A former ambassador for the University of Maryland, who is also a 2014 graduate of the University, as well as a former worker at the Department of Health and Human Services (all according to his public Linkedin profile), wrote a very troubling blog post on August 15th, 2014, that no one seems to have picked up on.

In it, Tim Baldauf-Lenschen said “White society is a social cancer”, and quoted someone who said being white is a “disease”. He also called for organized violence against white America. The full article, found here, is reproduced in images below in case of deletion:


So where to begin?

Well as a quick aside, when referencing Michael Brown, Tim said  “It is no coincidence that there is no widespread public outcry about the shooting of an unarmed black 18-year-old teen.” No wide spread outcry? What? Was he alive in August of 2014? That’s when he wrote this. CNN for example nearly exploded with their non-stop coverage. It was the top national news story for many days in a row, covered by essentially ALL media outlets. Really, almost ALL.

He also references the rioting that occurred as “justified.” The business owners in the area, who aren’t just a bunch of evil white people might disagree. Is Tim an apologist for people destroying black property? I guess so.

Now to the main point – Tim references Arthur Serota, a lawyer and author, for saying ‘Whiteness is a disease.’ In the following sentence, Tim says “White society is a social cancer.” If he thinks being white is a disease, and a collection of whites is a cancer, is it fair to say he is at least a little troublesome? I hope so. 

Maybe it’s crazy of us to think our “whiteness” isn’t a type of disease. Maybe all whites are in fact diseased and don’t even know it. Although, Tim himself seems to be suffering from it:


But the rest of the essay is what’s truly scary: 

[White society is a social cancer.] “It exists and grows until it eventually causes death to every cell in the organism. It cannot exist without feeding off of its surroundings….

How can the cancerous and deadly effects of white society be fought effectively? One thing is for sure: If cancer cannot be fought with cancer, why would anyone assume that white society will dismantle itself into a more just, humane and equitable society that values all human life equally?

History displays to us that progress in the fight against white domination and oppression has never been made without the shedding of blood. Slavery in the U.S. was not reformed merely with petitions, peaceful protests or by the good will of white abolitionists. Slavery in the U.S. was restricted to the prison system with the 13th amendment to make way for a more profitable form of capitalism partly because hundreds of organized slave rebellions were making that institution too costly – by taking white lives and destroying white property, which was built on the backs of African slaves. If we look at countries like Haiti – the first black republic – or any other country formerly colonized by Europeans, the common denominator that ended white colonialism was all-out organized resistance and self-defense. Sincere and progressive white people who want to bring an end to white supremacy’s evils need to join together and support resistance efforts of oppressed peoples under their guidance and leadership. However, history shows that they cannot and will not dismantle the devastating horrors of white society alone. Only the mass organization of oppressed peoples can accomplish true liberation from white domination.”

He calls for mass violence against white people and white owned property in order to further a more equitable society. 

Is this a UMD thing? Just last month we uncovered another Maryland student also calling for violent revolution. God knows what else we will be finding in the coming months.

What are they teaching kids there? 

Truthfully, we didn’t care much about what one guy had to say about white people. Until, that is, we saw where he has worked. From his Linkedin profile:


Yup. University of Maryland. Working at two different positions.

Even worse, Tim claims he worked with the Federal government last year:

fed work
And he wrote this blog post during his tenure there. 

As a reminder, these are all according to what he himself put on Linked in. Therefore, we cannot fully vouch for the validly of his employment. Just how involved he was with the University of Maryland and HHS was hard for us to confirm. After multiple attempts to contact UMD, we weren’t able to determine which school/department he was an ambassador for, as they told us there are many different types of ambassadors, and no universal record keeping, making it hard to verify anything. Everyone told us they didn’t know.

However, UMD did decide to award Tim before, back when he was a student. From 2013, on a UMD website:

Granted, this was before the disturbing post featured here, but this seems like a pretty open and controversial kid. We doubt it was the first time he has said things like this. 

We also reached out to the University of Maryland for comment. No response so far, but the article will be updated when there is one.

  • Baboonmute

    What’s wrong with Tim’s argument that, “whiteness is a disease”? Everything he wrote was accurate.

    • Darth Jader

      No, you are a racist bigot.

      • Baboonmute

        Please read about how “Europe is Indefensible”. Google it.

        When Tim mentions, “whiteness” he is referring to taking advantage of being in a place of privledge, not necessarily one’s skin color. For example, “whiteness” is getting rich off of traits that other cultures are put down for, ie, Iggy azalea and speaking/rapping in broken American English. “Whiteness” is the privledge be unbothered by the police and be given lesser sentences for similar crimes as an African American. “Whiteness” is the ability to say that you got into Harvard based upon merit and not the color of your skin like those Hispanics and African Americans, but while forgetting that (1) Harvard barred most nonwhites until the 70’s and (2) Legacy is a form of Affirmative Action. This is “whiteness”. It is called “whiteness” because whites in America are the only ones who can enact these privledges. Also, to point out all of your flaws in the arguments above, speaking about racism and history in America does not deem someone as a racist. What’s racist is when people attribute character traits to economic success even after knowing the history in a country. For example, me saying, “blacks need to pick themselves up from their bootstraps like my Italian family did” is racist for two reasons. 1, because your Italian mother fleed from Italy because she was discriminated against, economically or otherwise, and is now privledged in America because of her white skin and America social hierarchy based upon race (read beacons rebellion). 2, because telling a population of people which 18% of them make less than 15k a year household income (African American) coming from someone in a population where 27% of them make over 100k a year household income (White) to pick themselves up from their bootstrap is just plain messed up. The 15k a year people can’t even think about a bootstrap because their too busy thinking about where they’ll get their next meal from. This is what Tim is conveying.

        • Darth Jader

          Alright, not only are you a racist bigot, but you’re a fool as well.

          • Baboonmute

            Lol okay. Wear your veil of ignorance the way the citizens of Nazi Germany did during World War Two. It’s okay, I don’t blame you, I blame socialization. It is not your fault that you have these views. I too, had views of a white supremacist before I picked up a history book. Thank you. This was a great discussion. Thank you. Thank you. You are a great person and should be worshipped. Thank you.

          • Darth Jader

            Um, no, that’s UOU wearing that veil. You are racist and you are supporting racism.

            1) my genealogy leaves me lighter skinned in appearance, yet I can guarantee you that I have dealt with the worst of the worst of police harassment and they have tried their damnedest to give me a criminal record (I’ve been beaten, spat on, harassed, sleep deprivation torture, etc. by police) but because I dot my i’s, cross my t’s and always put forth a solid argument regarding my innocence, I’ve avoided it.

            2) I don’t care what universities in the past, making them toxic to any demographic (currently white males) is wrong, sexist, and racist, but the past is the past, this is now.

            4) I clearly have a far better understanding of history than you, and here’s how we’ll prove it: a) what culture (and race) enslaved the most people ever, who were of what race? b) in the past 2 centuries what demographic has been the most brutally enslaved, and by what demographic (there are 2 answers to this one, in both cases it’s white folk who were enslaved)?

            5) you know nothing of history, you just buy into popular racist societal beliefs.

            6) those last few comments confirm that you are not a naive, well intended individual, but a blithering idiot.

          • Baboonmute

            You have said enough. I will not argue with someone who could not read aloud in elementary school class.

          • Darth Jader

            Funny, cuz in elementary school I was always the one called on to read in class, I was well ahead of my age group.

            Basically you just admitted you don’t have an adequate response, you don’t have the adequate knowledge to fight this battle, basically you just admitted you know I’m right.

          • Baboonmute

            You are very far from right. Are you going to shoot up a church like Dylann Roff because you hate black people and because white people are the superior breed? Please watch what Hilary Clinton has to say about race.


          • Darth Jader

            Please quote where I said anything other than that people of all skin tones should be treated equally, please quote where I said anything racist at all, you won’t find it because this entire conversation I haven’t said anything negative against any “race”, as we all belong to the HUMAN race. YOU are the one who’s been differentiating skin tone, YOU are the one who’s been saying negative things about different “races”. I only ever pointed out that contradictory to your claims, in the past Century, the most horrifically enslaved people were the Irish, and, in Africa, the BLACK enslavement of light skinned folk. I also pointed out that historically Black people in Egypt enslaved more people (coincidentally white people) than all other races who have enslaved COMBINED. I have never held any of that agai st modern living Black folk, as it has nothing to do with them, you on the other hand, are condemning ALL lighter skinned folk, based on the (past) acts of Europeans and Americans. There is a tremendous disparity here. You are calling me racist based on the acts of people that are not in any way connected with my ancestors.

            When and where did I say anything about hating anyone for having a different skin tone? When and where have I ever said anything about lighter skinned folk being superior? By generalizing me (and other light skinned folk) as racist, simply for not agreeing with you that all white folk are scum you are engaging in the very definition of racism.

            And then you post a link to a video by a feminist politician who uses the rhetoric of a hate movement to condemn people based on skin tone for the past actions of people (who are not in any way associated with us, not even by lineage) because of our skin tone.

            Holy shit man, they don’t get any less educated, nor any more ignorant or disgustingly racist than you.

            Taking your comments into consideration, and considering the fact that racist shootings are on your mind, anyone reading this can easily see that you, not me, are the one likely to commit a mass shooting. You have too much misplaced anger in you, and you place it on innocent people.

          • Baboonmute

            Before I finish my blog and quote you in it, I’d like to tell you to shut the fuck up.

            Egyptian slavery was not the worst slavery in history for two reasons. The amount of people enslaved didn’t remotely compare to the triangle slave trade, and it wasn’t bondage slavery. It was a form of slavery that was similar to indentured servitude. Bondage slavery was a new phenomenon reserved specicifically for the africans who were brought to the new world. Bondage slavery included breaking up families, buying and selling slaves as live stock (along with the interstate slave trade) and denying them any sort of power in the court. You know egyptian slaves had access to the court system if the slaver committed a crime against him or her? Yes, please do your research. Under british rule in America African slavery was similar to indentured servitude as well. I won’t go further, but please research.

            Also, I’m no big supporter of Hilary Clinton, but atleast she has the balls to recognize ineqaulity in this nation. The median black family doesn’t make 11,000 compare to the median white family making 134,000 due to blacks not working hard; it’s a systematic issue.

            Yes! You are connected to your ancestors. We all are! Why are you not? Did your ancestors not give you the land someone in your family has the rights to today? How dare you say you are not responsible for your ancestors mishaps.

            You may not think you’re better than the darker skinned people of the world, but the world thinks it for you, and there is your white privledge. If you want to help, don’t block a movement aimed to dismantle a system based off hate. Stay silent like a lot of the other youth, but don’t make a fellow person out to be a bad guy when he’s just trying to empower a group of people that make a median of $11,000 per year in a country where the only other people who have been here for as long make $134,000.

          • Darth Jader

            Please do, be sure to quote everything I’ve said, and not just quote mine. Would you like my real name for proper accreditation?

            As for the rest of your ridiculous drivel….wtf are you talking about????? Over the course of 400 years an estimated 100,000,000 people were enslaved, more than all other documented cases of slavery COMBINED, and they were worked to death, brutally tortured, murdered, starved and dehydrated. The only less humane treatment of any demographic in history were the Jewish death camps.

            $134,000/yr????? Are you fucking nuts???? Try $35,000/yr for median income. As for your $11,000 claim, try closer to $30,000 and you’ll be a bit more accurate. Here’s the thing: if you work hard and are skilled, you’ll make a higher income. Skin tone has nothing to do with it you bigot.

            Learn to read you dimwit! I didn’t say I’m not connected to my ancestors (and even if they had been in any way connected to any form of heinous deed, that would have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me, as people are ABSOLUTELY NOT responsible for the actions of their ancestors), what I said was “You are calling me racist based on the acts of people that are not in any way connected with my ancestors.” As in you are accusing me for actions that had nothing to do with my ancestors. Learn to fucking read man. Guessing you dropped out before reaching grade 8?

            No land has ever been inherited in my family, EVER, each generation has worked hard and earned the ability to purchase land, my grandparents (sold to cover extended care costs in their twilight years) my parents have bought & sold 3 pieces of land, I bought my own property @ 26 (no cosigner, no financial assistance, just good credit & a good job), sold it @ 28. Nobody in my family has ever passed down land ownership. The fact that you make that assumption (not to mention your extreme faux pas in mis-reading my above quoted comment) just goes to show how bigoted you are.

            It’s idiots like you that keep the stereotypes of your ethnicity alive and well.

            SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

            1) I’m better than EVERYONE of any race, especially those of my own ethnicity, get that straight 😉 I hate everyone equally, that’s not racism, that’s misanthropy.

            2) Ok, now I’m being serious. Society thinks white heterosexual males are scum, so take your “world thinks it for you” bs and shove it

            3) I can assure you, I am NOT in any way privileged, white privilege is a complete myth.

            4) I’m going to stop bigotry and stupidity whenever I come across it, and there are millions out there just like me, who are against stupidity, bigotry, hate, etc. we are open minded individuals who observe and see the world for what it truly is. We will fight sociopathic racists and sexists with our dying breath, no matter who your victims are.

            5) I’m making you out to be a bad guy BECAUSE YOU ARE A FUCKING BAD GUY, intentional or not, when you engage in the racism bigotry and hate you do, when you seek to segregate, privilege one group over another, you will find someone like me, the good guy, the anti-hero (since you’re so poorly versed in literature, I’m fairly sure you don’t know what an anti-hero is, so I’m going to recommend you look it up) standing in your way to stop you. I understand that you are naive, and most likely actually believe the shit you spew forth, and I sympathize, I really do. However, that’s no excuse, you are racist, you are a bigot, you engage in hate propaganda, you are scum, the lowest of the low, and if you’re going to behave like a piece of shit, I’m going to treat you like a piece of shit.

          • Baboonmute

            Line 10 from your response: “if you work hard and are skilled”

            Where do those skills come from? socialization or otherwise? You proved the point that history matters. The above argument also means, this statement
            “Learn to read you dimwit! I didn’t say I’m not connected to my ancestors (and even if they had been in any way connected to any form of heinous deed, that would have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me, as people are ABSOLUTELY NOT responsible for the actions of their ancestors),”
            is wrong.

            Your ancestors pass down their beliefs with each family generation, every family has to some degree, the degree may differ among the family. There is an equation that psychologist have mentioned that determines the probability of how much your parents/family influence your upbringing to how much the outside world/propaganda/scholar would call it, “time away from household,” and all of the exogenous variables that go with it, influence your upbringing. How does it not have anything to do with you when you may have, admittedly (or else you are lying to yourself) taken on your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents beliefs?, consider traditions!

            If you are apart of society you have to build it up by working on the future and undoing the past in some circumstances, or else nothing will get done. One cannot build on top of a crack. Patch that crack up, don’t keep it open. Writing this blog is actively widening that crack no matter your socioeconomic class. In history people have always been classist, there’s always been rich and poor, in history racism, and its effects on economics and well-being, has not always been there. There is classism among all races within and without. It’s an issue, but classism is shrinking among whites in America according to the statistics…but not so much for blacks…Is it possible that there are racist policies in some states that constrain nonwhites! couldn’t be! because our goody ol government is here to protect us and promote equality — for whites.

            I have a source that says, “Death Toll: 100,000,000 in the Slave Trade; One Billion Black People killed from Colonialism”. google it.

            Picture of statistics regarding income:

            your jargon is impressive.

          • Darth Jader

            “Where do those skills come from? socialization or otherwise?”

            Through upbringing and work experience….derp.

            I’ll say it again: my ancestors had nothing to do with any transgressiins yours experienced, and the actions of one’s ancestors have nothing to do with the descendants. Nice paranoid theory there, it was good for a laugh.

            “If you are apart of society you have to build it up by working on the future and undoing the past in some circumstances, or else nothing will get done. ” oh please, YOU ARE THE ONE who’s pointing fingers and (mis)placing blame! Talk about hypocricy.

            Then you go on to rant about paranoid bullshit…I won’t waste my time with THAT diatribe.

            You have a source that says 100,000,000 lives…then goes on to say “one billion”…. Hmmm….considering a metric billion is 1,000,000,000,000 and an Imperial billion is 1,000,000,000, I’d say your source that alphanumerically referred to one hundred million as a billion, is extremely dubious…..try again?

          • Baboonmute

            Your thinking is very surface level. What college did you go to?, because it did not do its job. Socialization encompasses upbringing you fucking idiot. Socialization determines you aptitude to get work experience. Why can’t you connect dots. You’re fucking stupid. You are lying to yourself if you don’t think the viewpoints of your ancestors passed onto you. Fucking dumb ass, stupid idiot, linear minded, can’t think out of the box idiot. Its not fucking theory that the past effects the future. You’re pissing me off because you’re undeducated ass is acting like you know something when you can’t even connect the dots from one generation to the next. Fucking idiot.

          • Darth Jader

            ^^^calls me uneducated for not agreeing with his racist, false narrative.

            Fails to differentiate between your & you’re in same sentence.

            Anyone reading this can easily see who the uneducated and racist one is in this conversation, so nothing more needs to be said.

            Man, if I’d had my ass handed to me as badly as you have in this conversation, profile suicide would be the only option, I recommend never going online again.

          • Baboonmute

            Says the guy who didn’t pull one statistic to prove his point. You’re worthless. You. Are. Racist. For. Victimizing. The. White. Race. And. Saying. Tim. Is. calling. For. Violence. Against. The. White. Race. When. It. Is. Not. True. He was merely using rhetorical devices to explain a point. When you write articles likesthese you incite the wrong people. My thoughts were coherant throughout. If someone reads this they will take note of who is open to acheiving wisdom and who is the fool. Youre a nut job for thinking we magically entered the present day without holding on to some aspects of the past.

            Fucking idiot looks at a graph that screams ineqaulity and still doesn’t make sense of it. You’re one of those idiots in class when presented with truth, completely diregards it, and holds onto the former beliefs. You are not looking for reconciliation, you are looking for a war. If you make sense of this next image, I’ll give you a penny.

          • Darth Jader

            Waaahhhh waaahhhh waaahhhh….now you’re just throwing a tantrum like a little bitch because you got your ass handed to you in this argument and you just can’t take it….throwing around adhominems and random insults is the biggest symptom of buttsoreness,, ffs man, show some goddamn dignity.

            Admit that you realize you were wring, and that you now realize the only racist here is you.

            I’m the only one here that adapts to new information, because I base my life philosophy around the scientific method, that’s exactly why I’ve been consistently right, and why you had your ass handed to you so swiftly.

            Now run along home and skulk you little racist bitch, you’re not fooling anyone.

          • Baboonmute

            God, you are so fucking stupid. Do you even know how race was invented in the US? There was an event called the beacons rebellion. The black slaves, and white indentured servants banded together because they saw the colonizers taking an extremely unfair piece of the economic pie in 1676. In order to nullify the white indentured servants, the colonizers gave this group guns and authority over the africans to keep them in line as slaves, this is around the same time when the ruling class enacted laws that stated if an african is born by a slave, he will be a slave for life as well. This is how the ruling class hardened the class system based upon race. Then, law by law, the ruling class made it so africans were always slaves and couldn’t have power in courts, and couldnt own property easily. To support keeping africans as slaves the europeans in america gave them stereotypes to explain why they were inferior and savage; similar to how they did with the native amercians, as a way to take land. Some, most, of these historic steretypes are still around today. Black brute. Jezebel. High yella. And many more.

            In short, to call me racist means that you know nothing of what black people have gone through in this country since the time the first black person was kidnapped from the shores of africa.

          • Darth Jader

            Alright, that clinches it, nobody can possibly be as delusional, paranoid or stupid as you, therefore I must conclude you are trolling. I don’t feed trolls other than for entertainment.

            You got me, I actually believed you were sincere for a while there.

            You are still racist though.

          • Baboonmute

            Its fine. You dont know. Do your research then come back with some maturity.


          • Darth Jader

            Hey, let’s get two facts straight here: 1) I have knowledge, you have paranoid conspiracy theories based on NOTHING. 2) I’m the only one here who’s been at all mature, you’ve been behavong like a 13 y/o hood rat black girl on her period this entire time.

          • Darth Jader

            Just for the record, if you want to talk about racism; http://m.liveleak.com/view?i=b10_1426395873 “white” people haven’t done this kind of thing for decades, meanwhile this “black” girl viciously beats (with everyone around cheering her on) a 12 y/o “white” girl and her 5y/o brother simply for the fact that they are white, and walking “in the wrong area” and this sort of thing is happening often these days.

            You want to talk about racism, you lie, twist history, postulate crackpot conspiracy theories, all the while it’s that very same attitude that’s perpetuating the cycle of racism. YOU, and attitudes like yours are keeping racism alive and well.

          • Darth Jader

            You are seriously a complete fucking blithering idiot, you are a pile of shit, people like you need to be shot, you engage in racist propaganda that is a menace to society in the sense that young, impressionable, naive individuals who don’t know any better will actually believe you, which leads to the same sort of brainwashing that you were obviously subjected to as a child, people like you perpetuate the cycle of racism, murder, violence & misery, you are the very definition of scum. I can’t fathom just how exactly you manage to sleep at night, you should be so ashamed of yourself that you give serious consideration to suicide on a daily basis. You are foul, disgusting, full of lies and bullshit. Leave the interwebs, now, you are not welcome here.

          • veritas

            Baboon, if you ever make it back here I just want to jump in and say this. Black people cling to the few and far between Dylann Roofs. But black people attack white people all the time everyday. I find it amusing that the only topic of white on black violence will be dylann roof for the next 5 years until some other nut does something. Meanwhile your vile community continues to leech off of our taxes, pop out bastard children, and cause 99% of chaos and violence. Deny it. Go right ahead, but while you do you better hope and pray that Trump doesn’t get voted into office or your ilk will die of starvation within a month.

          • Darth Jader

            Btw – I’m not American, the fact that you assume so just goes to show how quick you are to post without actually thinking.

    • Darth Jader

      It’s scum like you that keep racism (all forms of racism) alive and well.

      • Baboonmute

        White people are so racist. Almost all of them. I’ve reached a breaking point. Black people are more segregated in school today than in 1960. How do you think that happened? It came from policy. Do you know how other white countries view America? They think you all are bigots. They know you all are racist pigs who keep African groups down because of history. They are aware that you meddle in the Middle East for resources and not for good. They recognize that they’re white, but they starkly dissassociate with American whites because they do things like victimize themselves and write a blog about a white person being a traitor because he wants to dismantle white supremacy. You taking the point about how “whiteness is a disease” and considering it literal (and violent against white people) versus as a rhetoric device is what leads to Dylann R. shooting a number of church going black folk that did nothing to him. To be honest, and most black people don’t even tell white people this, but black people just want to be free. They just want to live in a society, laugh, and provide for their family. They don’t care about white people, and what white people think of them. They don’t want to live in a white neighborhood to be around white people, they move there because that’s where the resources are. They don’t want to date white women. They don’t want to go to white people parties. They don’t want really anything to do with white, but they have to be conscious of their race because if not they’ll do something crazy, like loiter in a white neighborhood by accident, and end up dead in the hands of a white man. African Americans go through life with a racial lense because it is very easy to be denied resources as a black person, and in 2015 you can now get a lawyer for race based incidents so one has to remember occurrences. African Americans act like white people dont exist when walking passed them because white Americans do it to them! Acting like race and racism doesn’t exist is a form of racism. What do you think happens when half the U.S. Whites are pro racism and the other half is silent? Racism will prevail. African Americans have to be ready to fight back using the pen and the vocal chords because that’s the only way they’ll win.