Lyndsay Kirkham is a radical feminist who is very active on her personal Twitter account. Following a name search, she is listed as a “Professor” in the “School of Liberal Arts and Sciences”, on the Toronto based Humber College’s staff directory page.

Kirkham is engaged in a wide variety of extreme dialogue (as one would expect from a feminist professor nowadays). But SoCawlege recently learned that she tweeted something rather disturbing about those critical of the so called “rape culture”.


human wrong

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In addition, she describes herself as a fan of “misandry” (the inverse of misogyny, it means a hatred of boys or men) in her Twitter bio. 


misandry 1


Now could this just be a tongue-in cheek-comment? Perhaps. We have no idea if she is serious or not, but we do know a male professor could NEVER get away with a joke like that, claiming he is a fan of “misogyny” without mass protest outside his classroom and calls for punishment. We will let the double standard speak for itself.

Regardless, back onto the rape culture claim – the purpose of college is to question your idea of how the world works and to broaden your horizons. Why is asking for proof of something so terrible that it means you are doing “human” wrong? We are inquisitive creatures last time I checked. 

If a student in one of her classes states the following, how do you think she would respond?:

“What is rape culture? A culture that supports rape? There are plenty of examples of that throughout human history, especially waring factions, and other large groups of people, who would capture prisoners and rape them without a second thought. Their group culture could be described as rape supporting. Perhaps the culture that exists in prisons today are examples of that as well, where inmates violate each other routinely and it isn’t considered terrible on the inside – but is there really a comparable level of ambivalence towards rape in our modern Western society? What evidence do you have that most people don’t have an issue with rape? That is what I feel would be needed for it to be part of our broader “culture.” Otherwise, it’s a fringe ideology…”

“Shut up! Do not question my dogma! You fail at being human!”

She is treating this like a religion after all. There is no hope of having civil, intelligent discourse in a classroom with a professor like that.

We encourage others to take a look at her Tweet history. It’s rather over the top.

Oh, and one last note on Lyndsay – she is one of the feminists supportive of the whole “manspreading” controversy. In a nutshell, she’s upset that men take up more space on the subway (for a variety of reasons) than women do. Hey Lyndsay, adults also take up more space than toddlers. People are different sizes, and have different anatomical parts that make certain positions possible. If this is the big crisis of gender equality in the first world, then we’ve already hit paradise. 

UPDATE: Kirkham has claimed on Twitter that she no longer works at Humber College, specifically that she left in May. She has also claimed that she will be employed somewhere in the U.K. going forward. We are unable to verify either of these claims for the time being. If we find out more, we will update the article further.

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  • Jack Day

    Just more proof… ugly women who cant get a real man resorts to self hatred.

  • Orson

    This article was, by far, the most idiotic think I’ve read today. What is wrong with you toads?

    • Aamon Stephen Glam

      Now do I have to point out the logical fallacies in your response or am I bound by the same onus probandi?

  • Geronimo

    She is quite the Panther on the loose
    She just needs a good man to bring her home some bacon
    Keep her barefoot and pregnant over the stove, the way women do human

  • Emilio Lizardo

    Another joke: #killallwhitemen

  • Neptunium

    Look at her face. That’s why she’s an bitter old hag.

  • Martin Malthus

    Speaking from a canadian perspective (and a french-canadian one at that) I must say there is no *rape culture* in our prison system. Beautiful and juicy young new inmates are not raped- they are *courted* by various old “wolves”- pretty much like men do women in normal society. Offered a stable relationship with perks- extra food, or “cantine”, perhaps a t.v. set for their cell, a little reafer or recreational pill, if that’s what they’re into, and the protection of the old wolf in a world that, let’s admit it, can be rough. Courted, showered with gifts, protected. Does this, in any way, sounds like rape?
    My uncle worked as a warden in a maximum security prison in Québec all of his life. This is how he describes it. It is all about *respect*. Rapists in our jails get killed. Wheter they did it to get there or once they were in- they don’t survive. And they certainly don’t thrive, if they managed to get to the protection quarters quick enough!
    There is NO rape culture in the worse possible jails of my nation BUT according to this person, I wouldn’t be “human” if I pointed this fact out? I would be what? a Klingon if I dared mention the fact that assassins, uber-drug dealers, biker gangs leaders and serial killers refuse to abide by the tenets of such a culture and exact the harshest price on those who do????
    Damn!! That Kool-Aid was *strong* girl! Really srong.

  • Jason Woodford

    I’ll add a corollary: If you don’t require “proof” (actual evidence) before strongly believing in something, you’re doing “academic” wrong.

    • Neptunium

      She’s a

    • Whenindoubtdo

      The way she goes about her beliefs makes it sound like she’s a creationist. >_<

  • petpanther

    Why are people like that professors? Can anyone explain?

    • Martin Malthus

      Paid by the state to *educate* us on the woes of women since times immemorial…

  • cosmopolite

    This is why I oppose the creation of Gender Studies and Feminist Studies. Those disciplines are highly politicised. They argue about “ought” and shout down those who want to think about what “is”. Valid work on gender as a social construct, gender roles, and the treatment of women can be done in the existing disciplines of psychology, social psychology, anthropology and economics. I have read academic social science for now 45 years, and have never had the sense that the literature in those fields closed its eyes to the female condition and its issues.

    • Jizanthapus

      a degree in gender studies is just like a trophy for participation, worthless

  • Blightness

    How do wackjobs like this get positions in teaching? They should be as far from educating our youth as possible.

  • Paul

    ‘Misandry’ is just wrong. Surely it should be ‘Misandrist’. A ‘professor’ without basic literacy skills. Who’d have thought she’d be active on twitter!?

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    It’s always instructive, when reading feminst writing that uses the word ‘rape’, to drop in the actual definition.

  • Kilcolman

    Not surprised y’asshats can’t even spell ‘college’ properly. Idiots.

    • Mickster66

      Not surprised that’s the best argument you have.

      • Kilcolman

        Oh sorry I don’t consider the rantings of petulant, illiterate babymen debates. I’m not arguing just stating a natural truth.

        • Paul

          You’re right you’re not arguing you’re whining and projecting.

          • Kilcolman

            This entire article is one giant whine fart, not an “argument” not even based in reality. s

          • Joshua Tree

            whine, fart, people finally waking up to illiberal bullsh*t. Call it what you want.

          • Kilcolman

            Ok. I’ll call it harassment then. Congrats.

          • Joshua Tree

            You lost me. Are you sure you’re even following your own narrative any longer?

          • I dare say the person without an actual argument above you is claiming that because you responded, you are harassing them (Even though nothing you said was even vaguely threatening or even abusive, you “threatened” their ideals which to them is the same thing). A typical argument of a feminist extremist with no actual evidence or point, nothing to see here.

          • Mickster66

            Ha ha, pathetic. Congrats.

        • Mickster66

          Who cares what you think? You haven’t presented an argument, only shaming language, typical.

          • Kilcolman

            The above article is not an argument either. It is a false narrative. It is harassment for harassment’s sake.

          • Mickster66

            Boo hoo. Take your whining somewhere else, stop ‘harrasing’ me, that is what you are doing by your own definition you fool.

  • Tyekanik

    I suppose she has her very own definition of being human. I’d love to hear it.

    • Paul

      Not male for a start.

    • cosmopolite

      For her, a requirement for being a human adult is being fully and always believed about any claim made about one’s intimate life. On the assumption that requiring “proof” or “evidence” about such claims is insulting and demeaning.