Amy Sueyoshi is the Associate Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University. Her specialties include sexuality, gender, and race. She is the author of “Queer Compulsions: Race, Nation, and Sexuality in the Affairs of Yone Noguchi” and has lectured on a number of issues on race and sexuality such as cross-dressing, pornography, and marriage equality. Outside of all her scholarly work, Amy is an activist and Co-Chair of the board of directors for the GLBT Historical Society.

Quite the academic…

Now, as you have likely noticed from the title and preview image of this article, Professor Sueyoshi does in fact dig into race, dildos, and American culture. In fact, she dedicates an entire week-long discussion to “Consuming Sex” by offering the reading, “Little White Lies: Race, Dildos, and American Culture” This can be found in the syllabus in week 13, right before “Latina Sexuality”

In case you don’t have the time to read the entire article, the reading dives into comparing white and black dildos. The author, Allison Alavi, makes the claim that through a content analysis study, a clear racist discourse presents black penises and black men’s sexuality as dangerous and sinful when compared to the white dildos which are portrayed as sensual and erotic. Alavi also claims that stereotypes of black men having abnormally large penises were interpreted by white Europeans as a symbol of hyper sexuality and was used as one more way white slaveholders could justify slavery. She claims black males needed “enlightened Christians to help them control their sexual urges” (Alavi, 158)

Curious about how much teaching a course on dildos, pornography, Gay Latino Men, and Transphobia can bring in? Look no further. Professor Sueyoshi was compensated $131,326 by San Francisco State University in 2013. Meanwhile, college students in California are out protesting the ever-rising tuition costs. SFSU students specifically are even worried if they will graduate on time with all the Gen-Eds needed to satisfy degree requirements.

Unfortunately, this isn’t one out of line example either. Courses and lectures like this are being taught throughout the country. The same exact reading “Little White Lies: Race, Dildos, and American Culture” is offered in Professor Randy L. Claros’ “Human Sexuality” course at De Anza College.

Still not convinced?

The same reading is also offered over at Portland State University in Professor Matthew Geraths‘ “Gender and Sexuality” course. As you can see from the link provided, Professor Gerath even goes as far as to advise his students to go to an erotica store and to look at where, what and how everything in the store is displayed and to ask yourself the question: “Are the sex toys in the front of the store or in the back?”

The time has come for a national discussion on getting rid of Gen-Eds and holding these universities employing professors to teach this useless crap accountable. Why should any student with dignity be forced to take part in classes like this to satisfy degree requirements? We whine day after day about the rising cost of a college education, yet we force Gen-Eds into degree requirements which not only hold students back from graduating early, but cause them to accumulate more debt by having to stay in school for a longer period of time. Courses like this have zero real-world application and at the root of the problem.

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