A former ambassador for the University of Maryland, who is also a 2014 graduate of the University, as well as a former worker at the Department of Health and Human Services (all according to his public Linkedin profile), wrote a very troubling blog post on August 15th, 2014, that no one seems to have picked up on.

In it, Tim Baldauf-Lenschen said “White society is a social cancer”, and quoted someone who said being white is a “disease”. He also called for organized violence against white America. The full article, found here, is reproduced in images below in case of deletion:


So where to begin?

Well as a quick aside, when referencing Michael Brown, Tim said  “It is no coincidence that there is no widespread public outcry about the shooting of an unarmed black 18-year-old teen.” No wide spread outcry? What? Was he alive in August of 2014? That’s when he wrote this. CNN for example nearly exploded with their non-stop coverage. It was the top national news story for many days in a row, covered by essentially ALL media outlets. Really, almost ALL.

He also references the rioting that occurred as “justified.” The business owners in the area, who aren’t just a bunch of evil white people might disagree. Is Tim an apologist for people destroying black property? I guess so.

Now to the main point – Tim references Arthur Serota, a lawyer and author, for saying ‘Whiteness is a disease.’ In the following sentence, Tim says “White society is a social cancer.” If he thinks being white is a disease, and a collection of whites is a cancer, is it fair to say he is at least a little troublesome? I hope so. 

Maybe it’s crazy of us to think our “whiteness” isn’t a type of disease. Maybe all whites are in fact diseased and don’t even know it. Although, Tim himself seems to be suffering from it:


But the rest of the essay is what’s truly scary: 

[White society is a social cancer.] “It exists and grows until it eventually causes death to every cell in the organism. It cannot exist without feeding off of its surroundings….

How can the cancerous and deadly effects of white society be fought effectively? One thing is for sure: If cancer cannot be fought with cancer, why would anyone assume that white society will dismantle itself into a more just, humane and equitable society that values all human life equally?

History displays to us that progress in the fight against white domination and oppression has never been made without the shedding of blood. Slavery in the U.S. was not reformed merely with petitions, peaceful protests or by the good will of white abolitionists. Slavery in the U.S. was restricted to the prison system with the 13th amendment to make way for a more profitable form of capitalism partly because hundreds of organized slave rebellions were making that institution too costly – by taking white lives and destroying white property, which was built on the backs of African slaves. If we look at countries like Haiti – the first black republic – or any other country formerly colonized by Europeans, the common denominator that ended white colonialism was all-out organized resistance and self-defense. Sincere and progressive white people who want to bring an end to white supremacy’s evils need to join together and support resistance efforts of oppressed peoples under their guidance and leadership. However, history shows that they cannot and will not dismantle the devastating horrors of white society alone. Only the mass organization of oppressed peoples can accomplish true liberation from white domination.”

He calls for mass violence against white people and white owned property in order to further a more equitable society. 

Is this a UMD thing? Just last month we uncovered another Maryland student also calling for violent revolution. God knows what else we will be finding in the coming months.

What are they teaching kids there? 

Truthfully, we didn’t care much about what one guy had to say about white people. Until, that is, we saw where he has worked. From his Linkedin profile:


Yup. University of Maryland. Working at two different positions.

Even worse, Tim claims he worked with the Federal government last year:

fed work
And he wrote this blog post during his tenure there. 

As a reminder, these are all according to what he himself put on Linked in. Therefore, we cannot fully vouch for the validly of his employment. Just how involved he was with the University of Maryland and HHS was hard for us to confirm. After multiple attempts to contact UMD, we weren’t able to determine which school/department he was an ambassador for, as they told us there are many different types of ambassadors, and no universal record keeping, making it hard to verify anything. Everyone told us they didn’t know.

However, UMD did decide to award Tim before, back when he was a student. From 2013, on a UMD website:

Granted, this was before the disturbing post featured here, but this seems like a pretty open and controversial kid. We doubt it was the first time he has said things like this. 

We also reached out to the University of Maryland for comment. No response so far, but the article will be updated when there is one.