Survivor: Kaoh Rong is the 32nd season of CBS reality television show Survivor, It was filmed in Koh Rong, Cambodia and will be aired on television on February 17, 2016.

The season will be divided into three tribes of six based on attributes: Brains (Intelligence), Brawn (Athleticism), and Beauty (Attractiveness). There are 18 contestants, split into three tribes containing six members each. Former NBA player Scot Pollard and Big Brother 16 contestants Caleb Reynolds are also seen in the show.

Survivor season 32 Cast

Contestants Original Tribe
Darnell Hamilton To Tang
Peter Baggenstos Chan Loh
Aubry Bracco Chan Loh
Joseph “Joe” Del Campo Chan Loh
Michele Fitzgerald Gondol
Cydney Gillon To Tang
Neal Gottlieb Chan Loh
Alecia Holden To Tang
Kyle Jason To Tang
Anna Khait Gondol
Jennifer Lanzetti To Tang
Nick Maiorano Gondol
Elisabeth “Liz” Markham Chan Loh
Scot Pollard To Tang
Caleb Reynolds Gondol
Julia Sokolowski Gondol
Tai Trang Gondol
Debbie Wanner Chan Loh


Regular Time: 8 p.m-9 pm (ET)

TV Channel: CBS

Host Jeff Probst