Class act taxi cartel member doing what they do best! But seriously, these guys are corrupt, severely outdated, and don’t deserve any customers. Watch as this taxi driver calls for an Uber just to get in and start destroying the Uber driver’s property. Fortunately, the driver remained calm and didn’t retaliate after the taxi driver dumped coffee all over the floor of his car. Had this been someone with less patients or a slight temper, there just may have been a different outcome.


Apparently, U.S. taxi cartel drivers aren’t the only ones who have a grudge against Uber. Watch as these animals throw cement bricks through the windows of Uber drivers, bash their windshields with bats, and throw into their cars. Uber must seriously be taking over business in Mexico City, Mexico, because these taxi drivers are seriously fed up.


This taxi driver, Kanaga Sabai, took confronting an Uber X driver a little too far when he created madness in the middle of a busy Toronto roadway to make his point. The Uber X driver, who isn’t visible in this video, can be seen speeding off from the recorded confrontation to avoid unnecessary conflict when suddenly Kanaga lached onto the side of his car, risking both his life and lives of others around him. His excuse for such a bizarre act? “This guy has no insurance!” Kanaga screamed. A Toronto reporter immediately caught up with him asking what the hell had just happened when Kanaga again reiterated, “to prove a point”. Sad world we live in.


As you have likely already seen from every major media outlet, here is belligerently drunk Taco Bell marketing executive Benjamin Golden violently attacking Uber driver Edward Caban in Costa Mesa, California for refusing to drive him any further.

Golden hasn’t happy that Caban ended the trip, and reacted with physical violence by repeatedly punching Caban in the face while pulling his hair. Fortunately for Caban’s safety, he carried with him a bottle of pepper-spray for unforeseen events like this one. In an interview with Caban following the incident, he states that he has lawyered up and feels Golden is not sincerely sorry for the attack, and only apologetic because he was caught in the act. As for Golden? He’s been fired from his executive position at Taco Bell.


This has to be one of the most disgusting drunken acts ever caught on camera. The attacker, Miami based DOCTOR Anjali Ramkissoon, is facing serious backlash by Internet trolls after this video of her attacking and destroying an Uber driver’s car last Sunday night went viral. We’re not going to go into detail about Anjali, her profession, and her family here, but if you’re interested in learning a bit more about this neurologist, definitely check out this in-depth article on Heavy.