The College Democrats of America is the official youth outreach arm of the Democratic National Committee.

As Breitbart summarized earlier this week, the organization is facing an internal mess, with accusations of corruption being leveled against their sitting President, Natasha McKenzie. She now faces impeachment.

It’s been suggested that McKenzie was targeted for her pro-Israel positions, and close relationship to the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC). If so, that would be a disturbing shift in ideology for the party of Jefferson and Jackson. College-age Democrats, who make up the party’s future, would be displaying a special bias against the Jewish state, making the party’s long term commitment to U.S.-Israel relations shaky at best. 

Soon after the impeachment process began, McKenzie fired back, and in doing so claimed the attacks were motivated by race and gender. McKenzie is an African-American female. 

“As a woman of color leading the College Democrats of America, I am
proud to be a member of the political party that stands for women and
diversity, and I would never wish the sexism and bullying I have
recently experienced upon anyone.

Have you ever heard of a male in politics being ridiculed and publicly
humiliated for being “intimidating?” Sadly, this is all but the
reality young, ambitious woman — especially women of color — face in
today’s political culture. I am tired of men using the phrase “you’re
intimidating” to belittle women in positions of power.”

A coalition of women, who identify as College Democrats, then produced their own letter, stating such accusations are nonsense:

“We all believe that it is historic and empowering to see women, and specifically women of color, leading the College Democrats of America, its state federations, and its chapters. However, we do not stand by the actions Natasha McKenzie took during the convention and we will not tolerate the bullying and intimidation of members in this organization.

Furthermore, Natasha McKenzie used her identity as a woman of color as the reason that members of our organization have asked her to step down; quite frankly, we are offended. Co-opting the struggles of minority female leaders for personal salvation is insulting and demeaning to our cause.”

Finally, a member of CDA named Jade Reindl penned an article stating that Natasha McKenzie opted to “hide” the fact that she (Reindl) was raped:

“Why would Natasha try so hard to silence a survivor from telling her story — who was assaulted by someone she could very easily fire? Why would she abuse her authority in order to prevent me from seeking a leadership role in a state so far from her own? Why did she consistently work to silence those with opposing views or opinions, instead of dealing with those situations ethically?

It just doesn’t make sense.”

Overall, the situation is out of control. The initial groups of students who wanted to impeach Natasha McKenzie are as follows, according to a letter published on the Daily Kos:

Jamie Zieno, Valeria Ojeda, Carlos Martinez, Alex DiLalla, Rawley Van Fossen, Naeemah Charles, Ebony West.