For those of you fortunate enough to have never visited the site, Elite Daily is a progressive media outlet that posts an endless supply of cringe-worthy content. Earlier today, Elite Daily’s Political Editor, John Haltiwanger, published a piece titled What ISIS And American College Campuses Surprisingly Have In CommonNo, it was not satire. This was a serious piece based on faulty logic, and likely some bad data as well. 

The key point the piece makes is that American campuses and ISIS both have a culture of rape. ISIS openly uses rape as a tool to recruit men, and American campuses try to hide their rape culture to save face publicly. 

To quote, 

American universities have accepted a culture of rape in order to present the illusion their campuses are safe for the sake of enrollment rates. ISIS has accepted a culture of rape in order to continue its reign of terror.

In this sense, rape is directly tied to their respective public images, with the primary difference being ISIS attempts to use it in a promotional capacity.

This quote, and much of the rest of the piece is painfully stupid for what should be obvious reasons. For starters, he claims that 1 in 5 women are victims of sexual assault at colleges. 

Last year, in light of the faux UVA rape scandal, SoCawlege published a piece on the faulty 1 in 5 statistic that gets thrown out endlessly by progressives looking to justify the power grabs they argue for. The methodology and definitions used in the various studies which find “1 in 5” as a result have been criticized roundly. From Time, to the Washington Post, to the Washington Examiner, to Politifact, and more. In Haltiwanger’s piece, he links to a Washington Post article from June 12th which cites a more recent poll on the subject, finding similar results. 

Rather than dive further into this endless argument, I will let the above hyperlinks speak for themselves. Anyone who criticizes the numbers being presented gets classified as a “rape denier”. It’s a disturbing way of silencing your political opponents, and “shaming” those who may have valid input from sharing said input.

Although, even if everything in Haltiwanger’s piece is 100% valid, it does not make the comparison justified. ISIS is as bad or worse than the NAZIs. I do not say that lightly, but in terms of their attitudes and intentions, it’s true. ISIS wants to commit genocide against many groups of people, are unquestionably brutal and torturous, and are fascistic in practice. 

They are also homogeneous in this sense, meaning there probably aren’t too many good-natured ISIS folk who are upset with how their organization functions. While on the other hand, campus administrators and fellow students certainly aren’t happy with rape even if you feel their response to it is lacking. Invoking ISIS as an analogy is just a more modern version of Godwin’s Law. Maybe ISIS will start replacing it soon.

Hyperbole like this doesn’t help anyone involved. Not those who want to reduce rapes, not those who want to insure there isn’t any overreach in responding to rapes, and certainly not rape victims themselves.