The NAACP’s University of Maryland chapter recently gave an award to student Andrew Mayton, who has a very troubling history of radical public statements. 

The “W.E.B. Du Bois Award” was given to Mayton for his work leading the Asian American Student Union.




naacp fb


Now before we get into Mayton’s comments, everyone should be reminded that young people can and do make mistakes. The purpose of this article is not to go after Andrew Mayton, and we would appreciate it if everyone reading this didn’t either. Rather, all should call out the contemporary NAACP for the kind of attitudes it’s encouraging.

The NAACP has become a political organization, as opposed to the civil rights organization it used to be. As an example, they were torn apart (by media members such as Anderson Cooper no less) for their biased and politically motivated report on the Tea Party in 2010.

The NAACP should know better, and should be careful of the individuals it chooses to endorse.


militant radicals



police language

police gang

On an alternative account:



Granted, one of these is a retweet, but it is in line with everything else you can find on his Twitter timeline. He supports militant radicalism, class warfare, and “a language” police can understand. I wonder what he means by that?

The University of Maryland recently screened American Sniper. Like at other schools across the country, the campus left lost their minds over the event. Mayton is no different:

american sniper

brown dem rep

confederacy kyle

god country family

He says that like it’s a bad thing. I understand that the far left hates God, and country too. But family as well? Supporting family is now a conservative value I guess. Think about that the next time you enter a voting booth.

In regards to his theory over the use of the word “yanks”……… I don’t know how to make him sound more ridiculous. 

But here’s a more ridiculous statement:

terrorism evil


“Evil”. Yeah it’s crazy for the movie to insinuate that.

It’s always fun when there are feuds within the radical left:


white iso

stalin israel

Good job NAACP! Who is the next recipient? Zombie Mao?

Update: A previous version of this article omitted the two tweets from his “alternative” account above. They have been added.