The following passage on the case against safe spaces on college campuses may contain ideas, opinions, and viewpoints in which differ from your own. These ideas, opinions, and viewpoints may invoke hostility, post-traumatic stress, or even scary thoughts. It is important to keep in mind that this is NOT a safe space, and we do not care about your feelings. 

A wise man once said, “Through interaction with academics and their own peers, students learn about freedom of expression, tolerance and responsible citizenship”

It appears that this idea of a freedom of expression has taken a backseat to this new generation of college students who have made it their duty to silence political opinions in which impinge upon the safety of others.

Recently, renowned universities across the nation have been making national headlines for their creation of these “safe space” tribal societies. Although it may urge a chuckle, the idea that university administrations are condoning this radical behavior is rather appalling.

There are two reasons for their condolence:

They are cowards without a backbone

The forced resignation of Mizzou President Tim Wolfe for his lack of empathy toward accusations racial injustice on campus was a sweeping victory for the selectively offended, and set a horrible precedent for college administrations across the nation. Despite a lack of police reports or a shred of evidence of any sort to support their claims of systemic racism, the leftist tactics of claiming victimhood, labeling, and screaming won over the court of feelings and emotions. Wolfe simply felt that through character assault of being labeled a racist by the selectively offended, this would somehow destroy his reputation, and thus stepped down without putting up a fight – a true sign of cowardice.

A similar instance of cowardice boiled over at the renowned Yale University around the time as Wolfe’s resignation.

The climate of hostility in this case stemmed from an email sent out by Dean Jonathan Holloway addressing insensitive halloween costumes that “…disrespects alienates or ridicules segments of our population, based on race, nationality, religious belief or gender expression” The selectively offended here took offense to a professor who in response to the dean’s email, emailed his students to tell those who take offense to certain halloween costumes to “look away“. This professor was told he “doesn’t deserve to be listened to”, sworn at, and told he “should not sleep at night”. This is yet another case of the selectively offended who get to rule the narrative of the university.

They agree with the them

Lets keep in mind that a majority of these college administrators were the same student activists who were members of the “New Left” wanting to tear down the system in the 1960’s. The same student activists who believed that America is this deeply racist and imperialist country founded on colonialism, racism, sexism, and bigotry. Their sympathy with today’s protestors and demonstrators stem from wanting to side with the oppressed rather than the oppressor, similar to their time.

Are universities across America so unsafe that students need a “safe space”? No. These institutions are the furthest thing from war zones. Pretending that the Ku Klux Klan is out riding their stallions throughout campus or that George Wallace is out with a hose is delusional nostalgia. Safe spaces simply breed fascists to organize and expel beliefs that do not conform to their collective view. They not only combat our First Amendment right to a freedom of speech and expression within their conformed “space”, but strive to infringe on the space of everyone else by bullying university administrators into submission.

Unfortunately, the movement to cradle emotions over reality is backed by individuals who lack the intellect required to benefit from college or even factual matters. There is not a single law in place that puts racial minorities nor students who identity as LGBTQIA at any disadvantage to those who identify as white and/or heterosexual. The argument that racial minorities and LGBTQIA students are a systematically oppressed group within a university and thus need this “special protection” is so far-fetched and driven by emotion, it only makes sense that this new generation of mindless fascists choose to give it oxygen.

Of course, nothing can be accredited more for the creation of safe spaces than the implementation of left-wing policies like affirmative action. Universities in which discriminate in favor of minorities has created artificial diversity on just about every college campus. The constitutional paradox that is affirmative action, rewards those who have done unequal in an attempt to create equality. Not admitting students based on their academic merits both reinforces stereotypes and creates deep tension among students. As Peter Thiel has noted in Stanford Magazine, “if, after 25 years, affirmative action has not succeeded in ending discrimination, perhaps it is time to try something else”.

We are in a pivotal point in American history where we have two choices moving forward. We can choose to adopt this victimhood culture where everyone thinks of themselves as a weak and oppressed marginalized victim, or we can choose to foster our First Amendment right to a freedom of speech and expression of diverse ideas and opinions, which just so happens to be the fundamental core of what built institutions of higher education in the first place.

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