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The anti-Jewish hate group Students for Justice in Palestine is at it again. This time, the Pitt chapter is desecrating Holocaust Remembrance Day.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“The University of Pittsburgh chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine plans to host an event on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which falls this year on Thursday. The purpose of this event is not to commemorate the Holocaust but rather to vandalize the day by painting Israelis as modern-day Nazis.”

Really, Pitt?

This continues a long nationwide pattern of anti-semitic behavior on behalf of SJP. There are plenty of examples out there, from an SJP member assaulting a Jewish student at Temple University last August, to SJP members fundraising for a convicted terrorist at DePaul University.

The Pitt community needs to stand out against an organization that supports the actions, activities, and statements of anti-semites.

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