Celebrities are used to receive first class treatment in every place they visit. However, some people don’t enjoy having them around because most of the time they cause unnecessary drama. While some people might get banned from entering certain clubs, celebrities take it to the next level and get banned from countries! You won’t believe how many celebrities are not allowed to visit these next places.

20. Ariana Grande


Even though Ariana Grande is a lovable celebrity, she is permanently banned from coming to Wolfee Donuts in California. The reason why the manager from Wolfee Donuts banned this musician is because she was caught on camera while licking doughnuts. He also pressed charges against the singer. You won’t believe who is next on our list.

19. Beyonce


Everybody loves Beyonce, right? She is beautiful, talented and she has an amazing presence while performing. Well, it seems like she is way too beautiful for her own good. Beyonce got banned by the Muslim leadership of Malaysia because her performances were too “sexy”. Now, this is a weird reason to get banned from an entire country. Although, the next celebrity ban is even more shocking.

18. Justin Bieber


Truth be told, Justin Bieber is not liked by everyone. He made a bad impression on the world during his teenage years, but he is making a good comeback. Although, China doesn’t seem to care about this since he is officially banned from entering the country because of his bad behavior. However, Justin is not the first celebrity to be banned from China as you will soon find out.

17. Jay-Z


Just like his wife (Beyonce), Jay-Z is also banned from entering a certain country. While Beyonce might not be allowed to step foot in Malaysia, Jay-Z’s “vulgar rhymes” got him banned from entering China. You know who else is banned from China?

16. Brad Pitt


Remember that amazing movie called “Seven Years in Tibet” where Brad Pitt starred in? Well, that movie is what got him banned from China. The movie was about the Chinese military occupation of Tibet and China didn’t like how it was portrayed. The next celebrity on our list deserved to be banned.

15. Chris Brown


Chris Brown seemed to have it all. He was a worldwide famous singer, dancer and actor! However, that all went away when he was sentenced to prison for beating up Rihanna, his former girlfriend. This sentencing caused him to get banned from the UK, thus being forced to cancel his London, Glasgow and Manchester concerts. You won’t believe why Lady Gaga was banned!

14. Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is known for dressing in “weird” clothes and while this might be fun to watch, Indonesian leaders seem to have a different opinion. Lady Gaga is officially banned from performing in Indonesia because her performances are believed to “corrupt the children”. All these celebrities have been banned from different countries, but the next one is banned from an entire social media platform!

13. Azealia Banks


Unlike the previous celebrities, Azealia Banks got banned from a virtual space. The female rapper went on a Twitter rant where she named dropped other celebrities and called them racial slurs which got her banned from ever making another Twitter account.

12. Miley Cyrus


Miley is not an ordinary celebrity and she is no stranger to controversy at all. Miley Cyrus has always been in the spotlight since she was a teenage star and she had her fair share of mistakes. Nonetheless, she got banned from ever setting foot in China again because she posted a goofy picture while pulling back her eyes which was seen as “mocking the Asian community”. The next celebrity is banned from not one, but four countries!

11. Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg has made a name for himself by rapping about illegal activities and it seems like this is frowned upon in numerous countries. Therefore, Snoop Dogg is banned from Norway, Netherlands, the UK and Australia. You won’t believe what stupid mistake got this next celebrity banned!

10. Akon


Akon’s music video for the highly popular “Sexy Chick” song featured a Buddha statue that was placed right behind a pool filled with models. This didn’t sit well with Sri Lanka officials and they banned Akon from ever performing in the country.

9. Hayden Panettiere


Hayden Panettiere got famous for starring in hit TV shows such as Nashville TV and Heroes. However, this means nothing for Japanese officials because there is an active arrest warrant for the celebrity. Hayden Panettiere interfered with a dolphin hunt and this is why Japan’s police are looking for her. You will be shocked to find out what this upcoming celebrity did to get banned. Yep, it’s Charlie Sheen’s turn!

8. Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen is a controversial celebrity and there’s no doubt about that. This is why no one should be surprised to hear that he is officially banned from New York City’s Plaza Hotel after he destroyed their suite. You know who else is also famous for trashing hotel suites?

7. Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have a good reputation and most bars and hotels don’t even want to see her, especially the famous Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood because she owes them $46,350 which she still has to pay back. The next celebrity was also banned fom being rude!

6. Madonna


You would expect that Madonna who is a singer would know when people who are watching a performance should keep quiet, right? Well this is not the case since Madonna texted all throughout a screening of the “12 Years a Slave” movie and the Texas Alamo Drafthouse cinema kicked her out and banned her from attending any future screenings. The upcoming celebrity got banned from entering the US!

5. Lilly Allen


The musician Lilly Allen got banned from entering the US just four months before her US tour kicked off. The reason why she got banned is that she assaulted a photographer in London, her home city and the US didn’t want Lilly Allen to repeat that mistake on US soil. Let’s move on to another UK celebrity that isn’t liked by everyone.

4. Russel Brand


Russel Brand is not allowed to enter Canada, Japan and South Africa. Now that’s a lot of people who don’t like him. Although, he probably doesn’t care at all because he is known for not paying attention to what the world thinks of him. You won’t believe what Britney Spears did in the enxt places!

3. Britney Spears


Britney Spears went through a rough patch a couple of years ago and this caused her to get banned from places such as The Chateau Marmont, Winston’s Bar, a Hustler Store, The Four Seasons, Villa Nightclub and Awards Shows. Now this list shows us that Britney is quite a difficult person to deal with, just like the next star.

2. Paris Hilton


The famous Paris Hilton got banned from the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas because she was found doing drugs. These drug charges also got Paris Hilton banned from entering Japan. The next guy got banned for saying a bad joke!

1. Alec Baldwin


Alec Baldwin made the bad decision of saying an inappropriate joke about “buying a mail-order bride” while appearing on the David Letterman Show. This joke didn’t sit well with Philippine officials and they got him banned from entering the country.