On the heels of multiple controversial incidents last year, such as a large crowd of protesters cheering for dead cops, the cold blooded killings of two innocent NYPD officers in December, and multiple traffic incidents that threatened lives, three more recent incidents show the protesting responses to Ferguson and Eric Garner have gotten out of hand.

  • Two officers were shot in St. Louis at a Ferguson related protest.
  • A random white person was assaulted by teens for not answering a question regarding Michael Brown. The incident is being called a hate crime.
  • A Boston police officer was just shot in the face during a routine traffic stop, and protesters continued to wonder whether the officer returning fire was justified. From Boston.com

““Officers did a motor vehicle stop,” Gross explains after waiting for them to quiet down. “As the officer is taking him out the car, he shot the officer in the face, and the officers returned fire. That was it, short and sweet.”

“Y’all don’t have no protocol, any other way?” one young man is heard saying. “You got to shoot somebody?”

Gross interjects: “Did you hear the part where he shot the officer in the face?”

“You’re trained for this though,” says the young man.

The moment provides a stark look at the tension between police and the people who live in the neighborhoods they are sworn to protect—especially in the moments after an officer-involved shooting.

A young man also says an officer insulted him [Gross] and that officers put their hands on him and others while moving them around the crime scene. Gross tells him to complain to internal affairs. The questioner, obviously frustrated with the answer, says he wants Gross to help him himself.

The questioner, who seems to know Gross, tells him he’s cutting off whatever relationship they have had in the past.

“Go back to your pigs,” the young man says. “No more diplomacy. When you see me out, no more peace talks, it’s war right now. No more peace talks. You know what it is now.””


According to the Boston Globe, Black Lives Matter of Boston held a meeting to discuss the shooting, and suggestions were made that the traffic stop was the fault of racial profiling. Apparently getting shot in the face doesn’t overshadow this….. or at a minimum suggest the officer was right to stop him? You know, because he was clearly in fact dangerous?!?!?!?!

This movement has gotten out of hand.

It started with the false narrative that Michael Brown tried to surrender with his hands up in Ferguson, Missouri. Every honest person who has examined the evidence has said this didn’t actually happen with Michael Brown. Including the Justice Department, headed by Eric Holder. “Hands up don’t shoot” was false.

The movement continues with the nonsensical claim that police officers are going around randomly shooting black males. Much data has been faked or exaggerated (please read), and the actual number of police killings every year is not that high, for any race. The official number of police killing each year is unknown, but “Several independent trackers, primarily journalists and academics who study criminal justice, insist the accurate number of people shot and killed by police officers each year is consistently upwards of 1,000 each year.” 

Let’s assume a few things: Only half or a light majority (it’s almost certainly a bigger majority) of the 1000 or so shootings are justified, meaning that the officer(s) was under attack or legitimately threatened by the individuals he/she shot. And, all 500 of these remaining unjustified killings are black people (not even close).

Even with 500 (again, a massive exaggeration) police killings of innocent blacks a year, in 2011 there were 6,309 black homicide victims in America. The number has been well into the thousands every year.

My point here isn’t to justify truly illegitimate shootings, but to point out the biggest human threat to black lives is still criminals, who kill and assault. Does anyone doubt that on net, police, whose job it is to handle crime, save more lives than they take? Of all races?

It would be hard to argue otherwise. So please, if the members or the Black Lives Matter movement want positive change, they should drop the radical and out of control condemnation of police at every turn. Show at least some appreciation for the vast majority of officers who do nothing wrong.