A story that I’ve honestly tried to avoid clicking on at all costs over these past couple of days has now reached my inner feed and began triggering mind-numbingly dumb responses among peers Facebook deems are close to me.

Here’s the story:

Mic, the news organization that claims to cover stories that matter to the millennial generation, has been running a story over an NYU Tisch School applicant, Joshua Jackson, who recently went on a Twitter rant expressing his disapproval for the school not offering a $65 application fee for their “Art & Public Policy master’s program” claiming that they are discouraging low-income individuals (specifically marginalized people) from applying.

Link to Mic’s story here:

Joshua, who claims to be a lower-income artist of color, is struggling to pay the $65 application fee for an NYU master’s program that cost upwards of $60,000 for tuition alone. Here is the email exchange between Joshua and Director of Graduate Admissions and International Student Advisor, Dan Sandford:

Here, Joshua is asking the Director of Admissions if there is an application fee waiver for low-income students (A question often asked by more students than just low-income ones when speaking with admission departments)

The Direction of Admissions tells Joshua that unfortunately, no, the program does not offer those. He continues by stating that if a $65 application fee is a hardship, what makes him think that the $60,000 tuition for the program will be feasible given that most scholarships for the program only offer between $15,000-$20,000 in assistance, leaving students on the hook for the remaining $40,000-$45,000.

Here is Joshua, letting his feelings take over and continuing his rant as if he is in the right:

First off, you shot yourself in the foot by claiming what Mr. Sandford said was a “bold and oppressive statement” How is simply stating that a $65 Application fee should be the least of your worries given that tuition ALONE is $60,000 now a “bold and oppressive statement”? It’s pretty evident that you’re not cut out for the bold and harsh realities of the real world. Hence why you’re likely hiding from them by wanting to take up graduate level art classes at the NYU Tisch School.

Did it ever click once that maybe Sandford was hinting at the fact that the average student graduating in 2015 owes a little bit more than $35,000 and that that’s no way to jumpstart a career? Or that NYU just isn’t cut out financially for the average Joe? Likely not, because he’s just “TELLING MARGINALIZED PEOPLE HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIVES”

Secondly, no one was discouraging you from applying to the program, so stop playing the victim card. The application fee waiver is not offered by the program. Plain and simple. This goes for black, white, latino, and asian applicants of all income levels – NOT just you.

Lastly, if it’s known fact that universities flush with cash (like NYU) are leaving their poor and low-income students saddled with debt, why are you or any other students for that matter, running through obstacles to go to these schools? It does not make sense.

I agree with you, the cost of a four-year college tuition has spiraled out of control, especially at brand name schools like NYU. This is not news. In 2015, NYU’s tuition rose from $64,000 to $71,000. That’s a $7,000 spike. American’s as a whole certainly didn’t receive a $7,000 raise last year nor did they the year before. By applying to this school, you are doing nothing but fueling the fire.

Sadly for Joshua, he represents the epitome of what is wrong with American millennials; letting their feeling and emotions take over when something doesn’t go their way. Twitter rants are not going to lower the cost of a private four-year college tuition nor will tens of thousands of millennials applying to these racket institutions year after year like heroin addicts who can’t see any alternatives.

But you know what will lower the cost? Less students applying and attending these institutions year after year until the universities are forced to respond by lowering the cost for students in order to maintain their operating costs.

As Mark Cuban said, it’s not going to take thousands of students to suddenly seek a cheaper route for a university to feel the heat. If 100 less students attend NYU in 2016 than did in 2015, that’s $71,000 (2015 tuition) x 100 (students) = $7,100,000. That’s a significant hit to a university which has rising operating costs.

But until students want to hold universities accountable for essentially robbing them of their futures by straddling them with debt, I don’t see why universities won’t continue to take guaranteed money from the Federal Government.

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