We’ve been hearing about it in headlines all month long.


We’ve heard reports of Apple selling 10 MILLION iPhone 6/6PLUS on launch weekend, people camping out for weeks on dirty sidewalks waiting in line for the chance to buy a maximum of two iPhones per customer. But why?

The people who are in these lines are re-sellers. During the first few weeks of a new iPhone release, people are willing to pay as high as 20% over the retail price on sites like Amazon and eBay. We saw this with the iPhone 5 and 5S models. This is a prime opportunity for someone to make an easy couple of hundred dollars to even a few thousand if they are experienced, all tax free income. Prices are even higher for the T-Mobile contract-free and Verizon models which come factory unlocked for any carrier worldwide and overseas. This creates another opportunity for re-sellers to reach new markets to maximize profits by selling to individuals in countries like Europe, Brazil, India, and Venezuela where access to Apple stores is limited and prices for these phones are much higher than in the US. 

Here is a video I am happy went viral of people camping out for days to be the first to get their hands on the new iPhone, just to hand it off to someone who will sell it for significantly more than retail cost by one of the methods I have explained in the previous paragraph. Enjoy.