It’s no question that picking the right Professors in college should be a priority amongst students. College is extremely expensive, so you should get the most out of it as you possibly can. Unfortunately, like in High School, a certain teacher or Professor can make or break your learning experience and more importantly your quarter or semester grades.

Here a list of advice to prepare you for handling that no good Professor who you need to spot early on and avoid like the plague. Following these steps will better enhance your learning experience and overall state of mind so you can focus on what is important in school and avoid feeling stupid and disconnected from learning. 


RateMyProfessors is a simple to use and great first step to getting to know your Professor. All you have to do is type in the School name and department and reviews from past students’ experiences will pop right up. Ratemyprofessor also ranks teachers based on helpfulness, clarity, and easiness to give you a better oversight of what you’re getting yourself into. 


The professor isn’t clear about how grades will break down

This happens a lot in the sciences classes such as biology, physics, and chem where Professor’s are not clear off the bat of how quizzes and homework will factor into your final grade. Students with this Professor often will never have a good idea of where they stand and what their grade is. This leads to all sorts of surprises in the final weeks of the term, something you don’t need. 


The professor who assumes you know what he’s talking about

Professor’s who talk in jargon not only suck, but are really annoying. They assume that because it’s week 1 that you have already read the syllabus and the first few chapters in the textbook that you haven’t even thought about buying yet and understand the terms they’re speaking in. 


The professor who loves curveballs

This Professor will send an email around 7:00PM informing you of  a “pre-lecture quiz” the next day, or better yet won’t even make an effort to alert you of an upcoming quiz until the day before. You never know what is coming with this guy unless you’re front row at every lecture and checking you’re email every few hours. Try to avoid this Professor. 


The professor who doesn’t exist outside the lecture hall

You’ll never see or hear of this Professor outside of that 50 minute lecture twice a week. He doesn’t respond to your emails and certainly doesn’t have time to stick around after class to go over a problem you’re not fully grasping. 


The professor who reads from A book

You might question if this guy actually has that Ph.D he claims to have on the syllabus because he’s always reading and writing notes DIRECTLY from the textbook. Not only will this bore you to death which will result in you never showing up to class, but it isn’t the hands on learning you should be looking for. Remember these two things:

1.) This isn’t High School, your Professor should have a better teaching strategy that doesn’t involve teaching you in a way you can do on your own time. 

2.) College is REALLY EXPENSIVE and you should be looking for a hands on and engaging way of learning, not this pathetic excuse of a Professor.

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