As we all know, media outlets, as well as the many students who are not affiliated with greek life, have a negative perception of college fraternities.


What we fail to accept, or rather brush under the rug, is that fraternities actually do more good for a college community through service than most other college organizations.


The typical fraternity is involved in philanthropic work, records thousands of community service hours, and even keeps their GPA higher than the rest of the men on campus.


But all that is besides the the point of this article.


Recently, big breakthroughs in social media have been founded by fraternity alumni, and the media didn’t forget to take note of this.


Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, has had his image jeopardized when numerous media outlets such as BusinessInsider, Huffingtonpost, and Valleywag, amongst others, put in their two cents concerning leaked emails that the young Spiegel sent out while at Stanford University. Valleywag in particular made sure they didn’t overlook any ‘damaging’ emails in their report, which featured overtly sexual comments about girls.


Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, co-founders of Yik Yak, have also seen unfair coverage, by being labeled ‘greedy frat bros’ by Valleywag, INC, and Dailymail for booting their third co-founder Douglas Warstler, but also for the idea of the app itself. Yik Yak is one of the fastest growing apps in history. It’s popular on high school and college campuses because students can express how they feel about a particular topic anonymously. Despite students likings, the media has tried to portray the app as a bullying tool, as if other social apps could not possibly be used for the wrong purposes as well.

With that being said, referring to young successful entrepreneurs as “frat brothers” truly does leave a negative vibe amongst public perception. It is up to future fraternity men to repair the perceptions and generalizations that have stuck with college fraternities for past decades.

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