Deepa Kumar is an associate professor of Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University. She is relatively well known in the world of academic leftism, having given speeches, penned numerous articles and essays, and written two books – Outside the Box: Corporate Media, Globalization, and the UPS Strike, and Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire.

As her writings and Twitter timeline suggest, Kumar holds views that are anti-American, anti-Israel, and also Marxist in nature.

For starters, she claimed that the United States is more brutal than ISIS. Why? Because we have killed more people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan:

Well Professor Kumar, that’s like saying a person who accidentally killed two people in a car crash is more “brutal” than someone who violently murdered an innocent to death. Civilian causalities are not intentional, and the acts of genocide, burning alive, and be-heading people on purpose are far more brutal than the actions of our military.

The only thing keeping the ISIS body-count down is a lack of ability, not of will. Thankfully, they lack the same technology and man power that our military has.

Continuing, in an article from December 2014, which was written in response to another activist’s critique of her ideas, Professor Kumar went after what she calls “imperial feminism” in Afghanistan.

Essentially, she is suggesting that pointing out the oppression of Afghani women helps the West’s ‘imperial’ efforts. Specifically, she says that it helps to “enable empire.” Hence, what appears to be true feminism – trying to advance oppressed women in the world – is done with imperialist motives. Here’s the excerpt: 

“…A wikileaks exposé of a CIA red cell propaganda memo shows the spy agency advising European governments on how the suffering of Afghan women might bolster flagging public support for NATO occupation of Afghanistan. They state that “initiatives that create media opportunities for Afghan women to share their stories with French, German, and other European women could help to overcome pervasive skepticism among women in Western Europe.” This is not new. Colonialism has historically relied on native spokespersons and native collaborators to ideologically secure the colonial mission.

This is not to suggest that Afghan women who speak of the atrocities faced by the Taliban are automatically “native informants” or collaborators with empire. Women have a right to speak out about their oppression no matter where they are located. However, there are those who either consciously or inadvertently enable empire…”

Yup. Pointing out that the United States and allied forces may actually be helping women escape a horrible fate under the Taliban is wrong, since it could lead to people agreeing with the philosophical underpinnings of Western involvement overseas.

But why let her passive attitude towards Islamic-fascism end there. In a tweet from last summer, she suggested that Hamas doesn’t hold blame for the conflict that erupted between Israel and the terrorist organization:

hamas no blame

What’s wrong with blaming Hamas? What rational person would possibly disagree with assigning at least some blame to them? Why is it “sad” that liberals place blame on a terrorist organization?

If this weren’t enough, Professor Kumar is also an environmental-Marxist:

fight for socialist future

And to top it all off, this “academic” actively opposes the free exchange of ideas on college campuses. She was one of the organizers of the campaign that pressured Condoleezza Rice out of her commencement speech at Rutgers last year.

Secretary Rice is a brilliant and accomplished woman who could have shared her wisdom with students. However, the good Professor couldn’t let that happen, since it would have gone against her own world view, and potentially expose students to a different perspective:

fight back rice

As a side note, it’s hilarious that Ms. anti-empire would go on Russia Today, the direct propaganda arm of a mad man with true imperial ambitions.

These attitudes are sadly common among contemporary university faculty. Be aware, because this is what your tax dollars and tuition are paying for.

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  • Sourcecode-v30

    *Help remove Deepa Kumar from the American Education System*

  • brad

    I am glad she is able to squeeze some time in between shopping breaks at Macy’s and DKNY to tweet nonsense about America. When did she get her citizenship? Before her “enlightenment” or after? Maybe INS should screen for potential traitors before naturalizing them. Enjoy tenure-ship, enjoy the fruits of capitalism someone else sowed, enjoy democracy, freedom of expression, and the protection that comes within the boundaries of this great country and still bad mouth your “host”. If I were her family member I would disown her. Shameless to the core and brazen in her knowledge that freedom of expression guaranteed by our constitution is her biggest weapon.

  • John

    She is probably related to Arundhati Roy.

  • Lutsen Lumberjack

    She probably grew up in a privileged caste and has never really experienced poverty or strife.

  • T Brogan

    Contact Rutgers Board of Governors here if you’d like to tell them about their nut case professor..

  • Nolibbs

    Lying bitch. Cannot even say one single word without lying. This is someone that is supposed to teach our children? Yeah, right. Wake up sheeple! If you don’t want this ignorant fool to be spewing her stupid lies, call her out.

  • Ginger Bodeman Locke

    How the fuck do we get you deported you bitch. Here’s my opinion. I’ve heard yours now you’ve heard mine.

  • Afri

    She is Indian from India Kumar she should be sent back or Killed

    • J S

      What a coward. Come out from under that rock and show your face ah.

  • Afri

    West I would like very much like her to be taken too her death and her family in NJ.

  • J S

    Kumar is absolutely right. She deserves to be recognized for speaking truth to power in this dangerously racist country !!

  • J S

    –“a person who accidentally killed two people in a car crash”

    No kidding ?!! We accidentally killed, maimed, displaced and destroyed 2 million lives and not wantonly !!!

    • NorCalGreg

      hey JS…..f*ck off

      • J S

        Hang on … still workin on ur mom.

  • Chad Scott

    Wow! That’s like saying a common cold is as bad as the Bubonic plague. If she thinks America is so bad then why doesn’t she move to the middle east. There she can see how they treat their women and have a legitimate beef with the “War on Women”

    • J S

      –“why doesn’t she move to the middle east”

      Same old stupid and tired arguments – “if you dont agree with us get out’ !!

      • NorCalGreg

        get out and take your curry smellin mom with you

        • J S

          Racist pukeheads are crawlin out today … cracker time … yeah !!


    How can the USA is more brutal than Islam after they have murdered about 80 million Hindus? Islam is a political system with minor undertones of some type of religion (about 39%). This reality is derived by analysis of historical facts and the Islamic trilogy. That said, Islam’s believers have murdered about 270 million kafirs (unbelievers) in the past 1400 years. The believers are required to copy the perfect life of Mohammed and treat the kafirs as he did. Analysis of their trilogy finds that the Koran (64%), the Sira (81%), and the Hadith (37%), is a political system about dealing with kafirs. This trilogy states that kafirs are to be mocked, beheaded, plotted against, deceived, and terrorized because they are evil, disgraced and cursed. After his hegira in 622 AD the kafir future changed from going to hell to living in hell. The kafir
    has only three choices: convert to Islam, become a dhimmi (50% tax with servitude), or be murdered. Why does the kafir, except those who are ignorant of political Islam, attempt to negotiate, understand, or even
    coexist. The kafir’s politicians, media, clergy and teachers actions show they are apologetic, afraid, intimidated, and lazy.

    • J S

      And how many million Budhhists and Hindus and Dalits have your fellow Hindus murdered these last 5000 years ?!!!!!

      • RLJPE

        Koenard Elst in “Negationism in India” gives an estimate of eighty million Hindus killed in the total jihad against India. The country of India today is only half the size of ancient India, due to jihad. Go read this book…Murders by Islam for most civilizations and religions is 10X or less. History review finds that the Hindus have never fought major battles with Buddhists. As for Islam and Buddhists, about 10 million Buddhists were slain and the entire country of what is now Afghanistan was consumed by Islam.

        • J S

          Elst is a radical right-wing Hindu fundamentalist apologist. Good luck with those figures !!

  • Not to mention, it’s not coincidental that she goes on RT, as RT promotes all Leftist movements like Occupy, Black Lives Matter and Hamas/Palestinian causes.

  • tompro97

    Good article – this “woman” needs to go back to Pakistan or wherever it is she came from. The elitist communists are taking over our colleges. Thought police are on the way.

    • J S

      She will once you move back to Europe or Kazakhstan or wherever-t-f your ancestors are from.