The Truth Behind The ‘1 In 5 Women Are Assaulted On College

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For those of you who think Media Matters is too centrist of a website, there is an Orwellian rag known as Right Wing Watch. Great name right? Basically, it collects crazy/outrageous things people on the right say (or as we will see, things they think are crazy/outrageous), and categorizes them by person. So everyone has a neat little folder like they are in grade school!

Earlier today, conservative commentator Ann Coulter was targeted by the wingnuts. The site chose the headline “ Ann Coulter: Women Who Say They’ve Been Raped Are Typically Just ‘Girls Trying To Get Attention’ “.

Attention grabbing choice of words. Too bad Coulter said nothing close to that in the audio clip they provide.


Did anything in this clip come close to saying that women who claim rape are typically attention seekers? No. She said there are girls trying to get attention from crying rape. She didn’t say that it was most girls, or that it was typical of girls. She named three cases that she was specifically referring to, two of which have basically been proven to be fake accusations.

Coulter made a valid point, and challenged the hysteria behind the rape “crisis”, as we have done here

The rest of the post is just RWW getting butthurt over a joke Coulter made against the Kennedys and Clintons (embedded below), who Democrats and the media fawn over like demigods. Those at RWW do so as well no doubt. Both of these families have womanizers at best, and rapists at worst within them. Cough Cough Cough. In the mind of some left wingers, sexual assault only counts if it is done by one or both of the the followings groups:

  • White males who aren’t known Democrats/leftists
  • Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarians of any race



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The Truth Behind The ‘1 In 5 Women Are Assaulted On College

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  • labman57

    Most of the women appearing in front of the camera on a FOX News broadcast are just girls trying to get attention.

  • nkiflemar

    She surely is minimizing the rape crisis in America and because she doesn’t know many folks who were raped (most do not go around advertising it), she says this false story proves that there is not a crisis? That is hideously inaccurate and shame on her! If you want to defend the wench, then do so, but be true to yourself and the rest of us and admit she is wrong on this issue. Just because one case was embellished does not mean there is no crisis and there is a serious crisis…just go down to a rape crisis center. Rape is not just about getting hit on the head with a brick and there are just as many if not more rapists in the US as there is abroad (she threw that in there with her xenophobia). Women being coerced or drugged, or brought to parties where they are fed koolaid laced with 190 proof alcohol. I have been at these mixers and seen them for myself. I know there are a whole lot of girls who are assaulted and forced into sexual acts they don’t want, but are too shamed by people like this skank, that they never come forward! Shame on you for defending her and for agreeing with this crap!

    • SC123

      I’m the author of the above article you have a problem with:

      Let’s start by calming down. You’ve resorted to name calling (wench, xenophobe, etc). That does not help get your point across, it only makes people ignore you.

      This article does three things:

      1. It explains how RWW smeared her, which I hope you aren’t going to disagree with, after all it is a clear misquote.

      2. Says Ann is right to say the rape “crisis” is overblown (more on this below as it is your main issue with what was said)

      3. Gives context to her statement about Kennedys and Clintons

      Crisis is defined as “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.” or “the turning point of a disease when an important change takes place, indicating either recovery or death.” according to top results on Google.

      This definition is in line with what most people think is a “crisis.” Namely, a bad situation that is escalating, or getting worse, and has reached a tipping point The rape situation has also been referred to as an “epidemic.”

      If you read this article (which we have linked above), you will see how the data and claims that are being thrown around regarding rape are in fact misleading/not true to begin with:

      In addition, rapes have been on the decline for two decades in America:

      26.8 per 100,000 in 2011, as opposed to 42.8 per 100,000 in 1992.

      If rape is a “crisis” today, then what was it before? A super duper crisis?

      Now is rape a problem? Yes. Find me someone, including Ann Coulter who says it isn’t. What she is saying is pretty clear: the rhetoric is overblown. At what point would it not be an issue? Only if rapes go away for good since one rape is tragedy, and we all know that can never happen.

      I know of someone who was raped. It isn’t a joke, and the fact that you think others find it to be because they have disagreements with you is insulting. Stop trying to take a flimsy moral high ground.

      If you have an issue with what Coulter said, what good does it do to misquote her? All it does is discredit your side. Use good data, make logical policy arguments on how to further reduce rape, and then others will listen. Don’t name call, don’t pound your chest, just make a case.