Fun FACT: Only 36 percent of full-time students complete their bachelor’s degree on time

 1. The severe slacker

 2. The one with long distance relationship problems

 3. The one whose financial aid never came through

 4. The entrepreneur

 5. The born adventurer who wants to explore the Appalachian trail 

 6. The one who thought it would be an “American Pie” experience

7. The one who was weeded out

  8. The one who is homesick

9. The one who didn’t make any friends

 10. The optimist who transferred 

 11. The one who kept a cartel stash in their dorm

 12. The one who got nabbed for illegally downloading music, movies…. and other things

 13. The one who couldn’t find a mentor or guidance in any department

 14. The one who burned out

 15. The one who got pregnant

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