        Some African tribes raided villagers and sold them at the coast in exchange for guns. These African tribes got more powerful and kept on raiding villagers. They even enslaved people to punish them if they were different.

      • KristinL

        It’s the “nuh-uh” defense! Impossible to defend against!

      • Merlot Grey

        Hispanics had black slaves as well.

      • DatBus

        Of course Blacks sold Blacks and Human slavery existed LONG before Europeans ever got into the business. The Slavics, Irish, Italians were all slaves long before the African Diaspora. Learn a little something about the world you live in, and check your racial hatred. You’re about as “educated” as Ms Gundi.

  • Erin Schwartz

    The negrow is the most serious problem in American society. He is inherently violent and responsible for most assaults, rapes and murders.

  • James Minos

    Really, the question would have to be, who is the culprit here. Grundy the blathering idiot, or Boston U. the wuss de facto? I am so glad my son went to the U.K. for his education.

  • BAW

    But it seems after initially excusing Grundy, “Boston University condemns prof’s racist tweets after alums bark.”
    Explains why I can’t find her on Twitter. After all her proclamations, she’s now silent? Can’t defend what she said? Imagine that.

  • All the other jigs with the pumped up lips better run better run…outrun my gun
    All the other jigs with the pumped up lips better run better run …faster than my bullet

  • trudatness

    I don’t see how any white family (especially any of those with male children) would consider sending their kids to Boston University.

  • Buss

    Sounds to my like she got dumped by a white guy.

  • J Smith

    How can an “incoming asst professor” be so under educated (let alone so racist) on multiple subjects?
    If this is the type of asst professor at BU….go elsewhere for an education.

    She was likely raised in a household where it was taughtreinforced that it is “the white man keeping blacks down”.

    • DatBus

      Are you really unaware of how pervasive her ideologies have been for the past 40 years on our college campuses?

      • J Smith

        Are you aware of your incorrect assumption that her “ideologies” came from college campuses?
        Likely, she was taught in the (African American) home that the white man has been “keeping blacks down” and it contributed to her prejudices and (possible) racism prior to college.

        • DatBus

          Wake up. Critical Race Theory. Whiteness Studies. African American studies. Black Liberation theology. etc. Wake up, wake up, wake up.

          • J Smith

            Nice deflection.
            You assumed something you cannot confirm and then list some classes? LOL

  • 3Storms

    Funny how a parasite who does nothing but live off of white civilization while seeking to take it over has nothing but venom for it.

    And she’s so full of lies it’s incredible.

    • Merlot Grey

      You’re right they will take those dollars with those white faces on them in a split second.

  • J. Neville Groff

    most likely has a little isis flag somewhere too.
    Just a little one…

  • It’s hilarious that you don’t actually understand what racism is. Good job!

  • D.Ross

    Disgusting excuse for an academic. Let her exercise her first amendment rights from the unemployment line. Write to Boston University and let’s fill up their email server with how you feel about cowards like Ms. Grundy who occupy positions of trust and authority over students who will suffer under her racist views. Shame on her, but shame on Boston University for defending her.

  • Antonio Caribello

    Please join me in destroying her on twitter.

  • Chad Schwendeman


  • JS Raggmann

    So, according to the Univ response I can say nigger all I want?

    • VegasGurl

      If it makes you happy and it improves your life. Say it as much as you want.

  • RxExec

    If I were BU, I would be as concerned about her atrocious grammar, syntax and punctuation disasters as I am about her hideous racism. How did this wretched excuse for a professor ever get hired in the first place?

  • RickyP

    Unbelievable….these morons obtain teaching positions only through the university being fearful of “political correctness”. What was her PhD thesis in Afro-Studios”?,,,,, “How the White Devils Stole the Slave Trade from the Black African Chiefs and Arabs”?….. Maybe the BU students can abstain from Ms. Grundy’s courses and, instead, matriculate in a Euro-centric course such as “How the White Man Saved the Planet from Genetically Inferior Races”?

  • Servo1969

    If she despises white people so much why does she spend money having her hair straightened like a white woman’s?

    • Merlot Grey

      She doesn’t seem to mind taking a salary from a predominately white school. Go figure.


    Bigot, much Ms. Grundy? Or is it Bigot must?

  • Steve_in_Florida

    This article is awesome. I wish a gang of thugs would use her like a party toy…

  • Robert Stevens

    Saida Grundy is a racist piece of pigshit.

    I wouldn’t spit on you if you were burning to death

  • beneyw

    Looks like the BU alums are coming through to call out this bigot for what she is. Kudos to those who stand tall to condemn such inflammatory comments from an “educator” with one very warped agenda.

  • OhioMike45

    THAT’S an assistant professor? HAHAHAHAHA!

  • So Boston local news is now on this story. Apparently Boston University took a 180 stance on supporting her freedom of speech as well.

  • MaxVeritas

    Prof Grundy, your premises are congested with unmistakable error, in that like Obama you are driven to perpetuate a lie, that being the “races construct, which renders all who do so as racist’s.

    Here are three sources that attest to the fact we are the human race, singular.


    Acts 17:26 – From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. We are ONE RACE, ONE BLOOD. True racist’s continue to perpetuate the so-called races error, which is of a type that has resulted in the death of millions in recent times.
    Also for true Christians: See Gal 3:28
    There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

    Science: All human beings in the world today are classified as Homo Sapiens. Scientists today admit that, biologically, there really is only one race of humans.

    Virtually all evolutionists would now agree that the various people groups did not have separate origins;that is, in the evolutionary belief system, the different people groups did not each evolve from a
    different group of animals.

  • Robert Barry

    Contact them. They can only defend this racist for so long.

  • Lily Shilo

    When African Americans were being hung from tree’s, raped, babies being gutted from the mothers wombs, due to laws that made murder of these peoples legal claiming 3/4th human status, I didn’t see any Arab anywhere in the picture. Why do so many whites point the finger at the arabs..who by the way were not indigenous to Africa but to Kazakhstan if you want to be technical…when in discussions about the treatment of slaves in America??? And why is it taboo to discuss slavery? Why do so many want to forget the atrocities of african slavery but not 911 or the Boston Tea party? Why do people get angry when blacks bring up that this is the only time in World History that multiple generations of a people were enslaved and treated as less than human? Treated like animals.

    • Seska Sierra

      Because none of us were there. None of us are guilty. None of black population in America alive today have been a slave. So, why should we suffer for something we did not do, and why hate over something that you never suffered through? You think racism, discrimination, and hate are only limited to white on black? What about in cities such as Baltimore, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Memphis where whites and Latinos are constantly victimized and discriminated against by the black populace? And this is happening now.

      What about Native Americans? Don’t you think they are upset and have more reason than blacks? More of them were wiped out and suffered greater atrocities. But, very few you hear complaining, why? Because those evil people who did that to them are dead and in the ground and have met their judgement.

      It’s simply a blame or focal hate fixture that weak people place so they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions in life. It’s always easier to blame someone else than face you’re own demons. In reality more people today have greater reason to hate blacks than the other way around, but few of us do because hate is for the weak.

      Hypothetically, if all whites died off, or all Christians, everyone would find someone else to hate, because they need to hate someone to make it through the day…to keep their minds busy from seeing the true weakness within themselves. It’s pathetic.

      • Merlot Grey

        Love it. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Olivia Blackmoore

    “Why is white America so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?”

    Let me show you a PROBLEM POPULATION:

    “Wanting unearned goods is not a black trait.”

    Really? Looting is a negroe sport. GIBS ME DAT!

  • Timothy M Brown

    why does BostonU have an African studies department? Is that for *student* athletes , so they don’t flunk out of the real courses? .

  • DrexelLake

    Her father was probably in prison while she was growing up, thus the anti establishment anti white sentiment. Blame whitey for her and her fathers positions. LMAO

  • DrexelLake

    I hope she loses her job. Lets make sure to share this worldwide on social media.

  • Michael Murphy

    this stupid bitch needs to get her money back for the lack of education that she received her own people sold them out and if you have to go to Africa you will still see slaveshe needs to be fired

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    If you don’t like white men that much maybe you should be teaching in buildings they built or communicating on technology they invented. I have the same problem with people who do nothing but badmouth blacks, then put on Stevie Wonder. Walk it like you talk it.

  • Mike1288

    How could someone who is so clearly uneducated able to teach? All one needs to do is look up slavery to find the history. Like this article states arabs were the first to enslave. I noticed she refuses to even mention africans part of enslaving each other, which guess what they are still doing today. Slavery is not solely in “whites” history as being perpetrators but in almost all cultures. I hope no one takes her class because she has 0 credibility. And the way she thinks only holds back the black community. And does she really think not going in to white owned shops does anything? Hello moron they could be employing black people and giving them a job. The woman is as narrow minded as they come.

  • ByeByeIgnards

    Wow really. So this is not racist just freedom of speech? Did I miss something here because if this was a white person doing the reverse to blacks the marches would begin. Boston University condones this? Why is it blacks feel the need to become racist but when it turns on them whites are the haters. She is one of the reasons racism is alive and kicking in this world.

  • tlmasejr

    This so called women is nothing but a racist piece of crap. She needs to be terminated!!!

  • Ornello

    I am going to do everything in my power to see that she is fired from her position and never teaches in any capacity again!

  • Robbie

    The fact that BU hired this racist shows the world what a two-bit university it is. She is a bum, worthless excrement that won’t amount to much in the overall scheme of things. She will probably get beaten by one of her own.

  • John Smith

    Just heard on the nightly news that all the Black run African Nations surpassed the United States in gross national product and are going to colonize a distant planet with their colectively run space program. How about taking your so called “African American” educated self to your highly praised continent and help those who are in need instead of wasting your intelligence here in the U.S. where you feel it’s so bad.

  • DK

    Does anyone realise that the white people who traded slaves are now all dead? The white people you share this earth with today are as much against slavery as you are.

  • herdzcatz

    Such a lovely, open-minded woman.

  • I am sure that, like all black women, this negress is just bitchy because it’s 2 more months before they bring the Mcrib back.

  • Steve Stephenson

    Grundy and others like her are the problem. She should be thankful for what she has, instead of spewing poison to the world…..

  • Ontariogirl56

    Boston University alumni and supporters should drop financial support of the university in protest. I wouldn’t want my white son in her class paying to be maligned as a white male.

    • Attaboy

      its not just about white people in my opinion. Not many white people take “African American studies”. I could be wrong though. But, for me, its mainly about her radicalizing minority students with false, one sided history that makes people more likely to be racist towards white people for just being white. Thats not equality, nor is it fair. She knows this and she is on a “payback” kick because she is screwed up in the head. Which means she is not fit to be a educator at a university.

  • Mike Viall

    Contact Us

    Boston University Public Relations may be reached at:

    985 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 105, Boston, MA 02215
    617-353-2240, [email protected]

    Tom Testa
    Assistant Vice President, Public Relations
    Office: 617-353-7628
    Cell: 617-959-3887
    [email protected]

    Colin Riley
    Executive Director, Media Relations
    Office: 617-353-5386
    Cell: 617-293-1543
    [email protected]

  • Attaboy

    She is not even original with her Ben Affleck post

    This is from the movie Grown Ups (2008)

    Ronnie Shields: Suck it, “Reindeer Games”!
    Danny: I’m not Ben Affleck.
    Ronnie Shields: You white, then you Ben Affleck.
    Wheeler: You *are* white.
    Danny: That’s true, I am white

    Bet you dollars to donuts she was thinking of this exact scene when she was writing that post.

    Also , I am not Ben Affleck because not only did my family ever own slaves since my ancestors migrated well after the civil war… I am not a coward that would hide that fact even if it was the truth.

  • Attaboy

    I really like how she exchanges the word “Europeans” when she really means “white people” …

    she states “for the record , no race outside Europeans (white people) had a system that made slavery a *personhood* instead of a temporary condition”

    First off we know that is not true and the guy who wrote this article corrected her perfectly about the history of Arabs and the Ottoman empire. I dont even need to get into the Native American thing before europeans arrived in the North America…
    But on a side note, here is a interesting fact
    The first actual *Slave owner* in North America according to colonial records was in fact a Black man that was a former indentured slave. His name was Anthony Johnson circa 1655. He was the guy that actually made slavery a *personhood* legal by a court ruling before anyone else.

    The story goes like this. Johnson was captured in his native Angola by an enemy tribe and sold to Arab slave traders. He was eventually sold as an indentured servant to a merchant working for the Virginia Company. Johnson was sold to a white planter named Bennet as an indentured servant to work on his Virginia tobacco farm. Servants typically worked under an indenture contract for four to seven years to pay off their passage, room, board, lodging and freedom dues. In the early colonial years, most Africans in the Thirteen Colonies were held under such contracts of indentured servitude.With the exception of those indentured for life, they were released after a contracted period with many of the indentured receiving land and equipment after their contracts expired or were bought out.

    When Anthony Johnson was released from servitude, he was legally recognized as a “free Negro.” He developed a successful farm. In 1651 he owned 250 acres, and the services of four white (OMG white slaves!!!) and one black indentured servants. In 1653, John Casor,a black indentured servant whose contract Johnson appeared to have bought in the early 1640s, approached Captain Goldsmith, claiming his indenture had expired seven years earlier and that he was being held illegally by Johnson. A neighbor, Robert Parker, intervened and persuaded Johnson to free Casor.

    Parker offered Casor work, and he signed a term of indenture to the planter. Johnson sued Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654 for the return of Casor. The court initially found in favor of Parker, but
    Johnson appealed. In 1655, the court reversed its ruling. Finding that Anthony Johnson still “owned” John Casor, the court ordered that he be returned with the court dues paid by Robert Parker.

    This was the first instance of a judicial determination in the Thirteen Colonies holding that a person who had committed no crime could be held in servitude for life.

    So THAT was the guy that caused slavery to be a *person hood*… not only was he technically not European. He wasn’t even white. Sorry for this long post , but I thought this was important.

    This crazy girl needs to be fired and barred from teaching. She is completely ignorant to the true facts of history and uses her ignorance as a way to spin history as a way to justify up her blatant racist beliefs. This is sinking way low just to push a political agenda. She disgusts me.

  • cnet

    My favorite is, “…deal with your white sh*t, white ppl. Slavery is a *YALL* thing.”

    Umm…we did. Way back in the mid-1800s. More white people died to free salves in the Civil War than have died in any other war in U.S. history.

    Also, as a professor of “African American studies” she should know that one of the few places on the planet where slavery still exists in 2015 is…wait for it…Africa. Africans are enslaving themselves. Time to listen to Dr. Tony Evans and start taking some steps forward instead of always looking for someone else to do even more than what has been done to date (Civil War, equality laws, affirmative action (aka, inequality in FAVOR of minority races), electing a black president, etc, etc. Time to start looking in the mirror.

  • Allen Eltor

    That woman’s a civil rights lawsuit waiting to happen

  • ianw19

    Say I’m *THE* problem? OK.
    Link me to past genocides and slavery? Whatever.
    But call me Ben Affleck? Argo fuck yourself!

  • bobbyggg

    I feel sorry for Saida. So full of hatred towards others. Dr. King would be ashamed of such a person.

  • Christopher Silva

    Hilarious! This woman is one sick puppy. But I bet she’d bring a pretty penny on a north African Muslim auction block.

  • wingnutts

    And this is why the word Nigger still exists. That is what she is. She does not want equality. She needs to be sent back to the ghetto. She is no better than a drug dealer on the corner of Detroit. Sadly, I bet her college was paid for by white tax payers!!!!

    • kmnoschy

      There is not a negroid in this world that truly wants equality. They only want superiority and that will never happen. Every area in the world that has negroid controlling it are sewers.

  • I did 2

    This is ignorant racism at it’s worst. It helps nothing. She must be fired if we treat people equally. MLK is rolling over in his grave and crying. He devoted and sacrificed his life for all people. The black community spits on his name and grave when they behave like this. As an American I find this reprehensible. She is a danger to the black community the same as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all others who do not ask the black community to rise above, work for their success and prove to be the wonderful people they are. Blacks attain the same status of living as whites through the same efforts as whites and all other nationalities. I see it everyday with the blacks that I meet. This false whining, ignorance plus they inner city social behaviors is the true culprit of the black experience.

  • jlh243_1

    She conveniently overlooks the FACT that the first legal slave owner in America was a black man. Talk about two faced, lying, brainwashed racist, useful idiots of the demonic democrats, this skank is a prime example!

  • Littleredtop

    I guess that Grundy either missed or conveniently overlooked the fact that slavery was around way before the first blacks were brought here to pick cotton. White workers, in the form of indentured slaves built the thirteen original colonies. They cooked, washed and grew cash crops like cotton and tobacco. They worked the farms providing the necessities of life for the early colonists. Another fact that she conveniently overlooked is that the overwhelming majority of black slaves were actually owned by black slave keepers, traders and yes, black plantation owners. White America owes blacks nothing.

  • IronV

    This women is mentally ill. And the hypocrisy of the institution that insulates her is astounding.

  • PH.D.

    Is this socialist bigot still working there? she’s a pig, get rid of her.

  • Chris

    Never ceases to amaze me that they continue to put these racist blacks in positions of authority! Funny how this racist black troll woman can say whatever IT wants and its all fine and dandy even though it is clear IT is a racist! It most certain the douche bag got a free ride through college and slipped by with poor grades. The real truth will come out when we find out she had to sleep with each of her white professors in order to graduate. Also more than likely she is getting payback against all white males because she didn’t like having her ugly face slapped with their rods and then having them wipe them off with her brillo pad hair. Don’t forget where you came from trap ho!

  • Dave Smith

    Its not ok to be racist but it goes both fucking ways, and the new trend is for black people to just totally take a shit on white people and think that it’s somehow ok. Fuck no, no man or woman is born any better than other. I’m native american and you dont hear me pissing and whining about race. I don’t care that europeans came here, so what, now we have cool food and technology and shit and I probly wouldnt be here if they didn’t. This ladies a cunt.

  • grieser

    Well, She’s certainly supports the “dumb, angry and entitled” part of the American black stereotype.

    • DatBus

      And she does with great pride, unchallenged by virtually anyone.

  • Ken Javor

    She ought to be removed for incompetence, entirely aside from her bias, which is of course sanctioned and celebrated. Jews were kept as slaves in Egypt and Babylonia for generations, and being a child of a slave did in fact make one a slave. Last I checked, neither of those nations were European.

    I don’t know enough Chinese history to state categorically their slave use, but I do know that the Great Wall took generations to build, and that there is/was an ancient saying regarding the wall, that each brick in it cost a human life.

  • Billy Mays (of Kaboom! fame)

    What strikes me is her Twitter picture. Does anyone else not find this bizarre?? Look the picture she chose to represent herself on Twitter and compare it with other photos of her. Her Twitter picture is a side shot, color photo, has straightened hair, with contrast to make her skin almost white. She appears to be trying to pull off a Janet Jackson. If she is so down with the AA studies, why doesnt she get a nice black and white frontal photo of herself wearing a Tshirt that says Black Gorilla Family gang members rule?

    I have several black friends, and they tell me the black culture shows deference and privilege to lighter-skinned blacks. Ms. Grundy is obviously conflicted. She hates whites, but she really desires lighter skin, and this creates great guilt. She obviously chose the wrong major for her doctoral studies…should have been psychology to uncover her own self-loathing. Too bad she had to spend all that money to discover herself. Maybe she should riot and burn her own house down.

  • Rich Holland

    The first Amendment didn’t expressly imply or require that “free speech” had to be truthful, here’s your evidence 🙂 her rant is pure entertainment nothing more.

  • Jennifer Katona

    Africans in America have grasped well the instructions provided by the judeo cultural Marxists who empowered them.

  • beneyw

    Just imagine a white professor stating he or she would boycott black businesses. The media would condemn that person non-stop. Grundy disgusts me but Boston University makes me violently ill. May your alumni come on strong to condemn this disgusting ‘professor’ and call her out for what she really is, a pathetically self absorbed bigot.

    • sam adams

      if this has shocked then you dont know Boston U you havnt seen you have no idea whats going on, and its getting a little too late to be that disconnected from reality

  • kirk watson

    fire her ass

    • WakeUp

      Its all part of a plan. She CANT be fired. She was put there for a reason.

  • Burn_the_Witch

    The real problem here is not that a stupid person vomited out a stupid opinion.

    Stupid people have always existed and announced their stupidity to the world.

    The real problem is an institution which now rewards stupidity with credentials, places them in positions of power, and pays them.

  • philthyphilmotel6

    Wake up white people. Do not help nigqers in any way.

    • “I am in no way, shape, or form involved in any niggerdom!”

      -Clayton Bigsby, Black white supremacist

    • RealTalkfromNYC

      See, you just did this entire conversation a disservice. You can’t fight racism with racism, and your comment is extremely anti-black racist.

  • WakeUp

    Doesn’t she know the biggest threat to blacks is the black president…
    What a disgusting human being. Only thing that makes me happy is that she will be punished one day. Ignorant savage

  • WakeUp

    She should be duct taped and thrown in the ocean

  • GT90ford

    Someone take this ignorant woman and show her the history of black slavery! Had there not been rich black traders (self declared Kings) and
    true African Kings rounding up blacks for sale, perhaps it would have been
    stopped long before Great Britain brought and taught whites the trade (so to
    speak). The Sun never set on the British Empire, because of the use of slavery.

    The great calif…Few events of history are so well documented and attested to as are these conquests, which commenced soon after the death of the Muslim prophet Muhammad (632) and tapered off circa 750. Large swathes of the Old World—from the India in the east, to Spain in the west—were conquered and consolidated by the sword of Islam during this time, with more after (e.g., the Ottoman conquests).
    Time to boycott Boston University…

    The led directly to the Christian Crusades in 1096:

    • edtastic

      The slave trade wasn’t going to end because some tribe or another decided they would not participate since other tribes would have raided their territory and enslaved them. It’s like suggesting WWI or WWII would end if white people just decided to stop shooting each other. It doesn’t work like that and you know it. Slavery is much older than the transatlantic slave trade but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t bad. We are talking about American history, the land of the free built on slavery. There isn’t any getting around that hypocrisy.

      • kirk watson

        what a croc of crap you spew

  • CC

    You can spell racist: G-R-U-N-D-Y. She, apparently, is the one who has a problem with white people and why ANYONE would want to take a class from this bigot is beyond reason.

  • Iluvguns

    It is a simple equation. It is free speech when a person on the left engages in bigotry, offensive insults, or provocative art. It is “hate speech” anytime someone on the right does.

  • Reality Blowz

    There is absolutely no way that I would consider sending any of my children to Boston University after discovering that the staff supports this ignorant racist.
    As an employer, I would have to be seriously skeptical of the qualifications of a Boston University graduate, and would most likely choose a graduate of a different university.

  • angry elf

    Want to warn white kids from attending her obviously biased classes?

    Leave her a rating and warn people.

  • angry elf

    Anti-Israel professor Steven Salaita was denied a job already offered him for anti-Israel tweets. No freedom of speech there. If major American colleges can’t agree on “Freedom of speech” (which does not mean freedom to be racist in a professional setting) for their professors, maybe then the media should call this what it is, obvious anti-white, anti-male instruction and propaganda being forced upon millions of kids. There’s an obvious agenda in American colleges, one that is completely, fanatically liberal.

    • edtastic

      Who cares if someone is anti-Israel? That is not America and their policies don’t agree with our values. Apartheid states, ethnic cleansing, and oppressive colonial projects are something the West should have abandoned long ago but states like Israel insist on keeping that nightmare alive.

      • angry elf

        Because it demonstrates a different reaction from academia based on ideology. It’s not about Israel (which the American gov’t loves, btw); it’s about what ideology is enforced and what is not. Anti-white, anti-male ideology is supported in this case.

  • L. Wm. Roberts

    You can fix ignorance, but you can do nothing for the stupid racist regardless of color… a poster-child Academician

  • SeanR64

    How does this ignorant racist still have a job?

  • Noah Bama

    what a hateful woman

  • Former university student

    Yeah young white males are a problem. So are Black, Asian or any other young males. Frankly, just not very mature. I know because I was one once. But as a white male I also in a small way supported the anti-apartheid movement at my university, frequented more foreign owned businesses than white owned ones, and once had a professor who was also bigoted. Wrote my paper as it should be written, got a bad grade for me and was proud of it, because I knew I was upholding academic standards and freedom whereas my professor was blinded by bigotry and bias.
    Is the final exam for this course multiple choice? Somehow I think it is as otherwise the prof would need to actually think. These comments lack balance, substance or real academic thinking. Glad I am done with higher education, the real world works better, where we don’t give a rat’s a.. about race, religion or anything else, just about getting the job done. Hopefully prof will be looking for a new job soon.

    • edtastic

      We should all be dealing with the misandry. The racial aspect is irrelevant considering feminists scholars are only using white men to attack men whilst evading charges of oppressing racial minorities.

  • otto b cool

    What this woman is saying. I HATE BEING BLACK.

  • mike

    She’ll have her own MSNBC talk show in 5, 4, 3…

    • DatBus

      Exactly. There is MUCH support for the hatred of white people even among (liberal) whites.

  • Worf

    you can often become the very thing you hate.

  • jrford

    Grundy fits in with Obama, Sharpton, and other as being racists, that have set back race relations 50 years.

    Let her speak, she’s jealous because I am rich and white.

  • Art16

    If this person had no audience, it would be the end of her so-called intellectual life. I do not believe her rants could hold water anywhere, except, perhaps, in some budding dictatorship looking for an excuse to victimize something to justify their malevolence toward everyone not cast in an Orwellian mold of “progress”. History is exactly that, history. If you want to retroactively punish because what was in the past was accepted by the people in the past, then you better go back into the cave paintings and archeological evidence and start whipping from there. A good place to start, perhaps, might be the real evidence of Neanderthal cannibalism. Let’s see how she can handle that.

  • fun4u2

    Seems she overlooked the fact that the US president – a white male and a republican (Abe Lincoln) – was responsible for putting and end to slavery in the US.

    It was also the republican party that passed a law requiring states to accept black Americans into state legislatures following the end of the Civil War.

    …of course, I suppose it’s easier to blame others rather than take responsibility for yourself.

    …aw, heck, you can read it for yourself here:

    • edtastic

      You are not that Republican Party. The old Democratic party hated black people. Obviously things are not what they used to be. Get with the times.

      • kirk watson

        again wrong

  • evil llama

    I’ve been reading up on black sociologists lately and they are off their rockers. I’m a cultural anthropologist and this negroid has the audacity to call Europeans a “race.” Wade Noble actually said white people are really black albinos. Lol. If you have pigmentation your not an albino. Please African Americans, I truly do understand your trying to find roots and an identity but your not going to find it through these nitwits. Also, I’m not Ben Affleck. My family came here through Ellis Island from the Ukraine in the 20’s. I am also Assyrian and you better believe the Egyptians and Nubians were slave trading with us. Matter of fact if she has ever drank hot coco that means she supports slavery in present day Africa. Everything she says is hypocrisy. Well accept for the Wall Street comment, now that was funny.

  • jimhutch1963

    Superman never made any money, saving the world from Solomon Grundy. Apparently Mr. Grundy has reproduced. Please save the world from this wretched c#$t, Superman. Or anybody for that matter. Just kill her.

  • only nigs and mudsharks take nig studies anyway…who cares what she thinks, I hate her back, and move on…HOPE she dies, but in the end, she isn’t important enough to follow up on and find out if she does;;, have a nice day

    • evil llama

      lol. I’m a dork, whats a mudshark ?

  • typical negress

  • Mechguy

    Racism isn’t the sole property of whites, in fact it is obvious Ms Grundy is steeped in it far more then any white I have ever met. If she thinks her black privilege means she can be ignorant and bigoted then she is wrong. I wonder how long a white male professor would be employed if he said anything close to this about blacks. Her hypocrisy is startling and she cannot recognize it. She must indeed be of limited intelligence,,ya’ll.

  • Glen Wishard

    This is why African-American Studies are nothing but an expensive dead-end for black students – when they are not simply a scam to inflate the grades of football players.

    • edtastic

      Have you taken it? Should we study European History only? Shall we get rid of all humanities so you can be satisfied? Antagonism towards all non white, non western cultures is classic white supremacy. Time to evolve.

      • kirk watson

        time for someone to slap some sense into you try to go to school and get an education BEFORE you run your yap

  • Christopher Pressentin

    This woman is a teacher HOW? Forget the complete lack of historical knowledge on her part that a 5th grader could pick apart. She is an outright racist. Ignorance and racism is not a white people thing. It is an every people thing and it wrong regardless of who it comes from. She needs to never teach another class at any level.

  • Moxie Girl

    Lord commander is Pathetic! How does a grown woman get so stupid? I’m beginning to wonder if it’s in our genes? What’s up with so many ignorant racist black folks? She should be on her knees thanking the white man! lol Send her dumb ass to Africa with all the other dumb asses!

    • Vincent Anthony

      You should thank us we taught you everything you know and just because you brought us here and enslaved us without an education keeping us from reading beating us feeding our babies to gators with your sick asses the lords eyes are on you and you will be punished with slavery they that lead into captivity shall go into captivity god n Christ are black bitch your dead for the lions and wolves ahhhooooo!!!!!!

  • holygoat

    Hostile environment much? Boston U needs to be called on this. White students need to complain that her presence on campus makes them feel “unsafe.”

  • Maggie Sidles

    Ms. Grundy is a sorry excuse for an educator. This woman probably laid on her back (like a good percentage of young black women in America, so they can get that handout every month & not work for a living) to get her degree because apparently she knows nothing about slavery. I feel for all of the students there. Believe it or not, I feel for the black students there because she can’t even teach the truth about slavery. Their own ancestors participated in slavery. Black America has never been taught the truth about slavery, that’s part of the reason why racism is so prevalent in the USA. My ancestors weren’t a part of the slave trade. My dads parents came 2 America in 1921 & my moms parents never came 2 America. Smh. Unbelievable.

    • evil llama

      Thank you Maggie. Here is a previous post a made on her:

      I’ve been reading up on black sociologists lately and they are off their rockers. I’m a cultural anthropologist and this negroid has the audacity to call Europeans a “race.” Wade Noble actually said white people are really black albinos. Lol. If you have pigmentation your not an albino. Please African Americans, I truly do understand your trying to find roots and an identity but your not going to find it through these nitwits. Also, I’m not Ben Affleck. My family came here through Ellis Island from the Ukraine in the 20’s. I am also Assyrian and you better believe the Egyptians and Nubians were slave trading with us. Matter of fact if she has ever drank hot coco that means she supports slavery in present day Africa. Everything she says is hypocrisy. Well accept for the Wall Street comment, now that was funny.

  • Tevri
  • Imcominforya

    I hate it when someone thinks Baltimore means something. Who hired the weakling at Boston? Boston? I’m so glad the weak are exposed for us all to see, mock, and be entertained. Ever since humans existed, they know who the inferior race is. Worldwide.

  • Jimincalif

    Now that is the antithesis of a bigot

  • Got more where that came from

    Well I’ll be! Maybe beeatch finally realized how gooood it is to be white. Hahahshahaha!!

  • Aimee Cooper

    Racist? Mental issues? Who knows. Maybe she fell down a lot as a child. Either way, there’s not much you can do with these awful bullies and bigots. except pity them. She has mine.

  • Liquidreasoning

    Yeah it was a white guy that did this
    black lives dont matter according to blacks

  • centsible

    This woman is a straight-up racist. No different than a clan member.

  • catdaddy57
  • gonewiththwind

    I admire the young man that spoke up. He is quite a contrast to this so called teacher. If a white carried on like her, they would lose their job. By the University condoning her behavior, they are saying they don’t hold blacks to the same high standards as whites. That because she is black she must be indulged because they are of lesser moral fiber than whites and this is to be tolerated! I don’t know which is the bigger job, the University that hired her, or her.
    One thing seems plain to me, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. She either wants a whitie and can’t get one, or one dumped her! Bless her heart.

  • speedy contiki
  • speedy contiki

    Finally someone with common sense. Yes the Berbers did take slaves as far north as Iceland. Also true about freed blacks becoming slave traders. Look up Anthony Johnson’s name. What about all those slaves that were freed by their owners? Under British Law if one became Baptized then one was automatically freed. What about the blacks that sold slaves?
    More importantly the slaves sold to whites lived better than the ones sold to Arabs/Muslims. The black males were castrated by the Arabs and 85% died. The black females were sex slaves.

    • DatBus

      Thank you for having a clue. It’s astounding that ideologies like Ms Grundi’s THRIVE on the college campus while actual HUMAN history is ignored. An entire generation has been indoctrinated with this poison.

      • datroofhomez

        It goes back over 30 years, so it’s more than one generation. You’ll never get people to pull one way for the country if divisiveness is constantly taught. It’s time that any group that preaches along the lines of the KKK, regardless of color, is imprisoned. It’s what’s best for the country.

  • Kmoore.

    Typical nigger

  • Jim

    Does she not realize how many white men died to end slavery in this country. Do their deaths mean nothing to her? Does she not realize the first slave in the americas was own by a black master….. The school is looking like the fool here

    • edtastic

      Do you realize the race riots that emerged from draft riots in Civil War era New York led to the mass lynching of blacks and the burning of their communities? It’s not that simple. They were fighting for the union not black people. Lincoln said as much.

      • Jim

        Do you realize it was not mas lynchings and burning of their communities

        “The nation is at this time in
        a state of Revolution, North, South, East, and West,” wrote the Washington Times
        during the often violent protests that occurred after Abraham Lincoln issued the March 3,
        1863, Enrollment Act of Conscription. Although demonstrations took place in many Northern
        cities, the riots that broke out in New York City were both the most violent and the most

        With a large and powerful Democratic party
        operating in the city, a dramatic show of dissent had been long in the making. The state’s
        popular governor, Democrat Horatio Seymour, openly despised Lincoln and his policies. In
        addition, the Enrollment Act shocked a population already tired of the two-year-old war.

        By the time the names of the first draftees
        were drawn in New York City on July 11, reports about the carnage of Gettysburg had been
        published in city papers. Lincoln’s call for 300,000 more young men to fight a seemingly
        endless war frightened even those who supported the Union cause. Moreover, the Enrollment
        Act contained several exemptions, including the payment of a “commutation fee”
        that allowed wealthier and more influential citizens to buy their way out of service.

        Perhaps no group was more resentful of these
        inequities than the Irish immigrants populating the slums of northeastern cities. Poor and
        more than a little prejudiced against blacks-with whom they were both unfamiliar and
        forced to compete for the lowest-paying jobs-the Irish in New York objected to fighting on
        their behalf.

        On Sunday, July 12, the names of the draftees
        drawn the day before by the Provost Marshall were published in newspapers. Within hours,
        groups of irate citizens, many of them Irish immigrants, banded together across the city.
        Eventually numbering some 50,000 people, the mob terrorized neighborhoods on the East Side
        of New York for three days looting scores of stores. Blacks were the targets of most
        attacks on citizens; several lynchings and beatings occurred. In addition, a black church
        and orphanage were burned to the ground.

        All in all, the mob caused more than $1.5
        million of damage. The number killed or wounded during the riot is unknown, but estimates
        range from two dozen to nearly 100. Eventually, Lincoln deployed combat troops from the
        Federal Army of the Potomac to restore order; they remained encamped around the city for
        several weeks. In the end, the draft raised only about 150,000 troops throughout the
        North, about three-quarters of them substitutes, amounting to just one-fifth of the total
        Union force.

  • Liquidreasoning


    • edtastic

      Not a word on misandry. How predictable but it’s also why you will lose. You choose the weakest possible opponent and make them the all powerful scapegoat. Whites hating on blacks just to hate on blacks is really old. Try dealing with the gender bashing of feminists since that’s where her kind of thinking comes from. If it were simply a black thing there would be no talk of masculinity. Wake up, they also call black masculinity toxic.

      • Liquidreasoning

        does it make the infection any better? who cares.. the bitch is an enemy of humanity and she should be dealt with as such

      • Jon C.

        Do not care.

    • DatBus

      She is but one of thousands, and so is B.U. 40 years of this stuff has indoctrinated an entire generation, including the “journalists” of our national media.

      • Liquidreasoning

        agreed.. i think our youth are starting to figure it out and see through it.

  • jeff

    I have been feed up with “white privilege”. White males are the most oppressed segment of the society today and this woman proves it with her tweets. I feel sorry for any white male that attends one of her classes.

    • edtastic

      “White males are the most oppressed segment of the society today and this woman proves it with her tweets. ”

      More of that white rights stuff so you can look real stupid once someone breaks out the statistics. White males problem is they would rather hate on racial minorities than take on the misandry in feminsm propagated by other whites in positions of influence. If you haven’t noticed this lady is attacking men. She’d attack black men just the same but you’d rather play victim to poor racial minorities who are severely underrepresented in higher education, positions of power, and the ruling class. That makes cowards looking for scapegoats since taking on those with real power scares the hell out of you. The oppressed have to flood the streets just to get our own law enforcement to stop gunning them down in the streets at rates 20 to 100 times that of populations in other OECD nations.

      • jeff

        The police are not gunning down your oppressed people. Your people are gunning themselves down in the streets. That is a statistic you seem to have overlooked. And while looking for oppression look no further than the “businessmen” who peddle drugs on the streets, your people live in fear of them. The real cowards are the people who would rather riot than admit that their communities are being cowed by the criminal element that is being arrested and shot by the cops trying to protect you.

      • kmnoschy

        You are an idiot if you think this woman would ever attack negroid men. She is not only a sexist but a racist. If you want to talk about victims then let’s talk about all the victims of negroid violence in the USA. Let’s talk about all the trillions of dollars done from negroids looting and rioting because they didn’t get their way and they are incapable of behaving like human beings. As for law enforcement, more WHITES die from cop-related shootings than negroid. Just stop spreading the PC BS. It is deep enough already.

      • Jon C.

        We are so sick of you apologists. You are doing NOTHING – nothing – to help the poc you claim to defend.

  • B B

    appreciate this website and the young fellow who runs it, for keeping us aware of the twisted freaks we’re up against. that’s all i better say.

  • FormFactor

    I just LOVE her hair. It speaks volumes.

  • Liquidreasoning

    Yeah as this dirty racist tramp runs her mouth using the internet created by whites, Car created by whites, democratic society CREATED BY WHITES, A BLACK PRESIDENT PUT IN OFFICE BY WHITES..

    So it comes down to this u disgusting race baiting POS.. the job you currently have, was created by whites and only given to you because you are black. You didn’t get it because you earned it. You got it because of the color of your skin.. So keep running your uneducated racist HYPOCRITE mouth.

    To all businesses DONT HIRE ANYBODY FROM BOSTON COLLEGE.. They are nothing but racists and they do not belong in your organization.

    OH by the way, MORON, why don’t you and every black racist thank a white veteran because if it wasn’t for us saving you from Africa and bringing you here.. HITLER WOULD HAVE HAD A FIELD DAY WITH YOU..

    • Delysid

      Umm, Hitler never exterminated any race, or people of certain religions. Truthfully, not one single person ever died from being in a ‘gas chamber’ in any concentration camp run by the Germans anywhere in the world during any war or peace time.
      Truth will set the world free!

      • Liquidreasoning

        oh yeah.. ok.. idiot.. my grandfather saw it first hand right in front of his face.. so take your retarded moronic hate filled liberal education and kill yourself. I cant believe in this modern world we still live amongst gorillas and retarded chimps.

        • Delysid

          Your grandfather was one of the morons who raped and tortured the German people. The truth about what the US and allies did to the people of Germany after the war was disgraceful. Of course they will ‘go with’ the lies to cover their own abuses.

          Of course the holocau$t is a scientifically proven lie.

          • Liquidreasoning

            i hope he raped your monkey grandma..

          • Liquidreasoning

            you are a complete and pathetic POS. Take your lies your typical truther nothing in the world is true crap and GFY. People like you have no right to live amongst educated people in society. So here is my suggestion. Go find a bridge, jump off of it and die.. When you are looking down at that dumb uneducated lump of mush on the ground.. just say to yourself.. wow i screwed that one up. IDIOT

          • Delysid

            Educate yourself a little bit. Then dig further, and find more and more evidence. Or simply remain who you are with your sanitized version of the truth.

          • Liquidreasoning

            educate yourself and quit being an internet historian. The internet does nothing but change facts in order to sway uneducated simple minded morons. There is more than enough proof.. enough nazis have came forward and admitted what they did and they pictures exist. But lets talk about why you want to believe this crap. You want to believe it because you are a racist. Your hatred of jews is allowing your brain to let this crap in. Just the mere fact that you say its not true is proof you are a racist. We all know it happened so get over it. It doesn’t change anything in todays world. but what causes more problems is an idiot like you trying to change history in order to fit your own personal agenda. That alone is a crime against humanity, you trying to change history with your lies is just as bad as anything hitler ever did. Why? because history will repeat itself if we don’t learn the mistakes of mad men.. so stfu.

          • Delysid

            Sorry but scientifically it does not add up either. Big deal I’m a racist, so is every other creature on the planet.
            My hatred of jews stems from their hatred of everyone but themselves. Its pretty sick when the so claimed jewish ‘holy texts’ are full of racist and supremacist verses, yet I am the bad guy.
            The one with the simple mind is the one who accepts the sanitized version rather than view it from both sides and make their own decision. ‘Hearsay’ evidence is NOT admitted in court, and I don’t admit it into my own beliefs.
            The Nuremberg trials, oh the ones where they crushed the mens testicles to get the confessions they wanted?
            Was Hitler a mad man? I don’t know but still to this day there is not one single order that has ever been found from Hitler to kill, gas, lampshade, or soap bar any jewish person or any other person.
            History does need to be changed if the truth is not being told. And in my findings (and many others who are far more accredited than myself) the truth is not being told.

          • Liquidreasoning

            yep.. i still don’t care

          • Jon C.

            Oh God. A pineapple.

          • Delysid

            So your proof is “we all know it happened”… I suppose your next in line to be a supreme court justice.

          • Liquidreasoning

            and i read that lame azz article.. So some no name tard writes an article and all the sudden we should change everything. Funny how ONCE AGAIN AS USUAL.. those bad americans and british they raped and killed.. of course the nazis and muslims are this golden angel and they NEVER do anything wrong. German Nazis just wanted to hang out and just have fun oh poor little angels.. Whatever.. so tired that of people like you that live on the internet and read crap..

          • Delysid

            Not as tired as I am of people that don’t read anything at all and parrot all the nonsense that has been ‘told’ to them, or what they seen in a movie.
            Truth is the disinfectant that works better then Zyklon B.

          • Delysid

            Poor baby can not debate the facts, so insists that I should die and I am an uneducated lump. Its very telling as to whom the uneducated, and unfit to live in any society is.

          • Liquidreasoning

            and again.. i still don’t care.. take your fake history and typical modern day “nothing is real its all lies” attitude.. thats getting really old these days.. typical liberal attitude.. nothing is real unless we created it or we agree with it..

          • Liquidreasoning

            you have no idea who you are talking to and what i have done for our society. I guarantee i have done more in 20 years than you will do in your entire internet based life. So you go die. I’m tired of having to support scumbags like you. Get off the internet and do something for the world.. dirtbag

          • Delysid

            Hey moron, you are nothing but a useless slug. Your life doesnt even equal the shit in the tread of my shoe. If you are such a big shot, come meet me. Come to my house, I’ll give you my address. Until then, you are as useless as a squirt of piss punk.

          • Liquidreasoning

            hahaha typical liberal scumbag.. always threatening violence.. again faggot.. you have no idea.. go suck hitlers dick if you miss him so much. and tell obama to tap you from behind I’m sure you will love that.. go away and quit replying..

          • Liquidreasoning


          • Delysid

            HaHa, what a ridiculous infantile child you are! For one, I never threatened any violence, you were the one who said I should be dead so I was giving you the opportunity to make that happen.
            Its typical for little left sissies to accuse others of the things they said, and you did not disappoint.
            You really need to work on those homosexual desires you have, and quit projecting them on to others. We all know they are your fantasies, and yours alone.
            And then the “lastword” thing you posted really gives your underdeveloped juvenile mental stature away. It is quite useless bickering with such a mental midget such as yourself. Nothing was accomplished other than showing how unintelligent you really are.
            I apologize for replying to you, I now realize that you never really understood any thing I transcribed.
            Les esprits simples engendrent vies misérables.

          • Liquidreasoning

            last word

          • Liquidreasoning

            last word

          • Liquidreasoning

            last wird

          • Liquidreasoning

            last word

          • Liquidreasoning

            scientifically proven.. yeah ok.. you are a scientifically proven monkey..

          • Delysid
  • ProfShadow


    The willful ignorance of racists yet again demonstrated. There is no doubt that she is a racist. I’d hate to have to actually take a course from her. She would flunk me, but she’d be schooled by the time I finished with the class. But then, I’m a college professor elsewhere…finishing up my 33rd year…in the “hard sciences” where facts, reason and logic are important.

    Something sorely missing from the soft sciences and definitely for the “squishy sciences” such as her, um, “specialty”.

    She only wants to believe what she feels, not actually research the facts.

    But then….Liberals….bless their hearts. They can’t handle the truth.

    Now, if we could only “unchain! ” conservatives on campus from the shackles of liberalism. I’m fortunate…we’ve kept our liberals in check at my university for the most part.

    Let’s hope she sees the light sometime soon…and heads into it.

  • BipartisanLawsOnly

    This is comical…. and not even worth debating. She is obviously a racist, but unfortunately, liberal America will not call her that, because they are afraid to speak their mind.

    People like this woman are trying to make the gap between cultures wider… and its unfortunate for the various cultures who try to reduce that gap, with kindness and common sense.. Before long, the more of them like her that pop up, we will be a segregated population again…. but this time, it wont be the white slave owners making it happen, it will be the people with minds like hers.

    • evil llama

      I am Assyrian American. Slavery started when the hunter and gather societies died. We formulated slavery and you better believe the Nubians and Egyptians were trading with us. I always made a joke and called Europeans , “late bloomers.”

    • DatBus

      Her mentality is common among academic Blacks and Liberals. This has been happening for 40 years on our college campuses.

  • RCC

    She forgot to warn Obama about the evils of white males…

  • leon redgrave

    is lord a whore ? i hear she ‘s a whore and wonder if i should ask her out since she might be a whore?

  • Jim Ashby

    So, why the straight hair? And, what about black men? How does she feel about them? I think she’s looking for attention…..

    • gonewiththwind

      yeah, from a white male!

  • Nike

    This lady sucks white dick

  • Nike

    This sucks white dick

  • Fred Clement

    Quote: ”

    1. This is only a few months. If others want to do the leg work, there is certainly much more to be found in her past tweets.

    — Nothing can be found from her tweets. From her Twitter page:

    @saigrundy’s Tweets are protected.

    Only confirmed followers have access to @saigrundy’s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow”
    button to send a follow request.

    Seems that after getting caught with her Racist Rants that she locked down her Twitter account. Too bad, too sad…it was interesting — and disturbing — looking into the mind of a Racist.

    Still, Boston University should NOT be employing Racists of any kind. She should be let go so that she can spew her filth elsewhere where they are appreciated…say at a Black Panther Rally.

    ~ Nadrakas

  • Ron Wilburn

    She is a nitwit…she brings up, pretty much all of it wrong, examples of racism, from the past. Then she continues her ridiculous rants that promotes racism today. She is an example of how easy it must be to get a degree from a college these days. Amazing.

  • Fred Clement

    What do you expect from Radical Leftist Professors — or Radical Leftists at all? At least this one is “Honest” about how she feels…she’s a Racist through and through, and Boston University should NOT be employing Racists of any stripe…but they will continue to do so, because she exemplifies everything that the Radical Left believes in — that all of the worlds problems are caused by “White People,” in particular “White Males.” (Shrug) Given enough time, the Radical Left will try to round up every White Person and start their own version of the “Final Solution” — Given enough time they will do it.

    My only desire is that cooler heads & hearts, somewhere on the Left, will actually start hearing what the Radical Fringe of their side is saying and call them out on it. The same goes for the Radical Right…listen to what is being said. The Radicals on both sides are spewing hate and driving this country apart. Enough is enough!

    ~ Nadrakas

  • MarineforAmerica

    I’m pretty sure the Hebrews were enslaved by the Egyptians, but that is probably just fiction because it’s in the Bible.

  • Gary Reighard

    Maybe I should exercise my 1st amendment rights an call this woman what she really is but……….that word may include the letter “N” and that is not allowed for white people; so much for the 1st amendment.

  • oZo61

    This woman needs a good rogering….by a white man. lmmfao
    Seriously, though. I love how she forgot the whole Jews being held by Egypt as slaves thing. That’s middle-eastern people being held by Africans. Hmmmmm…..

    • evil llama

      I am Assyrian American. Slavery started when the hunter and gather societies died out and the cities rised. We formulated slavery and you better believe the Nubians and Egyptians were trading with us. I always made a joke and called Europeans , “late bloomers.”

  • Stephen Hopkins

    You fools can make whatever stupid comments you want to get attention. You guys are always bitching about slavery and who did what to US. Your race is still enslaving your own people not US. BU will never get a penny from me or my family because they employ a complete fool such as yourself. More people need to take a stand against this stupidity.

    • edtastic

      Slavery happened here and across the Western Hemisphere. It’s a legacy you’ll have to live with because it’s true. The fact there was slavery all over the earth going back tens of thousands of years doesn’t change that. A nation supposedly built on freedom and democracy was built on slavery and that bit of hypocrisy is hard to get around. America spent more years with slavery than without but you’d think 400 years of slavery is erased with 150 years without, with 100 of that being Jim Crow and legal segregation.

      • WilliamtheFirst

        So…the United States gained it’s independence in 1615? And here all this time I was under the impression it was 1783…Hmmm.

      • DatBus

        Its not “hypocrisy” at all. Your obssession with pinning it on whitey is. If you understand the history of America IN THE CONTEXT of Human History then you realize there is no ‘blame’ to be assigned to any one nation. LEAST OF ALL the one that founded the free world.

      • Jon C.

        So what, edtastic? Even if that’s accurate, which it isn’t because slavery occurred by Arabs and all kinds of poc, so f*cking what? It was a huge f*cking time ago!!!!!!!! Do you use eight track tapes, too?? What good is it doing discussing this? tell me. Are you reaching people? Are things changing? Shut up!!!!!!

  • otto b cool

    It’s like it’s our fault that she’s….black.

    • B B

      no, it’s your fault that you’re….white!

      • Jon C.

        Yeah, if it was his fault that he’s white, um, he wouldn’t have white privilege, would he? He wouldn’t be in power, would he? Nobhead.

  • otto b cool

    Who said those people were smart. This one has a mouth problem like so many of them. She can’t keep it shut.

    • edtastic

      Just like the Social Justice Warrior types you want to control what people can and can’t say. The ‘white rights’ types act just like them.

  • Seska Sierra

    We students need to band together and protest the school to have this woman removed. ALL of us, of all colors etc. need to stand together and say we will not tolerate any form of hate! This woman is evil and narrow minded, not the type to person that should be teaching!!! It’s either all wrong or all okay, I’m sick of this double standard garbage!

    • otto b cool

      Just stand by and watch her do herself in.

    • Maggie Sidles

      It’s really sad that she teaches African-American studies & knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the slave trade. I bet if we polled every black American in the USA, a very high percentage of them know the “TRUTH” about the slave trade unless they look it up on the internet and we wonder why racism is so prevalent in America. Not being taught the “TRUTH” is a part of the ignorance. Smh.

      • Delysid

        All truth should be taught at all times, even the truth about WWII and its many errors. The truth is why any and all media should never have been able to monopolize. It is now nothing more than a political arm of the left. Don’t buy it, don’t watch it, don’t listen to it, and never parrot anything from it.

        • qualityrkc

          Liberals have no voice in the media. You may be referring to Democrat outlets which are progressive not liberal.

    • Rosie

      Start a petition at

    • steepens

      Even if my kid wanted to go to BU, because of this I wouldn’t let them. How can this prof be fair and impartial in the class when she can’t be fair and impartial in real life? Her judgement is clouded by hate, she is an uneducated self-proclaimed historian with unintellectual rants and revisionist language, and should therefore not be entrusted to provide unbiased guidance, leadership, or mentorship to anyone’s son or daughter. She is as disgusting and pathetic as any other racist. I hope this thing goes viral and she and anyone with her perspective gets canned. But alas, I think I expect too much. I wonder when the ALCU is going to come to her defense.

  • Blownbbc496

    If she detests white people so much, why is she trying to look as a white women with her straightened hair style? Seems like she should be sporting the nappy fro as a radical proud black female, and she is a supposed “highly educated professor”. I think she’s just wishing she was white with all her hatred. She’s gonna be teaching white kids? God help them….

    • Billy Bobb

      Blown BBC, LOL!

    • Jim Ashby

      I’ve heard a lot of black women talk about this exact subject of other black women straightening their hair. Many, though, don’t see it as anything but cosmetic. Radical is a word that probably doesn’t apply to most who are looking for equal rights, pay, consideration. But, many who push for these things want to be natural. In this case, I don’t think there is anything natural about this woman, regardless of what her hair looks like. However, if she wants to promote her cause, I think she should go natural and there’s probably a few black women that agree.
      Am I writing in circles?

    • edtastic

      Good point.

  • Dave Bradley

    She needs to be reminded of how many men and woman of all colors who died for our freedom, Instead of spewing vile hatred. Show some respect for the people that that fought, died and sacrificed for all of our liberty’s.You MS. Grundy are part of the problem with race relations in our country today so please take your bigotry back to where you came from and quit trying to pollute the BU student body with your lack of knowledge, respect and decency for your fellow countryman.

    • Maggie Sidles

      Hmmmm, let see, is there any country that is predominately black that is a successful country?? Answer: A big fat NO. I don’t have a racist bone in my body but this is what I feel. I wish slavery never existed but it did. My ancestors had absolutely no part in it. I’ve been called a honkey, cracker, peckerwood amongst other things. Every black American should be thankful they are Americans & live here despite the fact of how they got here. They ALL need 2 look at Africa’s economy. They are the poorest continent in the world. They are now just getting into cell phone technology. It is so underdeveloped over there, there are many places that don’t even have clean drinking water. They have places that commit genocide & don’t forget about Ebola & Malaria. If they don’t want 2 act like proud Americans they’re more than welcome 2 go elsewhere.

      • Gina Bordeaux

        You sound ignorant. Africa is not poor. It’s just poorly managed. Did you forget where your diamonds, coal, petroleum, iron ore, copper, and/or tin came from? America, as well as other countries, have benefited from the Scramble for Africa. Despite Africa’s struggles, certain countries have slowly risen to the ranks. Nigeria, although not perfect, is making great strides economically as a black homogeneity.

        Your ancestors had absolutely no part in it??? I wouldn’t make such a bold claim unless I knew my family’s history 100%, which I don’t and neither do you. You are showing the classic ethnocentric views that the rest of the world has grown much disdain for from Americans. Did you forget China is kicking America’s butt now? Ha! Ha!

        Lastly, the term “successful” is subjective. America is driven by a capitalistic nature, but some countries in Africa have a different set of values. Again, stop judging with an antiquated, monolithic, ethnocentric view that has soiled the global, political landscape. More women are getting into powerful positions in Africa. And with people, like the Sudanese-born telecomm billionaire Mo Ibrahim and his daughter, Hadeel, challenging the political leadership on the Continent, I am hopeful that things can and will turn around in the next 20-25 years. Africa is rising. It’s time for you to wake up!

        • Robert Barry

          The most civil part of Africa, South Africa, is currently going through and killing anyone they feel doesn’t belong there. I also know my family history and I know that my family didn’t own any slaves. Might be because we were slaves. Damn that Irish heritage.

        • Bill the Cat

          “Poorly managed.” Yeah, that’s the point. Anywhere blacks are predominant, failure follows. An excellent example is Rhodesia, but pick any other location/business. It’s the same story.

          Africa arising? LOL

          China is doing the same thing to Africa as they did to Tibet. In 100 year, Africa will probably be mostly asian and they’ll rename it to Zhōngguó Liǎng.

          Oh, and don’t expect to get any EBTs, Obamaphones etc. from the Chinese. Their solution is to kill you.

        • AboutTown
        • Jon C.

          Awww, being a good little teacher, are you? Some of us have had it up to here with condescending little snots like you.

        • Maggie Sidles

          Gina, Your the one that really sounds ignorant. I can say UNDOUBTEDLY that my ancestors didn’t have a thing to do with slavery & can make that claim with 100% CERTAINTY. How ignorant to even say neither do I?? My mother’s parents never came to America. My father’s parents (My fathers father is Russian & his mother was from Poland) they came over in 1925 & didn’t own any slaves.

          Why is Africa so as you put it, “Poorly managed”? Learn some history. You are definitely reading way more into than what I wrote. Don’t twist my words. We are not talking about China. We are talking about a person that is teaching African-American studies that really has no insight in it & to make such remarks, she shouldn’t even be an educator.

          I’m not judging I’m just stating facts. Why do you think Africa is on the rise finally?? Because of other countries like the US that give $$ to them when that $$ should stay here to fix all of the problems that we have in our own back yard. Obama has done nothing but divide our country even more since he’s been in office.

          Try doing some research before opening your pie hole.

      • Bill the Cat

        Country? Try any local, municipal, state or national organization that’s black run. Completely corrupt and bankrupt. Pick one. Any one.

  • Joann Bloxsom

    can we just shoot this racist b*tch? come on, fair is fair u loser…right?

    • Liquidreasoning

      no don’t shoot the bitch.. its a lot more fun to watch her realize how stupid and uneducated she is. The world, for the most part, isn’t stupid. Most people see that scum trash like this racist tramp are nothing but loud mouth, self esteem issue having mental rejects.. Let her live to see her daughter married to a white guy…. because he has a job and the scum that she teaches can’t get hired at mcdonalds

      • Joann Bloxsom

        agreed…and even when they do get hired at mickey d’s they are inherently useless

      • DatBus

        She will NEVER realize any such thing. She is surrounded by Liberals and Blacks in Academia who support her 100 percent and even if they don’t, they won’t dare speak up about it.

    • edtastic

      Meanwhile 10,000,000 white girls say the same damn thing but some how it’s cool. That’s the race problem coming from white America. The irrational anger at relatively powerless blacks seems to know no bounds. 95% of the white male bashing I see is coming from whites and half of those are other white males. You aren’t threatening to shoot any of them.

      • kirk watson

        your a liar facts are facts

      • Joann Bloxsom

        the biggest race “problem” in America is blacks…blacks are their own biggest problem but will, as usual, do their best to lay the the blame on everyone else, especially the “white devil”…and don’t piss them off, they will burn down their own hoods, steal t.v.’s, liquor and drugs, burn and rollover cars and of course, that’s the white mans fault too…po little hood rats

  • warren420

    Slavery has been over for 150 years. Oops I forgot, the Boko Harem folks are still taking women as slaves. She won’t dare speak about that. Jim Crow ended 50 years ago. $22 TRILLION in welfare programs since LBJ ( hows that for reparations?) This woman is an ignorant racist. The morons she teaches will be serving my double machianno at Starbucks in 4 years. There is literally no real world need for an African Studies major. She is hot though. Probably some white master slave blood in there somewhere!

    • IckyD


      I think a white guy dumped her/wam-bam-ty-ma’am’d her and now she is blaming ALL WHITE DUDES.

      Such a shame, too, b/c this< white guy thinks she is beauty-fuuull…on the outside.

      • oZo61

        Look at her skin tone. There’s a lot of white blood in her. So I guess she’s suffering from self-loathing.

        • speedy contiki

          Sadly the USG says one needs only 8% black blood to be called a black.

      • speedy contiki

        Many black males are known for wham, bam, etc. That is why there are so many single black females with children.

        • texguy46

          Plus the fact that the more childrens dey have dey mo welfare $ dey get!

      • gonewiththwind

        she is mad cause she can’t have one

      • schmack_the_knife

        Can’t get past the horse teeth.

      • kmnoschy

        ickyd you need to have your eyes checked. She looks like she escaped from a zoo exhibit.

    • Billy Bobb

      “She is hot though. Probably some white master slave blood in there somewhere!”

      Hey, If it was 200 years ago, I’d be headin’ back to her cabin every now and again.

    • Great White Hope

      I’m at the stage in my life where having kids is in the future. I’ll be very active in keeping my kids enrolled in schools that teach conservative principles.

  • Kerry Sanders

    She is a libtard loser. She hides behind a private twitter account. What is she afraid of? She does not need to be a professor in an institution where she clearly has bias against many who could be in her class.

    • leon redgrave

      she not hiding you cuntwhore

      • BipartisanLawsOnly

        she isn’t hiding because in her mind, as a black person, it is acceptable for her to be a racist.

        • edtastic

          As a black person I notice you completely missed the attack on men and decided to make it about race. Misandry in feminism is a problem but conservatives would rather hate black people. That’s your problem.

          • HAVOC

            I only hate the black people who hate me, like this woman. But thanks for pointing out that she is sexist as well as a bigoted racist.

          • Jon C.

            Love it.

          • kmnoschy

            grungy, oh sorry I meant grundy, specifially said WHITE males so grungy specifically made it about RACE. I have no doubt she hates White women just as much as White men because she obviously envies us. It’s not our fault your skin is the color of poo.

          • Jon C.

            LOL And that she has lips that could pull a Mack truck.

          • Jon C.

            Thanks for telling conservatives what they hate. Moldbrain.

      • Liquidreasoning

        hey look its a liberal.. you can tell by the language and offensive name calling

      • Kerry Sanders

        Your momma raised you right, huh?

      • Jon C.

        Ah! A genuine reasoning delight! ha ha ha FLAGGED.

    • evil llama

      She’s has her account hidden now because the chef cant take the heat:

      I’ve been reading up on black sociologists lately and they are off their rockers. I’m a cultural anthropologist and this negroid has the audacity to call Europeans a “race.” Wade Noble actually said white people are really black albinos. Lol. If you have pigmentation your not an albino. Please African Americans, I truly do understand your trying to find roots and an identity but your not going to find it through these nitwits. Also, I’m not Ben Affleck. My family came here through Ellis Island from the Ukraine in the 20’s. I am also Assyrian and you better believe the Egyptians and Nubians were slave trading with us. Matter of fact if she has ever drank hot coco that means she supports slavery in present day Africa. Everything she says is hypocrisy. Well accept for the Wall Street comment, now that was funny.

  • sam adams

    there is not a single sociology/anthropology program in any school in all of north america that is not exactly this stuff 24/7, i took 1 day of soc101 and 2 courses from anthropology for my writing requirement. Every single lecture, every single textbook, every single material is precisely like this, it could’ve been written by her, russel brand, or saul alinsky.

    the only difference with her is she is being a bit clearer not further left just more clearer about what she is really trying to say. Trying to get her out of Boston U is like trying to desalinate the ocean by removing one salt molecule

    • evil llama

      I’m not sure what anthro courses you took. I’m assuming intro, but please do not associate us anthropologists with sociologists. They are beneath us. Here is my comment above about her:

      I’ve been reading up on black sociologists lately and they are off their rockers. I’m a cultural anthropologist and this negroid has the audacity to call Europeans a “race.” Wade Noble actually said white people are really black albinos. Lol. If you have pigmentation your not an albino. Please African Americans, I truly do understand your trying to find roots and an identity but your not going to find it through these nitwits. Also, I’m not Ben Affleck. My family came here through Ellis Island from the Ukraine in the 20’s. I am also Assyrian and you better believe the Egyptians and Nubians were slave trading with us. Matter of fact if she has ever drank hot coco that means she supports slavery in present day Africa. Everything she says is hypocrisy. Well accept for the Wall Street comment, now that was funny.

      We believe in that peripheral thinking should be implemented into any topic. They just concentrate on the center. This clown is in no way certified in speaking on topics of evolutionary biology. She sure in the hell needs to stay away from history.

  • mjm98

    Why can’t America identify blacks as a problem population? If you want to talk about facts, what about the fact that every single area that has a high population of black is a total crime infested cess pool??

    • tlmasejr

      Look at who controls these areas. It is not the Conservatives but the Democrats that control these area and keep these people impoverished in the new slavery.

  • 1775

    Someone get that woman a mirror so she can really see what the problem is.

  • ScarletSky77

    Great job with this article!

  • Miltrade

    And yet……………….she obviously goes through so much pain to straighten her hair.

    • Gina Bordeaux

      Just because someone straightens his/her hair, it doesn’t mean it’s done from a place of self-hate or need for white acceptance. Has the thought of manageability or versatility ever occurred to you?

      • Mike Viall

        So Gina, did you think she’s a monster or not?

      • Bill the Cat

        What it means is that blacks prefer the way white people look. As for the rest, it’s just blatant stupidity. Do you know how long it takes to straighten a ‘fro and the work it takes to keep it straight? LOL

      • Jon C.

        Wow! Simmer down, geez. He probably just means most men prefer the more natural types, the ones who don’t fuss over themselves so much. Whatever the reason, she deserves the vitriol she’s getting. Every bit of it. And that’s not something I agree to all the time.

  • mwwild1998

    Well she has a little hate built up in her along with a lot of ignorance.

  • Puzzeld By Hate

    We white people must understand that it is all out “war on whitey” and we must defend ourselves…. Black people can talk about “white people” openly, but if a white person starts talking about black people, we are then labeled racist. White people, stand up and defend ourselves. It’s OK to call black people racist, if they are.

    • sam adams

      ” ….. labelled racist …. ” by who? other white ppl, such ppl dont deserve to be defended. Americans dont deserve to be saved from this woman, they dont deserve to be saved from islam, they dont deserve to be saved from communism, everything they get is exactly what the deserve. There are ppl in the world who deserve a better life but not americans… the ppl in russia in singapore in switzerland in dubai ….. deserve better not americans who swing from church moron george bush to communist low life Obama

      • Liquidreasoning

        whatever you scumbag.. Have you actually been to singapore? there are ALOT OF RICH people there. I can’t wait to meet scum like you on the battle field

        • sam adams

          what battle field? i know you are a communist but it aint the 1800s, this is the age of national sovereignty and nuclear deterrence. if you want battle come to singapore/dubai/switzerland….. to go after those RICH ppl and we’ll put you in jail LOL

          • Liquidreasoning

            what ever you scumbag.. one day

          • sam adams

            keep waiting

          • sam adams

            ok so apparently you are not a communist but you seem to have a problem with RICH people in Singapore anyway. This is you:

            you are an old/middle aged white conservative ignoramus from Austin
            you described your wife as yelling prone,
            you apparently had a degree in “IT” but worked in mom and pop music shop for 20 years.

            i wonder why some1 with and IT degree would work in mom and pop music shop, maybe its

            because they belong more in church than playing geek.

            here is what you got from your IT degree: learned how to use/configure some cisco hardware/software learned how to be a good little bi-+ch for oracle/cisco/nortel or some other company thats gone or not

            here is what you did NOT get from your IT degree: fundamentals of comp sci or electrical engineering. you learned nothing of significance about systems programming, operating systems concepts, web applications architectures, distributed systems fundamentals, computer organization/architecture, hardware design, digital systems, signal processing (maybe except some music related but not the systems approach) networking fundamentals, relational design theory, how to make logical SQL systems running on many physical nodes, ….

            instead your worthless IT degree taught you how to use some soon to be outdated

            vendor product. in addition to your D- in IT,

            you dont understand nothing from the laws of probability, you didnt learn statistical inference, no information theory, not any good at macroeconomic theory, failure to really grasp political history (although you are i am sure full of opinions on this)

            no understanding of modern physics or the new math (ie. mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, ….)

            at this point your understanding of technology is described with your own words:

            “Hackers are screwing themselves because every hack they create, every virus they produce, turns another person against technology, hence putting their idiots selves out of business.”


            that demonstrates lesser understanding of technology than a boiled chicken would have.

            you are also obviously lacking a serious career in technology, that probably plays a major role in your race anger which is quite obvious in some of your comments about black ppl. i took shots at institutions and i took shots a Murica which in my opinion is not in the top 50 free nations in the world, but the white ppl invented internet and white house black ppl are using is your view.

            you probably have several guns, the laws of probability say they are many times more likely to get you into major sh-it than benefit you but i am sure
            you dont understand probability/statistics you so you can ignore this.

            like i said you belong in a church.
            my point is if you are that ready to go to war, make you sure you wont miss out on child support in case war didnt turn out so well.

            i think i now understand what circuit in your brain produced this signal “there are a lot of RICH people in Singapore” saying this in a negative way.

            this is the circuit, i’ll describe a reproducible way to arrive at it, ready:

            a loser man with lots of liabilities in life and very little new prospect.

            I also think i understand what neural networks produced a hostile reply to my comment.

            as soon as i said something nice about Russia and something negative about church moron George bush, some neural networks produced a strong signal in your brain identifying me as political opponent.

            Here is a way to reproduce that behaviour, invest a ton of a man’s life in religion than be told that it was all rip off >> result anger, refusal to see reality, after all your investments in religion are too great to goto zero, so why not live in fanacy world, where they retain their value.

            Thanks for playing mate.

      • edtastic

        Red baiting, race baiting… You are desperate and out of ideas. There are plenty of battles worth fighting but all you seem to do attack easy scapegoats fed to you buy a ruling class that doesn’t want you paying attention to them exploiting the hell out of you. Who is going to save us from your stupidity?

        • sam adams

          well i am leaving soon, so i dont know if you need to be saved from me, what part of what i said was race baiting, no i am not desperate and not out of ideas. desparate is illegal alien who is fleeing poverty war famine goes to ppl smugglers to be transported. my situation is quite different, i am leaving out of aspiration for a better more free future, not out of desparation, i have already moved some of my business over seas. i dont expect to have any ties to north america in 10 years. but i will move on my timetable and dont need permission from you. what i said was not attack on anybody and certainly not race baiting. its my assessment of america horrible future on i am basing my life on this assessment. america will have major debt crisis in 10-15 years and then become like mexico expect with more guns more criminals and higher taxes

          • HAVOC

            You should get an education before you go. I hate to have you running around representing America abroad, and not have the ability to form a coherent statement.
            Have you ever heard of “capitalization”, and “punctuation”?
            Hopefully along with the “business”, (obviously not a Fortune 500 business) you have moved some textbooks overseas explaining the English language and proper writing skills, otherwise, I can’t imagine what country would want you.
            As far as I know, America is the only country who let’s in immigrants who can’t read or write and will likely end up on the welfare line. Most other countries, especially the ones you mentioned, don’t take uneducated/low skilled workers.
            Good luck with your pipe dream, but I would put down $10,000 that says you are right here in the good ‘ol USA 12 years from now, and will never see a foreign shore in your lifetime. And in all that time, you still won’t have managed to educate yourself in writing in what I assume is your native tongue…

          • sam adams

            This is always comes up when the guy runs out of everything else. punctuation and grammar,
            what makes you think i care so much about you to run my comments thru spell check and proof read them b4 posting. LOL speaking of ego-centrism you must see yourself as the center of the universe

            but this “your grammar suck you didnt go to school” always comes up, so much for free will. especially with old people, probably because when they went to school they had nothing better to bother with other than reading a 500 year old poem for the millionth time. you have invested 2 much in punctuation and grammar you have to believe in its value. I studied comp sci and electrical engineering instead of that poem and paying extra attention to where the apostrophe goes.
            and no i have never collected a penny in welfare personally, and the rest of it, is truly none of your business. now get back to the gutter

          • HAVOC

            Nice excuses for being a nitwit. All I’m saying is, it shows very clearly your level of education. Any person reading this will find it 10 times more likely that you live in the gutter, than I.

            I was merely trying to point out that the countries you mentioned don’t have any use for people with 5th grade writing skills.

            No one ever said you didn’t have free will. You are free to be as uneducated as you wish to be. What frightens me, is that you use free will as an excuse for your illiteracy.

            “what makes you think i care so much about you to run my comments thru spell check and proof read them b4 posting. LOL speaking of ego-centrism you must see yourself as the center of the universe”
            Do you understand the hypocrisy in this statement? You are saying you don’t care enough about me, or anyone else who happens to read this to even use capitalization, proper sentence structure or punctuation, but somehow I am the one who sees myself as the center of the universe? Your family must be proud…

          • sam adams

            the last paragraph of your reply was completely incoherent. i guess it was the best you could put together when i pointed out reality. its not that i am ego-centric because i dont care about you, i would be a completely moron if cared about some keyboard warrior babbling about fifth grade education.

            as for people with 5th grade writing skillz you just went back to your original point completely and utterly unable to process my reply and repeated the same nonsense. so here is one more time, so even some1 as slow as you can understand it.

            i once built an entire mips r3000 cpu in an FPGA for a project for a single course i was taking in digital systems, which was just one course out of 5 that semester. so you can hold your 5th grade writing skillz tight in your arms. and you can also safely stop worrying about who those countries want and dont want. they are nations of adult ppl they can figure that out on their own.

            now the last bit about free will, i didnt say you said i didnt have free will.
            I mocked the notion of free will in its entirety. because its a completely fanacy, but “free will” is way above your brain to figure out, dont even try.

            i dont care what any person reading this will think, but any person from a far more advanced civilization (like maybe earth 100 years from now) who reads this, will clearly see the pointless illusions you are living with

          • HAVOC

            Incoherent? Do you read what you write? “well i am leaving soon, so i dont know if you need to be saved from me, what part of what i said was race baiting, no i am not desperate and not out of ideas. desparate is illegal alien who is fleeing poverty war famine goes to ppl smugglers to be transported. my situation is quite different, i am leaving out of aspiration for a better more free future, not out of desparation, i have already moved some of my business over seas. i dont expect to have any ties to north america in 10 years. but i will move on my timetable and dont need permission from you. what i said was not attack on anybody and certainly not race baiting. its my assessment of america horrible future on i am basing my life on this assessment. america will have major debt crisis in 10-15 years and then become like mexico expect with more guns more criminals and higher taxes”.
            Run-on Gibberish, and vacant random thoughts. Why bother writing it, if you aren’t going to make it legible so people can read it? I feel sorry for anyone who subjects themselves to your anti-American drivel, written in the hand and mind of an 8 year old, so I’ll no longer do it.
            Good luck in life buddy, your gonna need it!

          • sam adams

            do u read what u write:

            “Good luck in life buddy, your gonna need it” LOL

          • Bill the Cat

            People in glass houses….

            I fixed the sentence below; the rest was as bad or worse.

            Have you ever heard of “capitalization” and “punctuation?”

            Changes: comma removed and question mark is inside the quotes.

            Give some thought to it.

    • edtastic

      Defend yourselves from what? Other white people? If racial minorities had real power they wouldn’t have to beg whites to fix public policies oppressing their communities. Truth be told the only demographic with real power are those funding these politicians campaigns. All Americans in the 99% need to wake up and recognize the tactics of scapegoating used by elites to distract us from their self serving power plays.

      Whites do have a problem when they decide poor minorities are their oppressors instead of the ruling class. That kind of racism is so damn stupid your descendants will be looking back with shame generations later just as we do with slavers of the past. Go on pushing to label black people ‘the real racist’ and you’ll see a side of white America that will make you regret it. Look at history, it’s all been done before.

      • HAVOC

        Coming from the race that has cried, “the white man is keeping us down” for 60 years.
        Either this woman is racist or she isn’t, what’s your call?

      • Bill the Cat

        Nonsense. The only thing “oppressing [your] communities” are yourselves. Baltimore is an excellent example. A black president, a black mayor, a black council, 80+ black residents, black police and the recipient of *HUGE* amounts of public largess.

        I WISH someone would “oppress” me with that much money!

      • Jon C.

        Why are you so stupid, dumbtastic?

  • Scott Chatfield

    You can take the rat out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the rat.

  • gardengranny

    That woman is just an idiot, pure and simple. She would be spouting hate if she was brown, yellow, white or polka dot. She is a classic example of book learning but absolutely no modicum of civility, compassion, class, empathy or much of anything else but hate.

  • Tommy Barrios

    Another Mullato half-white trash Communist Progressive Liberal Loon like Barry!
    A disgrace to people of color like me!

  • Maria Fine

    Let’s spread this story around, I’m serious. This has to make national news, I’m sick of this. Let’s start spreading the story now, and find some way of getting her out of that college.

    • Maria !
      Currently on the front page of 🙂 but DO share this with friends.

      • Christopher Pressentin

        Meanwhile msn and cnn not a word

    • sam adams

      get her out of that college? why? she is exactly what anyone who goes to study sociology at america’s fascist universities deserves. She is the fitting face for Boston U, she is the fitting face for anyone who shells out 10s of thousand to get “education” from these brown shirtet thugs. More over she the perfect face for evil empire USA that is the new america. she should be a senator or a congressman. if not, she should head the DOJ

      • Maggie Sidles

        Damn Sam, Nobody deserves her for an educator. But u are 100% right about the rest of your statement. She would fit right in as a Democrat Senator, Congresswoman & definitely head of the DOJ.

  • steepens

    She condemns bigotry and prejudice in one breath and supports it in
    another. I don’t get it- if past wrongs justify present racism, then it
    is a never ending cycle. You figure a professor would be educated enough
    to know this. Maybe Boston U should review their hiring practices.

    • sam adams

      what part of it dont you get? this the new USA. get used to it. 50% chance your first lady thinks like this or has thought like this half her life, she doesnt have the courage to say it. remember for the 1st time in my adult life, all 57 states, GD america, saul alinsky, frank marshal davis….

      • steepens

        Maybe you’re satisfied being complacent, but I’m not. Why do you think the first lady thinks that way- because she’s black? Presumptions like those are at the heart of prejudice, that’s no way to think. It’s fuel for the fire.

        • sam adams

          i already told you why i think 50% chance the first lady thinks like this, read the latter part of the comment again,

          as for complacency, i am not satisfied with anything the USA has, thats why i am leaving. For the past 5 years i have been doing honest research (honest because its for my own life) and studied economic theory, political history, legal theory, statistical inference, besides the physics, comp sci, electrical engineering that i have always had for my major, and i have arrived at a couple of determinations and they are:

          >> USA currently is not in the top 50 most free/livable places to live in.
          >> the USA will be getting significantly worse in the near future.
          major economic crisis coming down the road (in about 10-15) years when murica is forced to balance its trade and default on its promises.
          Given america’s police state laws, high crime, guns every where, religious zealotry, welfare dependency, and the open daylight racism that is very prevalent on the left, there is no way in hell Americans can rise above any of this. if anything they will make it much worse than it has to be, chances are its gonna get very ugly very quickly.

          I may be right or wrong about this, but this the view that i find most compatible with all the evidence i see.
          inevitable consequence of globalization is that murica will be no better than india or mexico. places like singapore/switzerland/dubai/australia/russia/…. i think will be on a different level though

        • steepens

          Looks like your racially biased comment was deleted by the moderator,
          Sam Adams. Because I don’t agree with you doesn’t give you the license
          to make racial comments about our President’s family. Of course, you do
          have the 1st Amendment right to speak freely, no matter how disgusting it is.

    • Liquidreasoning

      don’t try to understand black hatred its just as ignorant as white hatred back in the day. But i will be reminding them that we fight back.

    • DatBus

      The poison of Idenity politics, thriving on our college campuses for 40 years and now in our national media.

    • Jon C.

      She believes, like far too many others, that “equality” means that you can blame and punish whites until they’ve suffered for as long as blacks have; then, presto! You have equality and then all will be well. Common sense will tell you that inequality has never been right and never will be right – towards anyone. It’s not ok to give one group a free ride and another a “lesson.” I truly believe there is something wrong with the hypothalamus of people that buy into the blacks can never be racist theory.

  • hippocracy

    Its not white males that are the problem it is “black bitches” that are. This woman is too pretty to be pure black anyway, I’m sure she has a lot of white in her genes someplace. But her brain is definitely all black.

    • Tommy Barrios

      YOU are being too kind! Trash like that forgets that what she wants is a double edged sword that can come back on her in SPADES!

      • oZo61

        Now, now. You know that there are no consequences in America. IF you are a progressive minority. Now, if she were a Conservative, she’d be hung out to dry, no matter what the color. Look what they did to Herman Cain, and he is MUCH darker skinned than her.

    • Billy Bobb

      Judging from those delicate facial features, I doubt if she is even half black. Self loathing i guess.

  • DissapointedWithAmerica

    What I find absolutely hilarious is that the college still employs her, even after her obvious prejudices. Why would anyone send their child to that school? Why would anyone allow their child to be brainwashed by that obvious racist?

    • irwincur

      Why so hilarious, every staff member at that college agrees with this 100%. It is pretty damn pathetic. If a white person were to tweet the opposite, they would be considered to be the Grand Dragon of the KKK. But if Democrats didn’t have double standards they would have no standards.

      • PH.D.

        and just think, this is all since 08.

        • jakeViz

          No…its been ramped up since 2008.

          The Democratic Party is the Party of Racism and Welfare. Lincoln was a Republican, the Democrats are the ones who tried to keep slavery alive. This sh|t has been going on for over a century.

          Now days its slavery in the modern form:

          47+% of the people of the government dole with a conflict of interest in voting and they employ her type to further strengthen the base.

          • Jonny Vegas

            So very uneducated. Lincoln was a Republican but not a conservative. He would be a Democrat today. Republicans in those days believed in redistribution of wealth and heavy regulation of industry. Those are liberal ideals not conservative.

          • datroofhomez

            Lincoln was also not an abolitionist. He was either a “Colonizer” or “Resettler”, which hasn’t been taught in schools for decades. His belief was that whites & blacks could not live peacefully together, so he supported the American Colonization Society plan to resettle all ex-slaves in Africa, S.America, & the Caribbean. What a different world we would live in if that had happened.

          • Bill the Cat

            Blithering nonsense. Why didn’t you post the “Lincoln was Gay “meme, also?

            So, sparky, explain how Lincoln was taking everyone’s money and redistributing it? LOL

          • LogicDude

            Lincoln was a wartime president at a time of great national upheaval who therefore had to make a lot of compromises to keep what was left of the Union together and carry on a war which was at times quite unpopular. As such there are a lot of ways he can be painted. It’s not entirely clear what was in his heart, though apparently he wanted to keep the country together at just about any cost and, failing that, was willing to fight to put it back. He argued quite well against slavery in the new territories and apparently thought that it could die a natural death if he could keep that from happening. His Gettysburg Address is a thing of beauty. Contrast that to Chief Justice Taney’s decision in Dred Scott that said that slaves were “… so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” Lincoln apparently thought one more such court case like Dred Scott could force slavery to be legalized in all states. So he was either crazy ambitious politically, or he actually did want to do what he could to shrink if not eliminate slavery before becoming president, and even risked losing border states with the Emancipation Proclamation. I don’t think we can say for sure whether Lincoln would be a Republican or Democrat today. The times were so very different, and he today would have the luxury of having a United, if factious, country.

          • Bill the Cat

            No. Slavery was dying by itself and Lincoln wasn’t an abolitionist… it’s well documented. That said, he did what he did. Your speculation on whether Lincoln would be a Republican or Democrat “today,” is self-serving, at best.

            He *was* a Republican and the Republican party was founded by anti-slavery activists… as opposed the the Democrats who were for slavery, founded the KKK and filibustered the Civil Rights Act. It’s all documented… even on, so no use crying about bias.



          • qualityrkc

            Stop treating us like we are idiots. We know about the Southern Strategy. Both of your parties suck and are composed of elitists with fascist beliefs so save us the BS please.

          • Bill the Cat

            Could be that people are treating you like an idiot because you are? 🙂

            All the revisionist history in the world can’t change facts. Pull your pants up, STFU and move on.

          • qualityrkc

            “From now on, the Republicans are never going to get more than 10 to 20 percent of the Negro vote and they don’t need any more than that…but Republicans would be shortsighted if they weakened enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans. That’s where the votes are. Without that prodding from the blacks, the whites will backslide into their old comfortable arrangement with the local Democrats.[1]”

            Who said this?

          • Finrod Felagund

            “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

            Who said that? Democrat Lyndon Johnson.

          • Arny.Plumb

            Confirmed by Huffington post no less. Go figure.

          • qualityrkc

            Absolutely! Both parties have a racist past. How does democrat racism negate Republican racism. You play silly partisan games.

          • Finrod Felagund

            Wrong. The so-called “racist past of Republicans” is a complete invention by Democrats since the 1960s to hide their 100+ year history of racism.

            You’re playing the false equivalence game, and I will have none of it.

          • qualityrkc

            I will accept your apology at any time.

          • Bill the Cat

            Right! I’m typing it up now. Keep checking back! 🙂

          • qualityrkc

            You are not a man. A man can admit when they were wrong.

          • Bill the Cat

            Drooling lefty ignored 🙂

          • qualityrkc

            How old are you? If you are over the age of 15 then I pity you and your grade school insults. Grow up man.

          • Bill the Cat

            LOL… Insulting, dum6a55 Liberal whining about being ignored! Oh, the irony! LOL

          • qualityrkc

            Noting your lack of integrity that is all. When you go out and act as a representative for your corrupt party and then demonstrate the same lack of integrity that your elected officials do it hardly reflects well on you and your party. You are turning people to the Democratic party not against it.

          • Bill the Cat

            Heh 🙂 Still more mindless yammering from a butthurt Liberal ignored 🙂

          • qualityrkc

            Thats right, run away.

          • Bill the Cat

            LOL… no, just no point in arguing with an ignorant idiot.

          • qualityrkc

            AKA you know I am right based on the information I provided and you refuse to admit I was right. Live honestly and you won’t get yourself in to these situations. A man can admit when he was wrong.

          • Bill the Cat

            LMAO 🙂

            You’re a special sort of stupid, aren’t you? 🙂

          • LogicDude

            Which southern strategy, the one where the Democrats went for the anti-integration, or the one where the Republicans went for the religious vote? And I think you meant “save.”

          • qualityrkc

            No the one where repub operatives tried to increase Republican power by polarizing ethnic voting in general, and not just to win the white South, the South was by far the biggest prize yielded by his approach. Its success began at the presidential level. Gradually southern voters began to elect Republicans to Congress, and finally to statewide and local offices, particularly as some legacy segregationist Democrats retired or switched to the GOP. I even quoted Nixons advisor admitting as much in my response to the person below.

            I have no dog in this fight. I hate both of your corrupt parties and I believe both use racial, sexual, and religious politics to fool their constituencies in to believing they want to help. BUT this is all very well documented. It is silly to deny it. The only people who deny it are die hard Republicans who are pretty much the dumbest people in the country aside from people like this professor.

          • Finrod Felagund

            Sure, you have no dog in this fight, but you hate Republicans. You’re a liar and an idiot. The “Southern Strategy” is a lie dreamed up by racist Democrats to hide their racist past.

          • qualityrkc

            I don’t hate Republicans. Most of my family are Republicans. I hate the Republican and Democratic parties because of their actions. I don’t blame the unwashed masses for being fooled by them.

          • qualityrkc

            And the “Southern strategy” is well documented you just aren’t willing to deal with that reality. It happened. I showed you a quote from Nixon’s head political advisor. Don’t take it so personally, it is not like this means all Republicans are racist. Dems have a similar strategy to gain minority votes and females votes hence the term “white privilege”. Does it mean all Democrats hate white people? Absolutely not. Just deal in reality otherwise you lose credibility.

          • Finrod Felagund

            The “Southern strategy” takes one statement by one presidential advisor and turns it into this whole conspiracy theory about the parties supposedly “switching sides”, which is a complete crock and nothing more than an excuse by Democrats trying to get out from their 100 years of racism by trying to foist it off on their opponents. If the parties supposedly “switched sides”, how come of the 500+ Senators and Representatives only one, Strom Thurmond, switched parties? By that standard I could say that the parties switched sides in 2001 because Jim Jeffords from Vermont switched parties.

            Bringing it up outs you as not neutral like you claim but firmly on the side of the Left, liar.

          • qualityrkc

            In your opinion, why did black voters switch the parties they supported?

          • qualityrkc
          • Sheik Yerbouti

            They will soon enough. White democrats are an endangered species. Any white democrats who runs against a non-white democrat will likely lose. Look how handily they drove out the Dixiecrats. Democrats have been preaching about white supremacy since it was part of their original political platform. They created it, so they know all too well how to tell the world about the boogey men. It’s all about projection.

          • LogicDude

            With the growth of the cotton industry, there were southern politicians calling for the resumption of the international slave trade, and they were definitely pushing it in the new territories, and the courts might well have legalized it in all of the states. It is not clear it wasn’t on an albeit zig-zag trajectory that could have indeed kept it alive much longer. I personally think Lincoln would be a Republican today, or a Libertarian. I have no love of the Democrats from any era. They are a coalition party that will accept any coalition they think will keep them in power and grow the government. Most liberals I know drive foreign cars and talk about wanting more powerful unions. Go figure.

          • Bill the Cat

            There are politicians calling for lots of crazy things. It just wasn’t going to happen. Slavery in the US had pretty much run its course.

            Hard to argue with the rest 🙂

          • LogicDude

            You may indeed be right.

          • nope

            The Republican party, led by Lincoln, was just a continuation of the whigs. They were in favor of a strong centralized government, inter state improvement subsidies, and all sorts of crony interventions in the economy to help out the favored few. Slavery was a non issue to them.

            They did all despise blacks though.

          • Bill the Cat

            Is that all you have, sparky? More Liberal BS and lies? LOL

            From the Left-Leaning wikipedia:

            Founded in the Northern states in 1854 by anti-slavery activists, modernizers, ex-Whigs, and ex-Free Soilers, the Republican Party quickly became the principal opposition to the dominant Democratic Party and the briefly popular Know Nothing Party. The main cause was opposition to the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which repealed the Missouri Compromise
            by which slavery was kept out of Kansas. The Northern Republicans saw
            the expansion of slavery as a great evil. The first public meeting where the name “Republican” was suggested for a new anti-slavery party was
            held on March 20, 1854 in a schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin.[16] The name was partly chosen to pay homage to Thomas Jefferson’s Republican Party.

          • nope

            Wow, you’re so stupid you try throwing a “liberal” label on someone who is substantially more conservative (and intelligent) than you are. Its rather remarkable that you are using wikipedia as a reference. You don’t realize this, but it shows your lack depth. Wikipedia go a portion correct, that the Republican party was essentially a continuation of the whigs. Other than that its completely off base. There were *certainly* republicans that opposed the spread of slavery, but that was because they didn’t want blacks spreading out both a.) to contaminate white lands with their presence and b.) to take white work. The Republicans (and whigs before them) were statists. They favored a strong central government and inter state improvement subsidies (primarily paid for by the south). Now, just to make this clear to your pea brain, that is a LEFTIST position and not at all a conservative one.

            There was no anti-slavery party of consequence, abolitionists were considered to be roughly the equivalent of scientologists at the time.

          • Bill the Cat

            LMAO 🙂

            The problem with what you’ve said above is that I’m *quite* sure it’s not true 🙂

            Particularly the part about your “intelligence!” LOL 🙂

          • nope

            You are ignorant about antebellum history and your post(s) have been
            completely incorrect, as I have pointed out to you several times. I’ve
            even told you where you can look to enlighten yourself.

            best you can reply with is ad hominem argumentation. How much
            embarrassment do you feel when you realize that you are the intellectual
            inferior of your opposite in an argument and are left resorting to such
            childish tactics when you lose a debate?

            You are going to have a long life ahead of you kid…

          • Bill the Cat

            LMAO 🙂 You really are a special sort of stupid, aren’t you?

            Look, lackwit, all you’ve done is make unsubstantiated references to pre-civil war history and claim that reference somehow proves you’re correct about something.

            And then you make even “more stupider” comments about someone’s intelligence and complain about “childish tactics” when you’re laughed at.

            You’re an idiot. Don’t whine to me about it, complain to your parents.

          • nope

            Unsubstantiated claims? Read a book. Seriously. Let’s break down my post you seem to take issue with and find out precisely where your problem lies.

            “The Republican party, led by Lincoln, was just a continuation of the whigs.”
            -Do you deny that the Republicans were led by Lincoln? Do you deny that the Republican party was composed primarily of former whigs? Do you deny that their desired political actions were essentially unaltered?

            “They were in favor of a strong centralized government, inter state improvement subsidies, and all sorts of crony interventions in the economy to help out the favored few.”
            -Do you deny that the Republicans were, by and large, Mercantilists?

            “Slavery was a non issue to them.”
            Please provide with me with every effort made by the Republicans to abolish slavery. Not what isolated individuals that identified as Republicans may have stated in speeches, provide with the actual legislative effort made by Republicans to abolish slavery.

            “They did all despise blacks though.”
            -Do you actually disagree with this statement? If you do please provide any legislative effort taken on the part of Republicans to impart any level of equality or even improved treatment on blacks.

            THAT is the entirety of the post you take issue with. Please state where exactly your ignorance lies so I can show you why you’re wrong.

          • Bill the Cat

            Stammering idiot ignored 🙂

          • nope

            Seriously? You were refuted or called out point by point and the best you can offer is an ad hominem. Good luck going through life with that keen intellectual ability.

          • Bill the Cat

            Stammering idiot ignored again.

          • nope

            Keep trying Bill. Maybe in one of these posts you’ll actually try responding to my point by point rebuttal instead of embarrassing yourself with ad hominem attacks.

          • Bill the Cat

            HAHAAHahahahah stammering idiot ignored again!

          • nope

            Please keep posting, I like when fools like you leave a string of blithering idiocy when they lose a debate. It lets everyone know just how much you struggle intellectually.

          • Bill the Cat

            Pot….. kettle…… black….. LOL

          • Jon C.

            Absolute lie. One of Lincoln’s best friends, Frederick Douglas, was a black man. He did NOT despise blacks and I’m sure many others didn’t either.

          • nope

            You really need to read a book. From the Lincoln Douglas debates:

            “I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races; that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say, in addition to this, that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And in as much as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

            One brief example of MANY. Now go back to 4th grade and try reading some history. It may open your eyes.

          • Jon C.

            So that’s it? I am so impressed! You are THE MAN! The idiot man, but…I digress. Yeah, my original opinion stands.

          • nope

            LOL! Are you serious? When rapidly PROVEN to be incorrect you come back a month later to sling mud? Kid, you’re a joke. You lack the horsepower upstairs to even begin to participate in a discussion like this one. Stick to waiting tables, or the register, whatever it is you do. Trying to come here and post at the big boys table is just going to lead you to increasing levels of frustration.

          • August Feldner

            Kind of like how Teddy Roosevelt was totally “Republican”, too? ?

          • Bill the Cat


          • Steve

            The history of the democrats and republicans has been doing an extended about face in many of the things both formerly believed versus their beliefs today. The “new” democrats today, referred to by many as “progressives”, have been spurred ahead by an agenda of central government control that is similar in many ways to the old national socialist german workers party- the nazis. Now its the democratic socialist american “progressive” party. We see more and more how these righteous parade their socialistic ways before the American people with the likes of obama care and their “gestapo-like” subtefuge involving the IRS is straight from the playbook of the fuhr…I mean the executor in chief who is, by the way, not the emperor although it is possible he may be illegal.

            A good link on nazi comparison with progressives can be found at:

          • JP

            I think your analysis is closer to the truth, but I think if he were alive in modern times he would be either a classic Democrat or a classic Republican. I don’t think he’d be hanging with any Tea Party types, but the last thing he would be was a Progressive. The people who fought for women’s suffrage, for abolition, against Jim Crow, these people believed in the dignity of every human life. They are polar opposite to the Sadia’s of the world.

          • Arny.Plumb

            And given the damage some blacks do to their communities, would he rethink his position?

          • LogicDude

            If you’re asserting that Lincoln would have preferred not to make freeing the slaves a priority given the current rot in some of our inner cities, I think not. Communities are made up of individuals. Blacks were improving their lots consistently until Great Society policies dragged them down with perverse incentives (and the help of youths who didn’t understand their parents’ patience with their progress), and also dragged down the lower middle-class and lower-class (economically) whites along with them. Unless you’re a genuine racist, and not just an exasperated type tired of being called one–you might have a read at Thomas Sowell’s autobiography, Clarence Thomas’s autobiography, and Thomas Sowell’s other pieces on the subject, particularly Black Rednecks and White Liberals. He shows that other groups behaved exactly the same way–and even spoke similar English if that was their native tongue–under the same circumstances. The Declaration of Independence’s words were absolute, color-blind and some of the most powerful writing on the subjects of rights ever to be found, and if the rest of the world respected them (heck, if more people in the U.S.A. respected them) it would again be revolutionary and for the better. Lincoln did, to the extent he could, and that extent grew as his time in the Presidency grew longer.

          • Linda Lee

            Apparently you got left behind.

          • Bill the Cat

            LOL! You just can’t believe how entertaining I find comments on someone’s education that contain grammar and/or punctuation errors!

            “Apparently you got left behind.”
            “Apparently, you were left behind.”

            Do you still feel all smug and special about yourself? 🙂

          • Nita1931

            You sound all smug and special about yourself criticizing other’s grammar and punctuation.

          • Bill the Cat


            No, I sound all smug and entertained because I just watched some silly liberal twit make an a55 of herself. What’s not to like? 🙂

            If your reading comprehension was a bit higher, you should have noted that I clearly stated that above.

          • Arny.Plumb

            Well he waged war on the Confederacy after they separated their economic engine from the Union. Does that count?

          • nope

            His post was accurate and not at all “blithering nonsense”. The fact that you’re even asking the second question in your post demonstrates your complete ignorance of the antebellum period leading to the war, the whigs (and subsequentally Rebublicans) desire to implement Henry Clay’s American system, which was *replete* with interstate improvement projects – primarily paid for by the South and primarily benefiting the North. This is one of many causes that lead to the secession of the southern states.

            Try reading a book before coming on here and posting in a condescending fashion when you really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

          • Bill the Cat

            Which book are you talking about? Rules for Radicals? LOL

            Sorry, sparky, the foundation of the Republican Party as anti-slavery is WELL-documented.

            Thanks for playing! :>)

          • nope

            Any piece of scholarship about antebellum history. You’re an ignorant dolt who doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about. I would encourage you to have your mother proofread your posts in the future, then perhaps you’ll get something correct.

          • Bill the Cat

            LOL 🙂

            Did your two mommies put the little girl panties on you today?

          • nope

            You are ignorant about antebellum history and your post(s) have been completely incorrect, as I have pointed out to you several times. I’ve even told you where you can look to enlighten yourself.

            The best you can reply with is ad hominem argumentation. How much embarrassment do you feel when you realize that you are the intellectual inferior of your opposite in an argument and are left resorting to such childish tactics when you lose a debate?

            You are going to have a long life ahead of you kid.

          • Bill the Cat

            “Intellectual inferior?”

            HAHAHahahHAhahahah hHAhah hahahah hahahahahahah ah haaa a a a…. gassssssppppppPPPPPPPPP HAHAHAHAHAHAH hAHhahahah HAhahahahahah

            ROTFLAMOWTIME 🙂 !!!

            Seriously, tell your moms to stop making you wear pink panties.

          • nope

            So you still are incapable of and incompetent to address the points raise in my posts, and thus have resulted to ad hominem argumentation. Thank you for admitting defeat in this debate.

            In the future I would recommend you try learning a subject you’re attempting to argue, it will make you look less the fool.

          • Bill the Cat

            HAHAHAhaha 🙂

            Seriously? An idiot who failed basic grammar whining about someone pointing out that he’s an idiot? LOL Go kill yourself. Mother Nature is offended that you’re spewing out CO2!

            I kept a copy of your stupidity 🙂


            “So you still are incapable of and incompetent to address the points
            raise in my posts, and thus have resulted to ad hominem argumentation. Thank you for admitting defeat in this debate.

            In the future I would recommend you try learning a subject you’re attempting to argue, it will make you look less the fool.”

          • Jonny Vegas

            I didn’t say Lincoln, I said republicans, where do you think forty acres and a mule came from. Also high tariffs, a push for high wages and the Sherman anti-trust law were all republican ideals. Now you are supposed to refute with facts, not conjecture.

          • JP

            Wait you say Lincoln would be a Democrat today but then call someone else uneducated? That’s rich.

          • kingkwon

            Their party platforms switched sometime around the early 20s and 30s. He’s actually right. The republicans used to be the liberal party and now they’re the conservative one. His politics line up economically with today’s Democrat ideals.

          • JP

            Yes and no. Both parties are actually considerably more liberal today than they were in Lincoln’s day. And the issues have changed so much. Today’s Democrat ideals are not the Democrat ideals of the 60’s through ’90s, I think most historical presidents of either party would have a hard time believing the Democrats of this illiberal moment in history.

          • krypt_o

            No one in that day believed in redistribution or heavy regulation. Dafuq you talkin’ ’bout?

          • Thomas Payne

            You forget that Lincoln was a religous man so he would not have been accepted by liberals because he was a Christian.

          • Thomas Anderson

            No Jonny. While you are correct that the Republicans of Lincoln’s day were not conservative they were not modern liberals, aka socialists, either. They were classical liberals. Not about redistribution of wealth and fascism.

          • Jonny Vegas

            Where do you think “40 acres and a mule” comes from? It was a plan for redistribution brought forward by civil war era congressional republicans.

          • Jefferson Paine

            The Democratic Party is well-versed at the strategy of divide and conquer… They use race, gender, sexual-orientation to divide us and pit us against each other instead of our true enemy, the corrupt political ruling class.

            Which, given the McConnell-Boehner aid of Obama since the last election when we gave them control of Congress to stop Obama.. it’s clear that at least the leadership of the GOP is on board with the leftist scum.

          • phatazz

            “They use race, gender, sexual-orientation to divide us and pit us against each other”
            Yep, It’s called DIVERSITY. Diversity = Divided.

      • texguy46

        It’s Boston aka Tom Brady, the Kennedys and Bwawney Fwank land, what does that tell you ? $46K annual tuition as a “non-profit” What a joke.

      • Julia


    • Merican

      You are right, and not just about BU. Why would anyone send their child to any of the hundreds of colleges run by so-called liberals? The promise of greater lifetime income is getting pretty shaky. Capitalism is being trashed by the Progressives on faculties and in our Federal government

    • angry elf

      I work in academics. Viewpoints like hers are not only supported but actively encouraged. If you are a man in academics, you are expected to sit quietly unless you can talk about how bad men are. If you are white, you are expected to quote Toni Morrison and moan about white privilege. It’s not surprising that her ideology is supported. It’s probably what got her the job to begin with. Don’t make the mistake of believing that BU is the only campus out there with massive anti-male, anti-white sentiment in almost every single department.

      • Bill the Cat

        OK… move.

        • angry elf

          I don’t understand the point of your post. Are you suggesting that it is ok to be anti-white, and if a white person has a problem with it they should move?

          Let’s look at that in another way. Given that most black Americans have a problem with anti-black sentiment, your argument is most black Americans should just move?

          • Bill the Cat

            OK, I can understand how that might not have been clear. I was talking about your specific situation. You can’t fix what’s wrong with Liberal Universities and trying to is pointless. Look for a different job/location. Places like BU will collapse under their own weight… like Obamacare is doing.

          • Arny.Plumb

            Actually they will just soak up government grants to fund their anti-white studies and research programs.

          • Bill the Cat

            “Anti-white studies” AKA Black Studies? So? There is no demand for that sort of crap. Just ask UNC’s basketball and football players 🙂

          • Anduha

            The Hilarious part was the African Americans running the AA studies department at UNC were corrupt and incompetent. I suspect UNC knew but said nothing not only because athletes benefited but they feared being labeled as racists.

          • Bill the Cat

            Yeah, I can’t see anyway UNC didn’t know the entire program was a joke.

            But I suspect they were silent more because the easy As kept players elgible, who would otherwise have been expelled.

          • angry elf

            I see what you’re saying. I think it is the most practical situation. When I first started in academics I had the idealistic view of collaborating equally with everyone else. I learned about ideology and bias supporting the State (in this case Academia) but I figured since academics knew about the machinations of power they would not succumb to it. I was wrong. It is more practical now for me to take a job helping people in another way.

            But right now, all I’m trained for is teaching and academics. I don’t think I can hang on until the system collapses. Your advice does give me some hope to move on, however. 🙂

          • Bill the Cat

            The problem with the left is that they can’t/won’t understand that their belief systems cannot support themselves.

            It requires a relatively affluent society to produce people “educated” enough to believe Socialism/Communism/Feminism/etc will work. Once those views become wide spread, they collapse within a generation, because the number of people affluent enough to acquire them is very limited.

            Do your job. Toss a wrench into the system, on occasion, if there isn’t going to be a lot of blowback and improve your personal situation, if you can.

            On the upside, Liberalism is currently collapsing into its own rotting carcass. Get some popcorn and enjoy poking the bear >:)

      • DatBus

        You are right on point, sadly neither the Left OR the Right has done much of anything to challenge the hateful ideas that have flourished on Western campuses over the past 40 years. And our children will pay dearly for it.

      • Jon C.

        It is so disappointing and disgusting that you are right, but you are.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Because lots of white parents feel they deserve it. White guilt is the only reason we have this odd phenomenon. Logic takes a back seat.

      • Jon C.

        But why? Why would they think they deserve it? To me it’s the most ridiculous stance that white people take — they sit there nodding, “Yep, us whites, we’re monsters” knowing they themselves are white. How f*cked up is that!

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          It’s proof that decades of media conditioning can sway public opinion to the core. At some point I fully expect to see some whites willingly give themselves up to become slaves to black families. Just to make a useless point. We’ll also likely see people have to accept sex from people of the same gender in court so they can provide ultimate proof of their acceptance of homosexuality. After all, we must remove every vestige of doubt. Right?

          Really though, this game can’t possibly succeed. This nation has been weakened by traitors before. Ultimately the big meanie is awakened and all the sissies who whined us into this will fade back into their corner.

    • Linda Lee

      There simply are no standards of deceny and behavior out there now. It’s a free for all for morons.

    • PaulR

      This is the state of “social justice” and “ethnics studies” departments everywhere. Saida Grundy is just a bit more vocal, that’s all, but otherwise, she’s pretty much par-for-the-course. These departments are stagnant ponds of concentrated ideology, slogans, and conflicting, often hair-brained conspiracies. Students in these departments don’t attend to learn to think, but rather to confirm and develop their pre-existing biases.

      B.U., like other universities, are just conforming to fashion of the times by having such charlatans on campus. Your questions should be – why would any parent let their child study such nonsense? And how does such rubbish even find funding? (hint – government, debt and leftist organizations)

      • Anduha

        There are a lot of people who are eager to blame others for their pathetic lot in life. That is how this crap is perpetuated.

    • califmerchant

      newsflash – 90% of education is a waste of time.

  • CEH

    Affirmative Action has advanced some spectacularly unqualified and immature individuals in academia–we simply need to be patient and understand that we created the environment that granted degrees to these mediocre scholars and we have to live with what we created in our attempt to play “catch up” with these people.

    • Maria Fine

      Bring attention to the issue now; Spread this story, I’m sick of this nonsense. This is it.

      • CEH

        I’m fine with professors offering their opinions so long as they allow their fellow academics and students to rebut their arguments. If we allowed free wheeling and thoughtful rhetorical intercourse on college campuses we would all benefit. This one way Politically Correct situation we now suffer is intolerable.

      • Jon C.

        If they won’t get rid of her I say give that bitch the semester of her life. There are probably any number of ways of doing that. You want her here? Cool. But don’t expect her to have a good time. And donors should be walking their green out the door. Money tends to talk.

    • Tommy Barrios

      Blackimore is prime example of that which you speak!

      • edtastic

        So you presume having a black city makes it bad then wonder why people call you racist. You are no better than that lady. The views espoused come out of today’s feminism but the race baiting whites would rather focus on the racial angle so they can play oppressed by some tiny racial minority instead of confronting the gender ideologues in the nearly 60% female student body.

        You are still hating on black people as if it hasn’t been done before. Wake up.

        • Jon C.

          Whites are not race baiting; pretty much sounds like you don’t know what race baiting means. Bottom line: It ain’t working! It’s divisive and polarizing and it’s NOT working. Gender ideologues? Oh my God, you have some fluff degree, don’t you? I don’t hate on black people; I’m just bored as hell hearing about how I’m supposed to feel about them. I like people for who they are. Stop telling whites that they have all the privilege, but that they are not entitled to any of their own feelings OR any black friends because they have to be trophies, and THEN say “Hey it’s on you, whitey! To fix this!” What a f*cking joke.

  • Trucks-N-Butter

    I love how poorly written this article is. It brings me joy. SoCawlege and it’s writers should take an entry level course in journalism and become serious about their approach to the work.

    • TheRatiocinator

      That would be “its”, not “it’s”.

      • Trucks-N-Butter

        Blame autocorrect. But thanks for failing at making a substantive point.

        • TheRatiocinator

          Nice try . . . but face it, you committed a writing error while complaining about the writing errors of others. Oops!

    • Maria Fine

      Does this take away from the point of the article? Are you part of the problem?

    • Tommy Barrios

      The pot calling the kettle black!

    • Liquidreasoning

      so what you are saying is that you are in inbred hick and you didn’t understand the article.. go die

  • YeahNope

    Bigots like Saida Grundy make it abundantly clear that the college education system is broken.

    • Christopher Pressentin

      In the future it might be a better idea to send ones kids oversees for college. The education system here is a joke now. Political agendas are the new curriculum.

  • Jon

    Graduating BU student here. I am very disappointed to see my university make this hire.

  • Avery

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Republicans on campus had the same freedom of speech she does. Maybe she needs to… check her privilege?

    • Maria Fine

      Right on.

    • MrBK

      Grundy is a full-throated fucking racist. Allowing her to teach at BU is – at the very least – as bad as allowing David Duke to teach there.

      • Conrad Lenckos

        Well said, and a genuinely educational exercise would be Grundy and Duke teaching a class together. But that would require that BU demonstrate ‘balance’, a trait they’ve evidently lost in their rush toward political correctness.

        • Linda Lee

          What???? Ask a University to demonstrate balance? Surely you jest lol.

      • texguy46

        Don’t you mean Gruber? Ha Ha

        • Attaboy

          she teaches future grubers to be grubers … thats why she was hired and is being protected by the University

          • Henry

            Attaboy she is an example of another Affirmative Action recipient. Otherwise she would have probably been somewhere on the streets hiking her skirt.

          • LogicDude

            Well, I don’t know if I’d go that far. That college wants to populate a department, and those are the kinds of thoughts that get you into, and tenured into, such departments of psuedoreason.

          • Jdove47


      • Cucksmasher_14

        You are one pathetic cuckold of a clueless libtard.

        David Duke does not disparage black people like this privileged racist demeans Whites. See his YouTube videos. Duke is a very lukewarm version of White activism if you can even call it that. It’s more like universal racial and ethnic self-determinism.

        • MrBK

          “You are one pathetic cuckold of a clueless libtard.”

          Tell me more …

        • Kummin


          • Cucksmasher_14

            A White person who forsakes his own group interests for that of other races is a cuckold. They talk about “cucks” all the time on Daily Stormer as well as on the Daily Shoah broadcasts.

            The ultimate cuck nation is Sweden. They kick their elderly out on the streets to make room for Third World invaders whom the government pay landlords $10K (per immigrant per month) to house. The Swedish government finances disgusting race-mixing propaganda music videos you can see on YouTube. They even pay for counseling for returning ISIS terrorists. The latest craziness is that Sweden is relocating an entire town so China can meet their energy needs. The Swedes will probably be extinct in 100-200 years.

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          He lost popularity when he backed out of the klan.

        • Stan H

          David Duke (A Grand Wizard of THE KLAN) says things like, “White people don’t need a law against rape, but if you fill this room up
          with your normal black bucks, you would, because niggers are basically
          primitive animals”. The Sun newspaper of Wichita, Kansas (23 April 1975)

          Professor Grundy says that generational slavery was a European invention (rightly or wrongly) and SHE’S a bigger racist??? I think that you need a few college classes yourself!

          • noblegiftfrommars

            White fragility in action!

          • JP

            I’m just going to say a little prayer that both you and all the other Sadia fans and David Duke fans here can manage to be a little less bigoted.

          • noblegiftfrommars

            I’m pointing to a widely studied sociological phenomenon which has been substantiated, and your gonna lump me in a bigot category with David Duke fans??? Have several seats, please.

          • JP

            You’re embarrassing yourself, honestly.

          • noblegiftfrommars

            You’ve put Saida supporters and David Duke fans on the same plane, as if they are equally as hateful…and I’m the one who’s embarrassing myself? Bye

          • JP

            They are equally as hateful. She calls young white men on campus a ‘problem population’ as if their mere presence there is some kind of infestation. So, yeah, this shouldn’t even be a debate.

          • Jon C.

            I don’t believe you’ve read everything she’s said.

          • Stan H

            I think that very few people have “read everything” she’s said. With that caveat, I’m comfortable with what I’ve read. But, if she’s said anything comparable to that Duke quote, I’d be open to revising my opinion.

        • DERP

          “White people don’t need a law against rape, but if you fill this room up
          with your normal black bucks, you would, because niggers are basically
          primitive animals.

          The Sun newspaper of Wichita, Kansas (23 April 1975)”
          There you go, butthurt Teabagger.

          • Jon C.

            Is it such a stretch to agree that they both suck dung?

      • Delysid

        At least Mr. Duke speaks the truth, this lady is off in lala land.

        • Ishmael

          Yes, America will sometimes appear to be a “Lala” land for POC.

      • shrugger

        Not so sure. Everyone knows exactly where David Duke stands. He’s not passive aggressive with his Racist views.

        • GavinVolaire

          So you are “not so sure” about something “everyone knows exactly?”

          OK, thanks for playing. Fail.

          • shrugger

            You don’t sarcastic much, do you?


      • Vanitas

        Go to youtube and actually watch a Duke video. He says nothing racist.

      • Linda Lee

        She’s teaching black studies , a worthless hack course. And it says she’s teaching sociology as well. Oh boy, nothing like allowing the dishonest and ignorant to brainwash your kids.

        • Judith Mirville

          Black studies are more often than not a pretext for glorified illiteracy and low-IQ graduacy. There is just no use for black studies (or any such “studies” by the way) or for sociology in any real human field of activity except cronyism. It is far worse than teaching the vilest superstitions or religions of the enemy to your own kids. There used to be a time among the English-speakers of the world when they were proud of devoting their mental energies to something useful for the common good instead, like in underdeveloped countries, of learning regressive ideologies such as the Catholic theology in latin language, or Quranic theology in classical Arabic to take a more modern example, was once thought to be and scoffed at by most Americans. The field of Black studies should be outlawed except maybe where quack medicine and popular astrology are also tolerated. Not only Black studies, but all studies aiming at nothing but a divisive effect on society among communities. No single graduate of Black studies is in better position to teach the general American public about the real history of black slavery (real historical work is very demanding in patience and mental rigour), no single good book on the subject has ever been issued from one of those graduates. The field exists just because so many blacks lacking the brains (Many, many Blacks have talents and just go where their talent is needed and praised, be it in music, literature at large, religion, medicine, politics) would just be classified among the under-gifted they are otherwise, and that can also be said as regards sociology, which is a non-science giving so many people (rather the even worse white under-gifted, who in other times would have worked as janitors, but that lass combines the defects of both black and white under-gifted) the impression they know something. The psychopaths who really manipulate society in a scientific way have no use for sociology except as a cover-up. Instead of Black studies, learning real African languages such as Wolof and Zulu should be the ring pass not for people really interested in Black solidarity, and my opinion is that very few would apply. Even if Black nationalist ideologies were to die (or give way to other more authentic African-based movements like many religious ones that are forming right now) as communism proper is dead at last, you would still be useful as a translator or as a salesman in Africa. Instead of “Jewish studies” why not simply require proficiency in both Talmud-Torah in Hebrew and classical English? One should be in a university to learn something difficult to learn otherwise, like a difficult language or a science, not to get indoctrinated, what everyone can be in front of his TV set tuned to the good channel. Instead of sociology, people should learn a more serious subject enabling one to probe society, such as general statistics as a branch of mathematics, such people could at least be used in the field of insurance or in military situations. Even classical languages once taught along religious studies used to be a guarantee for the employers that the prospect had brains, but the soft sciences of nowadays are rather a guarantee of a soft brain. The presence of so many parasites is one big reason why university studies have become so costly to the government and unaffordable to most citizens. American university education has grown into something more sinister and laughable than what former Soviet university education in dialectical materialism used to be, it is time just to unplug the whole thing like they did in Russia and get all those people on the common dole with the homeless.

          • Ishmael

            Was there a word limit? Dear, how many blatantly racist remarks can you make in one comment. Please continue on this diatribe of glorifying whiteness, white studies, and white colonialism. How dare you articulate such a rubric that would deny people’s difference in this country all to make you feel better about yourself? I think you, of all people could learn much from her class.

          • Tired of being PC

            You could have condensed your entire post down to seven short words:

            There is just no use for blacks.

            That sums the entire situation up quite neatly.

          • MrBK

            And here come the false flag commandos. Never fails …

          • kmnoschy

            Why is Tired of being PC’s comment a false flag commando? His/Her statement is the truth.

          • Jon C.

            What’s awful is, this joke of a professor is teaching these kids to hate more – she’s convincing many of them (hopefully not all) that whites have a sinister history and detest them still. For many black students, her words only reinforce what they’ve already heard at home. Maybe worst of all, it only allows more dependency on the system – more excuses for lack of success, more slacking off of taking ownership for their own problems. After all, if whites are to blame, then what can they do about it, right? We’re constantly getting excuses about poor blacks and their poor circumstances….this is the welfare mentality, it’s also the hate mentality, the learned helplessness mentality, and the violence/gang mentality. This woman is the worst possible professor there is.

      • TFD123

        Except a lot of the things David Duke says actually make sense.

    • Jefferson Paine

      noun: privilege; plural noun: privileges
      a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

      By the very definition of the word, the people who benefit most from “privilege” in America are those who are granted government/corporate enforced affirmative action.

    • Ishmael

      Ridiculous. Yes, a Black woman needs to check her privilege when it comes to speaking because our president is a Black woman, CEO’s of our Fortune 500s are Black women, you can name 10 Black women, without having to Google “Black women” who have been seated in positions of power within our nation’s congress; and because Republicans have been denied their freedom of press, speech and assembly? You must not live in America, but I get it, this was satirical? LOL

      • Avery

        So sorry to have triggered you. Do you need your safe space?

        • Ishmael

          Oh darling, thanks for thinking about me! I was triggered…by this thread of whiteness, but I am more concerned with you. Do you need a safe space to check your privilege?

          • Jon C.

            It won’t work here, Ishmael. I don’t like racist comments towards ANY person of color or without.

      • Jon C.

        You’re calling Barack a black woman?

  • JohnG911

    How did a bigoted moron like her EARN a college degree – much less EARN an assistant professorship? Like Obama, everything was GIVEN TO HER by the very people and system she despises. African-American Studies is a joke created solely for the purpose of promote and hire more blacks and to pacify liberal guilt. I’m convinced this women doesn’t posses the intellect to count change or flip a hamburger. I’m just as certain BU has many bigots like her spreading their hate not unlike a mosquito spreads malaria.

    • Scott Chatfield

      All she had to be is a bigoted, liberal black racist, and they hand her a degree.

    • Billy Bobb

      Those who can’t do, teach!

    • sam adams

      its not just african-american american studies, at least all “social sciences” are like this, pick up a sociology textbook or drop in an anthropolgy class, there you will find the rest of her tweets.

      • evil llama

        Please do not associate us anthropologists with sociologists. They are beneath us. Here is my comment above about her:

        I’ve been reading up on black sociologists lately and they are off their rockers. I’m a cultural anthropologist and this negroid has the audacity to call Europeans a “race.” Wade Noble actually said white people are really black albinos. Lol. If you have pigmentation your not an albino. Please African Americans, I truly do understand your trying to find roots and an identity but your not going to find it through these nitwits. Also, I’m not Ben Affleck. My family came here through Ellis Island from the Ukraine in the 20’s. I am also Assyrian and you better believe the Egyptians and Nubians were slave trading with us. Matter of fact if she has ever drank hot coco that means she supports slavery in present day Africa. Everything she says is hypocrisy. Well accept for the Wall Street comment, now that was funny.

        We believe in that peripheral thinking should be implemented into any topic. They just concentrate on the center. This clown is in no way certified in speaking on topics of evolutionary biology.

    • jlh243_1

      She didn’t earn it, she got it through affirmative action and lower test scores to accommodate her inferior abilities, which she blamed on the so called “white privilege” that doesn’t exist except in the minds of black racists and cowardly white libtards. Even though there is nothing genetically predisposing her or any other black to inferiority, they have been trained to believe they are by the democrats who see them as nothing more than useful idiots. As LBJ stated, “give them a little but not a whole lot” and “I’ll have those ni**ers voting democrat for the next 200 years”. People like LBJ, bill clinton, hussein obama, eric holder, jimmy carter, jesse jackson, and al sharpton are responsible for keeping the black population enslaved and on the federal governments “plantation”. We have a DEMOCRAT problem!

    • Bill the Cat

      Re-read: Black Studies. They give those away… just ask UNC 🙂

      You don’t even have take tests or show up!